Alright, folks. Today’s article will be focused more on creating your first gaming app. But if you are looking to create social media app, you can use the information given below as well.

We are starting with this statement as app development, by nature is a very vast topic. A theme that works for the development of one app, might not be useful for the development of any other app.

But just like magic, no one can stop you from mixing up various potions and creating your concoction. Maybe that’s why app developers london are considered modern-day magicians.

“Hey, wait a minute, what type of games are you talking about here?”

I am glad you asked. I am talking about one of the easiest games that you, as an indie developer can make without much investment and get HUGE returns.

I am talking about deck-building apps.

What Is A Deck-building App?

Remember back in high school, if you had a life, you would most likely know someone who was deep into trading cards. It didn’t matter if the cards were based on anime, pop culture, or sports.

If they were cards, then they could be used as currency. And that’s all that mattered. There were always some stories of the shady deals that would happen after lunch break about how someone got ripped off in a deal to acquire a collectible card and whatnot.

Welcome to the digital age. You can bet that nothing has changed whatsoever.

And if you are thinking, “Yeah, who cares, card games are for kids anyway” then oh boy you need to read this:

One of the biggest gaming companies, Blizzard, (Which was recently bought by Microsoft) has dominated the play store when it comes to card games. Can you guess how much it makes every month just by Hearthstone?

1 million dollars? No. 5 Million dollars? No. 10 Million dollars? Nope, still far from the mark.

Try more like 40 million dollars. Yup. Blizzard earns 40 million dollars per month by simply working and improving its card game. Now granted their card game is one of the best in the world, but it certainly isn’t as difficult to make, as say… a triple-A (AAA) game.

So, with our goals and aspirations being set, let's start working on the game, shall we?

1) Focus On The Game Mechanics

Listen here. No one wants to have a clone of hearthstone. They are at the top of their game and you can’t beat them using their formula. It just doesn’t work.

Hearthstone became a big hit because they took the best aspects of digital card games, and made them available for everyone.

So, I am sorry, but n. You need to do something different.

“How can I? Tell me!”

Oh, I am, will you calm down mate? Here is what you do. Take a good look at all the card games that are available on the play store/app store and make a report on that.

See what they are doing good and where they are falling short. You will be amazed as to the difference of mechanics in between two games, such as Rune-terra and Light-Seekers.

Learn what are the core mechanics of their game that makes it so good, and what you can improve upon to use in your own game.

Just for now, focus on the mechanics and the core gameplay. Graphics and design are good and all, but you have to remember that if your core mechanics are faulty, then no one will play your game.

Fix your mechanics, get a decent idea of how it will work, and then move forward.

2) Right Monetization Strategy

Monetization strategy is easiest in online card games as once you digitize cards, then why do they have to remain card anyway. You can make them anything and sell them to your customers like anything.

Here are some tips on that:

Booster Packs:

By far the most common way of monetization for games, booster packs focus on providing the user rare items/cards that can competitively provide them an edge.

They are more common in MMORPG, where you get armor and weapon sets, but you can use the same method to sell users rare cards and packs.


If you have spent any time playing games, you know the developers love using the roulette method to squeeze extra add into your screen.

Depending on your profile (Whether premium or free), you as a user will get one or two roulette mini-games with a chance to win something rare.

But if you’re not able to get something good out of it, then fret not, for a 15-sec ad, you will now be able to have your chance to win something good again.

You see where I am going with this right?

Premium Profile:

They are self-explanatory. If you are a user, and you want some sweet competitive edge, then the premium profile is the way to go.

And app developers, we need to make sure that despite having the option for premium packages, our game should be as much play to play as you can make.

“Alright, I get that card game apps are very cool. But what about the trading aspect of the card game? Isn’t that something that we haven’t touched?”

You are right. And here is your answer Talk to any magic the gathering player, and you will know that because of buying booster packs, they have a ton of extra cards that they want to trade for something better.

This is what you need to use in your own game development as well. Case on point: Marvel Trading card game has taken this to a next level.


Card games are once again becoming the mainstream; this is your moment to shine.

Thank you for your time, we will see you in the next one.

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