TikTok has the heart of millions with 550 million GenZ user base. Despite its recent hike in popularity, several marketing experts aren’t sure how to make the most of this thrilling new platform.

Since these trends are broadcasted worldwide, expert marketers and small enterprise owners have no excuse for not jumping in and learning to engage this critical demographic.

If you have been hearing about TikTok & wish to learn how to get started, you’re at the right place. In this blog, we will give you some TikTok tips to help you flourish on the platform.

The Reason Your Small Enterprise Should Be On TikTok

Before diving into our TikTok tips, it’s essential to know what social media can bring to your business.

Compared to Facebook & Instagram, TikTok is a unique platform. While big businesses have already begun using TikTok for marketing, the platform is still likable, genuine, & free of large corporate interests.

When you market your enterprise on TikTok, you are not directly competing against MNC companies that can afford entire teams for every post they make. In fact, even the large businesses on TikTok opt for easy, genuine, and engaging content.

TikTok hugely focuses on the younger demographic; it can be easier to reach Gen Z compared to other platforms, meaning you might be able to reach those you weren’t able to reach in the past.

TikTok is a vibrant & versatile platform, and there are influencers you can collaborate with in every niche & vertical. Influencer marketing has been a motivating tool behind Instagram marketing, and there aren’t any indications that this won’t continue on TikTok.

Get Known To The App

One of the first & most crucial TikTok tips includes merely getting to know the platform. Regardless of your strategizing, you’re not going to get far if you do not understand the TikTok vibe. To become successful on TikTok, you must immerse yourself in the space & think like a TikToker. If you don’t, users will instantly identify you’re just using the platform to promote your brand.

Fortunately, determining what sticks on TikTok is fun and easy. Just install the app & start scrolling. Note down what’s famous, what hashtags are trending, & what content sticks out to you.

After finding the content that you like, you can save it to a “swipe file.” Later, when you’re ready to start creating your content, look back over those posts & model your content after them.

Introduce Yourself

TikTok is a very engaging and fun app; that’s mostly why big companies have struggled to find a voice on it. However, that puts small businesses at an advantage. If you can keep things personal & casual, then you are set for success.

To begin things out on the right foot, ensure you introduce yourself in one of your first posts. This way, you can connect with your audience and clarify that you are a real person, not a company robot. However, your introduction shouldn’t just introduce yourself; it should introduce your software development company too. Use this video to discuss your products & services and how you fit into the mix.

Mainly, you aim to personalize your business and put a face out there. Use your intro video to help your audience connect to your enterprise on a more personal & informal level.

Hop-On Famous Trends & Challenges

One of TikTok’s popularity is that trends & challenges stimulate engagement hugely. In a nutshell, challenges are particular tasks or activities that TikTokers encourage one another to do.

For instance, the Blinding Lights challenge motivated users to film them doing a choreographed dance to the Weeknd’s song.

These trends & challenges turn TikTik from social media into an activity you can do with your family & friends. Hence, they’re a great way to get exposure by showing up when someone is surfing through all the videos for a specific challenge.

If you can start your challenge and it peaks, you can receive a vast exposure and get some great UGC (user-generated content).

Create Behind The Scenes Videos

create behind the scenes videos

When people love a movie, they want to know what happens behind the scenes. Learning how the film is created gives them a way to go deeper into something they can’t get enough of. The same is right for business. Behind the scene videos give your clients & prospects a way to feel like VIPs & uniquely connect with your brand.

Create Tutorials & DIY Videos

Knowledge is the most precious thing that you can offer someone. Tutorial & DIY videos give a chance to share your expertise & provide some real value to your TikTok audience.

If you are going to publish a tutorial video, ensure it is related to your brand in a way. If you run a salon, publish some hairstyling tutorials. If you run a diner, show how to make a dish. If you are a photographer, teach your viewers how to take good shots.

Share Your Mission

Every small enterprise has an agenda behind it. Since TikTok is focused on original and engaging content, it’s a great platform to share your mission and your passion behind it.

The key to making this work is to ensure that your video is casual & friendly. TikTok isn’t a place for cinematic mission clips.

Create Video Updates About New Products & Services

Businesses are continuously evolving, and many are changing their product & service lines as they go.TikTok is a great social media platform to spread the word about your new product or service releases. But the way you do it has to be different than on Insta and Facebook. You’ll want to keep the same amount of fun and TikTok vibe for your product launch videos.

TikTok Tips For Small Enterprises

tiktok tips for small enterprises

TikTok is a different social media platform, and small enterprises must learn the skills to make the most of it.

Fortunately, learning how to use TikTok only needs spending some time with the platform. Also, once you create an account and start flipping through videos, you might find that your market research has turned into a whole new social media addiction of its own.

The best TikTop suggestions we give you are to be original & stay engaging, and you will undoubtedly find success on TikTok.

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