Best Design Patterns for iOS App Development

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best design patterns for ios app development

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

Mar 21, 2024
To develop a powerful iPhone app, it's important to use design patterns for efficient code writing and reuse. Design patterns offer reusable solutions for common code structure and management challenges during software design.


iOS design patterns are like the boosters in the rocket of iPhone app development. You need to use design patterns for the fast and efficient development of the iPhone app. Now, various types of design patterns are available on the internet, and choosing one of them is a complex process.
iPhone application developers must have a detailed knowledge of design patterns. The developers and the companies always try to find the best design patterns that suit their business.
So, if you are an iPhone app development company, and want to know which design pattern you can choose, then this article is for you.

What Are Design Patterns?

iOS design patterns offer reusable solutions for common code structure and management challenges during software design. In essence, they serve as templates for efficient code writing and reuse.
For effective and time-saving iOS app design, it's crucial to grasp various design patterns. While you may know iOS app development, understanding these patterns enhances your ability to design seamlessly. Hire iPhone app developers who can adapt to design patterns. Having explored design patterns, let's delve into the different software design patterns.

Top Design Patterns for the Best iOS App Development

To become the leading iOS app development company, you need to adopt the best design pattern mentioned below.

1) MVC (Model-View-Controller) Pattern

The MVC pattern forms the bedrock of iOS architecture. It divides an app into three interconnected components:
  • Model: Manages data and business logic.
  • View: Displays the user interface elements.
  • Controller: Handles user interaction and communicates between the Model and View.
This separation allows for modular and scalable iOS design. Developers can modify one component without affecting the others. It promotes code reusability and easier maintenance. Additionally, it enhances collaboration among team members by providing clear guidelines for organizing codes and responsibilities. In short, the MVC pattern streamlines iOS development, leading to more efficient and manageable apps.

2) MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) Pattern

The MVVM pattern offers the Separation of Concerns concept in iOS architecture. It optimizes the interaction between the user interface and data handling.
  • Model: Manages data and business logic.
  • View: Displays the UI elements.
  • ViewModel: Acts as a bridge, handling user interactions and communication between the Model and View.
This pattern enhances maintainability by clearly defining roles. It also facilitates unit testing, allowing developers to assess each component independently. By promoting clean code organization and testing, MVVM contributes to robust and scalable iOS applications. Hire dedicated iOS app developers who can smoothly work with this design pattern.

3) Singleton Pattern

The Singleton pattern stands out in iOS design, serving as a key architectural element. It revolves around centralizing resources by ensuring a single point of access to shared instances like data managers or network clients.
In essence, the Singleton pattern allows for the creation of a sole instance of a class. It provides global access throughout the app. This promotes efficiency, avoids redundancy, and simplifies resource management. By offering a centralized hub for shared resources, the Singleton pattern enhances cohesion and maintains a streamlined structure within.

4) Delegate Pattern

Delegate pattern plays a vital role in iOS development. It facilitates decentralized communication between objects. It allows one object to delegate responsibilities or actions to another, promoting loose coupling and enhancing the extensibility of iPhone apps.
This design pattern fosters modularity, making it easier to update or extend functionalities without affecting the entire system. By decentralizing communication, the Delegate pattern contributes to a more adaptable and scalable iOS architecture.
It enables objects to collaborate efficiently while maintaining a level of abstraction that supports flexible and modular application development.

5) Observer Pattern

The Observer pattern is a valuable asset in iOS development. It enables objects to communicate without forming direct dependencies. This proves crucial for handling events and updates in iPhone applications.
This pattern involves one object (the subject) keeping track of dependents (observers) that it has to notify if its state changes. The subject alerts all of its observers of changes so they can adjust as necessary.
This decoupled communication ensures flexibility and maintainability, making the Observer pattern a powerful tool for managing dynamic interactions and responding effectively to changes in the iOS application.

6) Factory Method Pattern

The Factory Method pattern in iOS development serves as a dynamic object creation interface and enhances flexibility. It allows a class to delegate the responsibility of instantiating objects to its subclasses.
By doing so, it promotes adaptability, enabling developers to create instances of classes without specifying their exact types, contributing to a more modular and scalable iOS app design.

7) Builder Pattern

The Builder pattern in iOS app development involves constructing complex objects step by step, providing a flexible and clear approach to building app components.
It allows developers to systematically create intricate structures by controlling the construction process, resulting in more maintainable and scalable code for iPhone applications.

8) Command Pattern

The Command pattern in iOS app development involves encapsulating requests as objects and offers a structured approach to parameterize and queue operations. This pattern enhances flexibility, allowing developers to decouple senders and receivers of commands, resulting in more maintainable and extensible iOS applications.

9) Strategy Pattern

The Strategy pattern in iOS app development defines algorithm families, encapsulating each algorithm and making them interchangeable. It enhances adaptability by allowing dynamic algorithm selection.
This pattern empowers developers to switch between algorithms seamlessly, providing flexibility in modifying app behavior based on changing requirements.

10) VIPER Architecture

VIPER architecture is a robust iOS design pattern, emphasizing a clean separation of concerns. VIPER stands for View, Interactor, Presenter, Entity, and Router. Each component plays a specific role, promoting scalability and maintainability.
With VIPER, the codebase becomes modular, making it easier to manage and enhance. This architecture enhances collaboration among developers and facilitates the creation of scalable and well-organized iOS applications.


iOS app development becomes convenient with the iOS design patterns. You can have the best development experience with the design patterns. From the list of design patterns, you get a clear idea of the functions of each design pattern. Choose the best design pattern for your project.
Harnil Oza is the founder and CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in India, USA, UK, and around the world. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients. His charismatic and result-driven approach has benefited the company to grow and achieve this height where the company stands right now.

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

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