Top 5 Mobile Game Development Trends You Should Know in 2023

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mobile game development trends in 2023

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

Oct 12, 2022

We are not generally straightforwardly keen on innovative patterns until we witness them for real. Playing another VR game or hanging out in a habit-forming metaverse, you slowly understand that you have proactively joined the patterns. Or on the other hand, is this realization on the way?

Mobile games have progressed significantly from harmful splendid pixelated platformers to supersensible open universes with a large number of real-time players. The development of visuals and intuitiveness is inseparably connected with the game development of technology, which offers a specialized chance to convey resource-intensive processes.

Furthermore, in the event that you are keen on becoming familiar with what new mobile gaming development trends are moulding the cutting-edge world, join our short mobile game development trends tour.

Top Mobile Game Development Trends In 2023

1) Augmented Reality Gaming Experience

Relatively, you might not consider Augmented reality (AR) as an upcoming trend but it is surely the one not to miss out on. An AR game normally includes a pre-established gaming environment superimposed onto the user's real environment.

With the usage of Augmented Reality, game visuals and sound substance are coordinated into the user's gaming environment continuously, making an immersive user experience where the gamers' current background is changed into a battleground.

If you have heard about the Pokemon Go game, it is one of the best examples of an AR-based game. Being one of the players even you might have gone over an entire swarm around a specific tree in the park. Or on the other hand, maybe you, when all is said and done, went out traveling around your area trying to get all the Pokemons around you. Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality based game where Pokemon characters are superimposed onto your actual environment for you to browse through and catch to enhance the gaming level.

One reason behind this development is the speed-up welcomed by the new 5G internet. In any case, there are likewise different reasons connected with the appeal of AR gaming.

For example, AR gaming makes an immersive experience for users, who will feel like they are in a real sense communicating with their current environment. This mix of genuine and virtual conditions will make clients' gaming experience a unique and customized one.

Additionally, Gaming environment creation is perhaps one of the most dreary, tedious tasks in game creation. Furthermore, AR game development helps game developers to deal with another issue that exploits the variety of this present reality environment to continually make new experiences for users, keeping games fascinating.

2) Virtual Reality Game Development

Notwithstanding AR, Virtual reality (VR) is likewise picking up speed in the gaming business. VR is a reproduced experience that is either like or totally unique in relation to this present reality environment. Users put on a VR headset and become part of the computer-generated environment. It gives clients an exciting, intuitive experience where they feel like they are just right there, in that frame of mind of the game. This broad reception of VR is made conceivable with the new 5G web, as well as progressively trend-setting innovation.

VR headsets can turn out to be more versatile and will produce more practical conditions for users to browse. An illustration of such top-of-the-line innovation is Apple's new 8K joined VR/AR glasses. Also, new wearable gaming gadgets like this are probably going to bring VR gaming to more prominent levels, subsequently fuelling the VR gaming experience.

3) Mobile Cloud Gaming Experience

Mobile cloud gaming is additionally on the ascent, as seen from how its worth of USD 1.15 billion in 2020 is supposed to cross USD 2.70 billion by 2026. Mobile cloud gaming is where games are handled on distant servers rather than gadgets, permitting gamers to play streamed games across numerous devices. But the cloud gaming experience demands a mobile device with a 5G internet connection as the minimum requirement.

With cloud gaming, players are free from having particular hardware with explicit functionality. They will actually want to enter a similar game from everywhere imaginable, considering the more noteworthy coordinated effort, connection and rivalry in games.

Additionally, cloud gaming will break the limits of particular consoles; players never again need to pay for consoles or top-of-the-line gaming laptops as even the biggest, most complex games can be played through mobile phones. This could likewise permit a game development company to develop games that help a larger number of players than they do now.

Cloud gaming additionally implies that players never again need to download or update their games, as updates will happen consequently behind the scenes. This makes a more consistent gaming experience for gamers who are intermittently disappointed with downloads and updates, all things considered, these take up a ton of time and may try and interrupt gaming experiences. With these advantages, it is obvious that cloud gaming is on the ascent, much more so in 2023.

