If you ask any developer what is your dream, then they will probably come up with an answer “To develop a complete and bug-free application”  Well it is not that easy to build an application like this. Even it is not easy to build just an application.

What will you do if Zomato is not able to take your orders properly if google is not giving the answers to your questions? I think people will probably die. So it is essential for every developer to build a bug-free application that runs with maximum efficiency. Otherwise, the reputation of the application will be no longer considered great in the market.

Not joking or threatening but it is heard that there are cases where people have died because of the malfunctioning robots. But right now we are just talking about the Android and iOS applications so don’t worry they don’t kill you but in nearer future, there will be applications that will help us with the many many aspects of our lives.

If you are a developer then surely you know that no developer can write the bug-free code on the first attempt. It at least requires several attempts and sometimes more than a pack of coffee (Just to keep you going).

Tip: Focus on the functional product first the refinement will be and can be done later.

Let’s first know the challenges you have faced or you could face while building a complete bug-free application. Once again I am telling you it is impossible to build a bug-free application in one go.

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If you are willing to write a complete bug-free code then you are expecting unreal. Don’t be like that because you will end up slowing down the development process. Instead of doing that you may focus on the functionality of the application first.

What Is the Definition of a Perfect App?

It does whatever its user wants it to do.

So focus on first building a list of features you should have in your complete bug-free application, and then start to develop it. Don’t just jump out of the ship without a lifeguard.

You should check and test each and every module of your app development, which actually is the job of the developer. Checking every aspect of every module is called unit testing. Check whether every module is ready to work with each other or not. Because it is essential in app development.

Before starting to develop an application the company or an individual app developer should think of the cost of the application. Whether you want to build an inexpensive application, which is actually 60% reliable, or an expensive application that is 100% reliable, or even more.

It is possible to build the bug-free application on the first attempt, in your dreams or we say theoretically but it is practically impossible to do so.

The buggy application changes the market drastically, they make the system vulnerable. The bug-free application comes with stability, betterness, and more security with fast speed.

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Adopt the Tips Given Below to Build a Nearly Bug-free Application

Pair Programming

Pair programming can be used during complicated programming projects and every developer around the globe can use the technique. Although the technology is not for every developer. It has very simple effectiveness.

When a pair of programmers work on the same project it will not only give them time to rest but will also increase the productivity of both the programmers. Also, it builds a good quality code for your mobile application development.

Beta Testing

Well, you and I of all people know that beta testing has its limitations but it is essential to do this testing if you want to search every inch of the application w.r.t build a bug-free application. Beta Testing encourages users to provide impactful reviews.

Also, you can not only perform beta testing with the help of users but you can also do beta testing using tools such as bug finder.  These kinds of tools allow people to see all the logs and events that occurred with the application in real-time.

Advanced Compiler Option

There are tools where developers can use the debug options and features such as memory corrupting check, range checking, and overflow checking. The suggestions give functionality to the application and also the overall quality of the code.

With the help of this option, developers can eliminate the bugs and mistakes which are very minimal. It can help by reducing the bugs (Major bugs) which can improve the security, stability, and performance of the application.

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Use Testers

To build a bug-free application it is advisable that you use some trustable testers. They play a major role in achieving good quality code. Mobile applications can literally be on the next level with these testers. In fact, some companies have one tester per developer policy.

I know I know it is a frustrating task, but it is the best way to prevent your app from the bug.


Building a bug-free application is not a piece of cake. But it is not impossible to build a bug-free application. If you follow the steps or whatever you call them, you will be able to build an application without any bugs. You can not build a bug-free application in one go, but with practice and testing, you will be able to achieve your target.

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