10 Best Java Frameworks You Should Know In 2024

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10 best java frameworks you should know in 2024

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

Jun 12, 2023
Frameworks save thousands of work hours. Be it in architecture or design, frameworks are widely used to reduce the sheer amount of hard work. The same holds true for the field of development. The field of software development has seen substantial growth in the popularity and usage of Java, a widely used programming language.
To speed up their work and make use of pre-made components, developers frequently use frameworks. This article will explore the top 10 essential frameworks in the Java ecosystem that are crucial for mastering the language.
These frameworks provide a methodical methodology as well as tools to improve the creation of Java applications. Understanding these frameworks' key features and benefits empowers developers to choose the right tool for their specific project requirements and accelerate their Java development journey.
Join us as we delve into the realm of Java frameworks and discover the top 10 essential frameworks that will elevate your Java development skills.

List of Best Java Frameworks in 2024

1) Spring Framework

Popular open-source Java framework The Spring Framework offers a complete foundation for creating reliable and scalable applications. It offers a wide range of modules and capabilities that accelerate Java programming best practices while streamlining the development process. Spring's lightweight architecture and extensive support for dependency injection and inversion of control enable developers to create sensible, modular, testable programs.

2) Hibernate Framework

For Java developers, the Hibernate Framework is a potent free and open-source object-relational mapping (ORM) solution. Relational databases and Java applications now have a more straightforward interface, allowing developers to deal with database entities just like they would with other Java objects. Developers can build business logic with Hibernate without having to worry about challenging database operations. Database activities are smooth and effective because of their features, which include automated table formation, query generation, and transaction management.

3) Struts Framework

A popular open-source framework for creating Java web applications is called Struts Framework. It adheres to the architectural Model-View-Controller (MVC) design, which offers an organized method for creating scalable and maintainable online applications. Struts accelerate the development process and free developers to focus on certain sections of the program by separating the presentation layer, business logic, and data access. It provides a wide range of features, including support for internationalization, form validation, and error handling.

4) JSF (JavaServer Faces)

A component-based web framework called JSF (JavaServer Faces) is used to create user interfaces for Java applications. By offering a collection of reusable UI components, event management, and validation features, it streamlines the development process. Developers can quickly design dynamic, interactive, responsive web pages and apps with JSF. It uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, which allows for a distinct division of duties.

5) Apache Wicket

A Java web application framework with an emphasis on simplicity and usability is called Apache Wicket. Utilizing object-oriented programming concepts, it enables developers to create online applications that are scalable and maintainable. You may write web pages entirely in Java code with Apache Wicket, doing away with the need for intricate XML setups. It offers a component-based design that enables modular and reusable programming.

6) Vaadin Framework

A strong Java framework for creating contemporary web apps is called Vaadin. It gives programmers the ability to build complex, interactive user interfaces with a straightforward programming approach. You may create your UI components in Java using Vaadin instead of writing them in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This makes updating and maintaining the program simpler.

7) Play Framework

A high-productivity web development framework for Java and Scala is called Play Framework. Developers can focus on producing clear and succinct code since it adheres to the "convention over configuration" approach. With its stateless, lightweight design, Play allows quick and scalable applications. It has capabilities like quick code reloading, which enables programmers to view changes right away without having to restart the server. Asynchronous programming is supported by Play, making it ideal for creating real-time applications.

8) Grails Framework

A robust online application framework known as Grails was created using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the Groovy programming language. It adheres to the convention over configuration concept, giving developers an efficient and effective work environment. You can quickly create reliable and scalable web applications using Grails by combining Groovy, Java, and other technologies. For effective database access, it makes use of the strengths of the Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM. It also supports the idea of plugins, making it simple to add functionality to your applications.

9) Spark Framework

Spark is a quick-loading, flexible, and lightweight online application framework. It gives programmers a simple and expressive API to use when creating web apps in Java, Scala, or Kotlin. RESTful APIs, web services, and even full-stack web applications are all swiftly created with Spark with little boilerplate code. It has strong routing features that make it simple to design routes and manage HTTP requests.

10) Dropwizard Framework

A high-performance Java framework called Dropwizard makes it easier to create RESTful web services. It integrates a number of potent libraries, including Jackson for JSON serialization, Jersey for RESTful API implementation, and Jetty for HTTP server, to offer a complete toolset for developing lightweight and scalable applications. Developers may now concentrate on building business logic rather than dealing with infrastructure and boilerplate code thanks to Dropwizard.


In conclusion, for effective Java development, it's vital to know Java and keep up with the top 10 key frameworks. These frameworks offer enormous value and may significantly improve your development projects, regardless of whether you are a Java developer, a member of a Java development firm, or want to employ Java professionals.
Java developers may expedite their development processes, save coding time, and produce high-quality apps that satisfy customer needs by making use of the capabilities of these frameworks. The knowledge of these frameworks can help Java development businesses provide cutting-edge solutions and maintain market dominance.
Knowing about these fundamental frameworks will assist employers find qualified candidates who are knowledgeable about the most recent Java programming techniques. Their proficiency with these frameworks may help your projects succeed and guarantee the creation of reliable, scalable, and effective Java applications.
As a result, it is crucial for anyone working in the Java development industry to constantly practice using these frameworks. For businesses, working with seasoned Java development companies may provide knowledge and value to your initiatives. Make use of these frameworks' strengths to advance your Java development to new heights.
Harnil Oza is the founder and CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in India, USA, UK, and around the world. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients. His charismatic and result-driven approach has benefited the company to grow and achieve this height where the company stands right now.

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

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