Creativity and innovation are the important pillars to design an excellent logo. There is no pure formula to create the top-notch logo design idea, unfortunately. However, in this blog, we will provide some tips to comply with to become more creative & make new logo designs. After meeting the top logo designers and understanding their work, they suggested the below-mentioned points that help them think more creatively.

What Is The Secret Of A Great Logo?

There is no rule to create a great logo. According to the American art director, Paul Rand, ‘a logo’s main goal is to recognize, say what the company is, and that is its only function.’ However, there are no rules which exist for this. Many proven guidelines can be learned from great & famous graphic designers of the past.

Below are some of the principles which you can see in all the designs, these are:

  • Memorable/Unforgettable > Simple
  • Multifaceted/Diverse > Timeless Designs
  • Proper/Appropriate

Let’s dig into the points mentioned above and what they actually mean.


You must have indeed heard this well-versed phrase that simplicity always wins the heart; thus, memorability is attained via simplicity. Normally, people only recall simple shapes quicker than complex ones. Therefore, a logo is likely to be made to be applied to everything a business does. Thus, it is essential to make the logo simple so that people can memorize it. The colors also play a crucial role in identifying anything.

To become memorable, the supporting brand & logo needs to be unique from its competitors; hence, it is essential to do the study during the making.


During the time of logo tests, those stood out the most, which were simple such as Apple, McDonald’s, IBM, and Nike. Moreover, we have also seen the complex designs to understand at the start of the business have been eased over time, which helps increase recognition. Starbucks is one such great example.

According to Paul Rand, an intricate design, fussy, or unclarity harbors a self-destructive mechanism. No amount of literal pictures will do what most people imagine it will do. This will simply make recognition more challenging and the “message” vaguer.



A logo was made to be applied on anything from a little button to a huge building, meaning that the logo you design should work productively with anything from small to big. Moreover, a logo also needs to work with any range of scenarios, including different background colors & styles, which suggests that the logo needs to work effectively in a one-color to a full or a multicolor.

In addition, the logo will ideally be allowed for different types of forms and layouts to make sure it will look its best, regardless of where and in which way it has been used.

Timeless Designs

If you are looking for a successful logo design, you must consider that an excellent logo should stand time. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using & following trends as they might look fabulous today but fad quickly. It’s best to avoid using trends. They might look fab today, but they fade quickly.

Trends are best suited to the fashion industry as they come & go, and when you are talking about changing a pair of tops or purchasing a new dress, that’s alright, but when we talk about your brand identity, longevity is the key; don’t follow the crowd, stand out!



We understand that a logo should be appropriate for the business’s intended business. You can understand it with an instance, if you are aiming to target children, then you might use a bouncy face shape or a bold typeface, and whereas if you are making the logo for a brand, then it won’t go as it would make it look childish which would be suitable.

Let’s look at how we can use the point mentioned above to create logo design ideas.

Find The Right Path

After a detailed discussion with the designers, we learned that you must find the most relevant solution for that company as part of the design process, something that has the right appeal and right ‘vibes’ for such business.

Always Have A Clear Goal

It is tough to develop new ideas with a lack of a proper roadmap of where you are actually going. So before coming up with any ideas, everyone needs to make a logo design brief to understand the business, audience, and competition.

A Useful Idea Exercise

Another point which we wish to share is exercising the thoughts. As the logo designing professionals told us about the thought exercise they perform before working on any logo ideas, we actually find it super helpful.

Making An Emotional State Board

For making an emotional state board, you must pull together the pictures that have the right vibe for the company; later, you have to paste them into a massive PowerPoint or document or keynote, whatever is easy for you to pick. Finally, only focus on what is proper and what vibes right.

Sketching Ideas

From the above points, you must clarify the direction you want your design to lead. The professionals told us that some designers prefer making on the blank sheet, which they say wouldn’t work for them. In fact, they prefer to go with the paper for idea generation.

Word Mapping

It is a fantastic technique to help you think out of the box. For this, you must write down the word that can connect the business for which you create the logo. Hence, please write it down in the center of the paper circle and highlight the word always to remember what is essential.

Wrapping Up

Ideas can come from anywhere, even from trash; all that matters is what works the best for you. Just don’t give up and be creative because that’s all that truly matters.

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