With the tech sector brewing at a fast pace, the Virtual Reality (VR) industry has also seen an incredible rise. The VR sector makes a massive amount of money each year. As per sources, 42.9 million people in the US are anticipated to use VR at least once each month.

These figures do encourage the companies to enter the VR sphere. Most were pondering how to create VR apps and create VR content for these apps to entice prospective users and make gains due to the consistent rise.

This blog will focus on a VR game app with the advantages of creating one for your business, the steps to develop one, and the cost estimates.

Introduction To VR Game App

VR, also known as virtual reality, is a tech that creates a real-like virtual environment that enables an individual to interact with an artificial 3D visual or other sensory environments. Mobile apps created for gaming allow the users to demand a completely virtual environment. These mobile apps enable humans to create an immersive gaming experience on their smartphone devices rather than desktops.

What Makes Virtual Reality Immersive?

  • The visuals created on the computer are used to imitate the environment you are in.
  • The 3D environmental models are displayed on the screen, allowing the viewer to move and rotate around the photos, making them appear to hover on the wall.
  • The viewer's vision is deformed by a headset allowing the photos to appear hovering through spaces surrounding you.
  • Although there are no visuals, a blend of these aspects gives the feel of being in a virtual environment.

Advantages Of VR Game App For Businesses

Before starting the development process of a VR game app, it should be understood how this mobile app incorporated with VR will be helpful to your business.

1. Immersive Digital Experience

VR tech aims to enchant people in an experience that allows them to engage with brands successfully. VR tech helps customers understand the product better than some pitch. Therefore, marketing your project with immersive VR tech can help your potential customers engage with your brand.

2. Boost Customer Engagement

VR tech enables businesses to connect with their users before purchasing the product. A VR game app will promote transparency and engagement between the brand and the customers. This will indeed boost customer engagement as they will trust you more.

3. Effective App Development

Companies aiming to develop a real-life VR gaming app should use VR rooms. These rooms can boost the development team's effectiveness to become more efficient and adaptive to the tech. Therefore, VR demos of the game app can be shown to you to get a clear idea of your app.

Steps To Develop Your VR Game App

1. Create A Unique Game Idea

Your VR game idea must be unique. You should know your target users, essential features, feelings your game would activate, and why users should use your VR game app.

At this stage, you should exchange game ideas with the mobile app development company you choose. That agency should have a game producer who can design the VR game app's documentation.

2. Target Devices For Your App

These are the 5 most commonly used devices;

  • Console (eg. Playstation VR)
  • Light Mobile (e.g., Google Cardboard) - This is a great choice for your VR game app if it doesn't need motion sensors or head movements
  • Premium Mobile (e.g., Daydream) - This one will enhance the user experience as they include sensors specifically for head movements
  • PC-based VR Headsets
  • Standalone (e.g., Oculus Go Headset)

3. Graphics

The VR game app's design is one of the factors which influence the cost. The app development company you choose should be expert enough to figure out the ideal graphics for your app.

2Dimensional Graphics

2D graphics have the potential to look detailed, complicated, and professional.

3Dimensional Graphics

3D graphics have a totally different appearance. Unity and Unreal Engine are the two most famous tools for 3D VR game app creation.

360 Degree Panoramic Effect

A 360-degree panoramic photo may be utilized as a back-end for a VR game app. The cost of taking a 360 angle video is low, but adding engaging components to your VR app is tough.

Picture-realistic Graphics

Picture-realistic graphics that replicate nature usually need significant time and financial resources.

4. Development Platform For Your VR Game App

Unity & Unreal are the two most popular VR game engines to pick for your VR game app development.

Pros Of Unity Engine;

  • It supports all the platforms: Web, console, mobile, and desktop.
  • The free version is compatible with - Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.
  • The Paid premium version supports - Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii.
  • This engine has a vast developer community.
  • Call of Duty was developed using the Unity engine.
  • This engine supports both 2D & 3D graphics.

Pros Of Unreal Engine;

  • It is apt for console gaming.
  • It is ideal for a broad range of 3D graphic applications.
  • This engine renders developers with open-source code easy to use.

5. Game Testing

Testing the game at its initial stage saves a lot of cost and time later. You can start with a simple MVP to promise that it is interactive for gamers. Moreover, implementing game scenarios based on player's feedback gives more clarity to move precisely from the beginning. This is better than recreating the game from scratch just because you ignored the target market before finishing it.

6. App Launch & Maintenance

Establishing a presence in the market is another crucial step. You can either publish your game on your own or take the help of a 3rd-party. Going through the 3rd-party is a better choice due to their experience and knowledge.

After the app launch, maintaining it is a crucial step. You must update your app to engage your users and keep up with their demands and market trends.

The VR Game App Development Cost Estimates

Several factors determine VR game app development costs, such as platform, tech stack, features, location, etc. However, we can provide you an estimated cost range depending on the software's complexity and size; the cost to build a VR gaming app can start somewhere from USD 30,000 to $150,000.

Final Thoughts

VR is one of the most promising sectors for companies to invest in. Looking at the incredible advantages, it is a dream of businesses to build such apps. Virtual reality will continue to create a buzz amongst the startups and established companies in this modern era. If you plan to make such an immersive virtual reality app for your organization, connect with our app developers team to share your ideas.

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