Astrology or horoscope is the art or science related to performing prophecies based on planetary positions or sun signs. Technology has transformed our present and will change our future as well with fortune-telling practices. The astrology app helps you contact an astrologer for predictions, just like asking for medical advice on a medical app. And humans being curious beings, seek comfort in astrologers and their predictions.

What Is An Astrology App?

what is an astrology app

They are types of online consultation that render advice and consultation to users based on their planetary conditions. The users are given advice and guidance considering their zodiac signs, palmistry, birth charts, etc. Several astrology iPhone and Android app development by top app developers are available that we will discuss in the latter part of this blog.

The user has to mention their basic information and get it matched to their consultant, be it a tarot reader or astrologer. The app user asks them questions in real-time if they connect promptly or book an appointment.

Types Of Astrology Apps

Multiple app categories are available to develop an astrology app for your target audience seeking solace.

1. Indian/Vedic Astrology

Here, the forecasts are done based on planetary positions. The birth charts are also referred to as Kundli and are designed by calculating the planetary positions when the birth & predictions are made accordingly.

2. Western Astrology

It is based on the Indian astrology style. The simple difference is that calculations are based on zodiac signs. The sun signs are calculated as per your birth date and month.

3. Chinese Astrology

Here there are 12 animal signs such as snake, dragon, pig, tiger, etc. This astrology follows lunar calendar principles that include a 12-year cycle. Each year is devoted to one of the animals determined by the revolution period of the Sun and Jupiter. The future predictions are made based on five crucial planets, including the Sun, Moon, & Comets placements at the time of a person's birth.

4. Numerology

It is a prediction based on the nos. derived from the user's birthdate. It calculates the entire birthdate. For instance, the date of birth is 20/10/1995, so it adds 20+10+1995 and keeps the numbers adding will it come to a single digit like this ~ 2+0+1+0+1+9+9+5 = 27 = 2+7 + 9.

It is believed that these nos. Ascertain the person's attributes and have an essential role in forecasting the future. Each sign is designated to 1 planet. And planets, of course, display high dominance in future predictions.

5. Palmistry
Here, the person can forecast the person's future by reading the palm of the other. They read the marks, moles, and handlines and tell the person's prospects in their life.

6. Tarot Reading

Here, the person predicts the future with cards that are shuffled and laid down. The cards that come for a specific question or prediction tell what the future holds. The card reader reads the cards and interprets the message through the card spread to the app user.

7. Crystal Ball Gazing

Here, the person gazes and observes the crystal balls and predicts the future on that basis. This is the fortune-telling practice and has been followed in several countries for years.

Essential Functions To Include In Astrology App

essential functions to include in astrology app

Basic Functions

Horoscope Report

This is a timeless horoscope report that gives the prediction and future statements to the person based on the current planetary positions.

Daily Horoscope

This is a future prediction based on the daily movement & planetary position and their impact concerning their sun signs.

Weekly Horoscope

This is a weekly report that is derived from calculations based on planet position in the upcoming week.

Monthly Horoscope

When the predictions are forecasted on the basis of the upcoming celestial positions by a person's sun sign, it tells about the events that could occur in the forthcoming month.

Yearly Horoscope

Here, the astrologer calculates the star positions and, based on that, predicts the changes that are likely to occur in the upcoming year.

Love Horoscope

Here, the user is given predictions about their love life considering the star's position that impacts their love life. You can even check compatibility tests by putting birth details and zodiac signs of your partner and learning your relationship scope through predictions.

Advanced Functions

AI Horoscope Notifications

Here, the chatbots are required to send personalized messages to the app user daily, monthly, weekly, or hourly basis as requested by them. They keep them updating with future predictions. These chatbots generally talk in the first-person voice to display a sense of personalization to the users.

Personalized Readings

Search, filter, and surf and know your future by giving your birth information. You can request the readings about your love, life, career, health, etc. It could all be done through messaging, video calls, or audio calls.

Dating Based On Horoscope

The times of Bumble and Tinder have been slightly late. Astrology is taking place as they trust in a "match made in heaven" concept. Win the compatible partners based on your birth information. The prospective partners will be displayed. The user can connect to them and take this ahead towards some productive future.

Cost Estimate

The astrology app is a recent concept and has features like a standard appointment booking app. The estimated cost to develop such an app could start from USD 8k, and it could take up to USD 40k to develop an intensively loaded app.

Final Words

Developing an astrology app is not an old-fashioned thing but excellent use of technology. We recommend you build an astrology app as it has a low market, and this sector has a lot of possibilities to grow and flourish in times to come.

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