Our human brain can be funny sometimes; we do not remember what we should and remember something out of nowhere. But, unfortunately, it occurs most of the time- when it comes to music.

Ever happened to hear some songs and it stuck in your mind? We are sure that you would have witnessed it at least once in your life. Yet, you hear the tune but not being able to recall the song or tune. Advanced technology like mobile applications has solutions for it.

Several mobile app development companies regard this observation and created a music identification app. The mobile apps help you find the entire song which you have been searching for on it. The best part about this music identification app is that it is instant.

It is a popular music identification mobile app named Shazam. It has been inspiring for many app developers and has some great features. Shazam started in 2002 and has more than 400+ million annual users. The concept is not new, but what makes Shazam so successful? The answer is the ultimate tune station.

Shazam has a vivid approach, and the users can search for the song on the spot. Just one lyric or part of the song, and you have the music in the minutes.

So, are you planning to make one mobile app like Shazam and do not know how to create it? You are towards the correct place as we will tell you how to build a mobile app like Shazam.

Steps to Follow to Create a Music Identification App like Shazam

Process 1: Sign Up/Login

The first and vital step for any process for any mobile application now is to sign up and log in. It helps to know more about the users. Eventually, it will provide better information to the users and present a personalized browsing experience. The users should log in or sign up directly through their social media or email accounts.

The part you should emphasize should be personalization. You need to provide the users several features like saving their favorites songs, search history, and many more. It should be easy to use and user-friendly. While login you can have fingerprint options to secure the users' privacy.

Process 2: Search Option

It is the most essential for the music identification mobile app. It is the only reason why people download music identification in the first place. The options should not have a limitation; the range of music should be wide enough.

The choices should have animated voice recognition options. It could be voice recognition, photo or video recognition, anything which is easy and attractive to the users. The library should be massive in music and audio. Similarly, Shazam has features like Shazam it- where people can detect what they want from visual recognition. Users need to tap the camera icon on their smartphones to Shazam icons. It will work as a QR code, which is efficient for the users. 

Process 3: Details Aabout the Songs

While searching for the songs, users are looking for every detail. The mobile app should be descriptive when it comes to the music identification app. The description will help them to look more at the song, artist, album, and title. The mobile app should present the overall detail of a tune aside from the name and artist. It could also be lyrics of the songs, video, previous albums, and much more.

The music identification should have the top list of ongoing trends to know what songs and albums are popular. It would also help to check and follow new tracks of the songs. Since the music industry has emerged and music apps like Shazam also developed and increased their features. You can also see how many people view and use the song, how many people search, have people watch related videos, and all.

Process 4: Offline Mode

One thing that users usually now ask is to operate an app that can function offline. Shazam is popular because of this feature also- because they provide offline versions. Without the internet connection, the user can operate and search for the music they want. The device should save the offline version search and show all the results. There are high chances that the users prefer to run offline mode rather than online mode.

It should be instant, and the users can search promptly. Hence, design in such a way that it can work without having an internet connection.

Process 5: Social Feed and Final

All features have been included, and the last one is social feed. You have to consider the phases of a platform. And platforms are nothing but a fellowship. Make your music identification app social. The app should share their music taste, collection, a new favorite, and all on social media platforms. It will keep the user engaged and attract new users. The news feed should be upgraded and updated with the latest version.

How Much Does it Cost to App like Shazam?

Music Identification App like Shazam requires certain features, for which you will need new innovative technology like the Internet of things, Machine learning, and others.

You need components like design, backend, technology, native platforms, and others. It is a long process- so it will require time and money to develop a music identification mobile app. To improve more agile with more comprehensive resources, you might involve a mobile app development team that assigns jobs to groups based on their ability. When it comes to approx cost, it will cost you around $11,000 to $12,000. It always depends on what features you need to add and on what platform you are launching.

Final Words

The music identification mobile app is quite on-demand. The making app is not as challenging as you think; you require few skills, abilities, and resources. The mobile app should be catchy, attractive, and appealing to stand out among the competitors. Be certain about the ideas and ready to be ahead in this market.

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