4) Cross-Platform Game Development

You might have remembered the times of console conflicts when Xbox and Playstation were continually set in opposition to one another.

In those days, you needed to pick only one console and could buy games delivered on that specific console (except if you possessed the ability to buy both). What is more, when the latest game every one of your companions was playing launched on the other console, you had no real option except to pass up all the good times.

Luckily, we have continued on from the times of console conflicts, and Mobile game developers are currently working on delivering content that can be split on all consoles. This is incredible information, as gamers are presently ready to play all games, regardless of their console!

Cross-platform game development is another gaming trend where gamers can mess around at whatever point, any place, with whoever they need and on any gadget they need. Gaming is currently less about which platform you play on, and more about what game you play and who you play with.

Having companions is a fundamental impact of gaming for some, yet this used to be troublesome because of the variations in games delivered on various consoles. Be that as it may, presently, many games support cross-platform play between all the significant gaming platforms. Along these lines, gamers can team up and collaborate no matter what gaming platforms they use.

According to an Epic Games report, found that over 60% of Fortnite players collaborated with somebody from one more gaming platform to cross-play. Furthermore, these cross-players played Fortnite 570% more on normal than non-cross-players. These figures show exactly how much impact cross-platform play employs on the gaming business.

5) Casual Mobile Game Development

Casual mobile game development alludes to mobile games that are not difficult to play, allowed to play and element insignificant UIs. With their natural mechanics that stay reliable all through the game, these games are truly simple to get and all the more significantly, very habit-forming. They are the sort of games that demand next to no investment and consideration; the benevolent you play while you are sitting tight for the transport or when you simply need a short 5-minute break.

But do you know why these casual games are so well known? Hardcore games, for example, Fortnite or PUBG are more perplexing and call for much investment to learn and play. Also, it requires a considerably longer investment to become accustomed to these games and get to the more elevated levels of the game. This could estrange players who do not have the opportunity or energy to get these games. In that capacity, these players might float towards simple, habit-forming casual games.

That being said, casual games can support interest in players as interactivity turns out to be progressively difficult as the game advances. Plus, a decent casual game has mechanics that make it challenging to dominate.

For example, the game Flappy Bird (it was extremely popular in 2013) embraces turn mechanics, where players need to steer to keep the bird from hitting perilous obstructions. These habit-forming games have turned into a web sensation, and are turning into their very own kind. They have gone from sporting ventures to collecting incomes of more than $100 billion every year. Furthermore, this figure is assessed twofold by 2023.

Other than the way that these games are habit-forming and well-known, one more justification behind the blast in the casual game business is the reception of adaptation techniques.

Casual game development also helps to generate more income through in-app advertisements. As a matter of fact, as per VentureBeat, casual gamers watch twice a greater number of advertisements compared to other gamers!


All these game development trends can help you only if you hire game developers with exceptional experience in the gaming industry. You can reach out to top game development companies with your project development requirements and they will help you with your development requirements.


Q. How can I find the best game developers for my project requirements?

You can reach out to one of the top game development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem and hire dedicated Game developers that can leverage their development knowledge, years of experience and advanced skills to develop gaming solutions based on your project requirements.

Q. How much can game development cost?

Game development cost estimation does not depend on just one factor. The cost estimation considers various factors such as your game development project requirements, type of game, the complexity of the game development, features and functionalities to include in the gaming solution and many more.

Q. How long does it take to develop a gaming solution?

Just as the cost estimation, defining the time frame of the game development solution depends on various factors such as project requirements, game development time frame, the complexity of the game development, the type of solution, features and functionalities of the game development solution, the required team of game developers, and many more.

Harnil Oza is the founder and CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in India, USA, UK, and around the world. Being the founder of the company, he takes care of business development activities and maintains relations with clients. His charismatic and result-driven approach has benefited the company to grow and achieve this height where the company stands right now.

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

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