The computer is no longer the most used device, giving way to the smartphone, which allows quick and easy internet access from anywhere. In this new scenario, job search apps have become an essential tool for finding a new job.

Table of Content

  • Mobile Reigns Over the Internet
  • Why Look for Work with Your Mobile?
  • How Do Job Apps Help You?
  • Using a Top Job Search App
  • Access to a More Significant Number of Jobs
  • Conclusion

Mobile Reigns Over the Internet

The mobile phone has been the primary internet access device since 2016. In fact, at the end of 2018 up to 90.1% of users used it to connect to the network, exceeding the laptop by more than 20 points, according to data from the Association of Media Research.

These statistics reveal the growth trends of internet use from mobile devices, better adapted to a more agile society. This phenomenon perfectly reflects the constant advances towards maximum connectivity, which is currently based on smartphones, while new technological horizons such as the internet of things are being developed.

Why Look for Work with Your Mobile?

The undoubted advantages of access to the internet offered by smartphones and the development they have experienced in recent years make them a perfect tool for multiple functionalities. Apps are the simplest and most comfortable way to browse the internet from these devices since they allow quick access and a better adapted design.

When looking for a job, consulting offers is an activity that is part of the daily routine. The use of mobile devices allows you to keep up to date with new offers and follow the status of the selection processes easily and quickly, allowing you to optimize the time invested in this task.

Job search apps by android and iPhone app developers for smartphones and tablets offer numerous advantages in terms of design and connectivity and dissemination, personalization, and monitoring.

How Do Job Apps Help You?

Still don't have a job search app installed on your mobile? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider it:

Access from Anywhere: Simply with your mobile phone and an internet connection, you can check offers and sign up for those that interest you the most.
Simple Interface: These applications are designed for mobile navigation, allowing access to menus and interacting intuitive, adapted and comfortable way.
Custom Filters: These apps allow you to filter offers by sector, profile, location, type of contract, and salary.
Alert Settings: One of the most interesting points is the possibility of receiving notifications with new offers, which makes it easier for you to access them quickly and directly.
Tracking the Status of the Offers: Thanks to these platforms, you have the opportunity to check the offers in which you have registered to know the status of each selection process.

Using a Top Job Search App

In addition to all the advantages already mentioned, a top job search application offers you more tools and utilities that will help you. We tell you what they are!

Upload your CV in one click: with the CV Parsing functionality, when you upload your CV document, your profile is filled in with the data, so you don't have to fill it in manually.

Save your favorite offers: the application gives you the option to instantly store those offers that interest you the most and consult them whenever you want.

Set up personalized alerts: when a new offer matches your profile and interests, you will receive a notification. Being among the first increases the opportunities!

This way you can access it quickly.

Record and upload your presentation video: one of the top features of an excellent job search app is the option to record a presentation video with your mobile camera.

Access to a More Significant Number of Job Search Apps

It was necessary to go door to door, leaving your CV in each company until recently. Mobile technology has changed this hard work and nowadays Apps notify you when there is an offer that may interest you, but they also tell you if your resume has been read or at what point you are in the selection process. And this is done by apps like:

- InfoJobs: With a large number of filters, the targeted candidates, the status of the application or even a newsletter with tips.
- CornerJob: The welcome chat works as a job search and asks you questions to define your professional profile.
- Jobandtalent: As the first digital ETT, shows offers and messages that are received through chat.
- Work Today: Allows you to find jobs for hours, days or months, without the need for interviews.
- Job Today: For hotel, trade and service offers.
- Indeed: A job portal app has many filters to search for work, from hours to minimum studies or type of contract.
- Trovit: Collects own offers and other job portals.
- JobOption: Lets you select a job by area, location, or keywords.


Job searchers can now know the available job opportunities and their specificities. You can now know about the expected salary, job location and the requirements to apply for a job. All these can be achieved via mobile apps that are dedicated to help employers find suitable candidates.

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