We all know that Electronic vehicle marketing is uprising day by day and it will definitely reach the heights of the ordinary vehicle market. From Electric motorcycles to Electric Cars we all have witnessed their luxury. But tell me this if you don’t have a charging station nearby what is worth it will having Electric Vehicle.

Okay, here is a business idea if you are into EVs then building a charging station will be the best and the cheapest business idea. Of course, I am kidding. Your best investment in this field will be developing an application that can find an electric charging station whenever you need it.

We have seen Electric Vehicle owners in lines waiting for their turn, just to get fuel? Well, it is not so appropriate to keep anyone waiting with this kind of immense and environment-saving technology. So you can add such a feature to the app that shows the approximated number of vehicles at the station.

Also, you can see the daily profitability and other interesting facts like the financial status of a particular charging station business also you can get the details of electric consumption at the site. You may also include the details of the successful or failed transactions that occurred during the day so that the owner can check the availability of payment methods right away.

But above all, you should know how an electric charging station finder application works? So let’s find out how it works. 

Well, it is not that complicated to understand how a charging station application works.

How Does the EV Charging Station Finding Application Work?

Like every other application first of all the user will have to give the location permission to the application in order to find out the nearest charging station for their electric car. There and then only the application will be able to give the data about the nearest charging station. 

Then it is essential that your application consists of several information like the photographs of the charging station, prices, description of your charging station, given landmarks, compatibility of electric vehicles, and most importantly the availability of electricity during particular hours. 

You can also add a feature like booking a slot in advance to save time. 

Also, it should have a feature like monitoring the charging level and progress of charging in the application.  

With the help of the application, the user should be able to pay the amount directly from the application.

So you’ll be thinking that yes, it is a pretty tough job to build an application like that. Well not entirely. If you follow the guide below, you will be able to build an application that is one of the best business ideas.

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The Business Model for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Finding App

In the business model, there are several things that you should care about such as sponsorship, and advertisement of your business model.

1) Sponsorship

It is possible that you give permission to a particular agency or business to leave their promotional ideas in your application. With the promotional activities in your electric charging station finding the application you can monetize your software with this method.

With this kind of company sponsorship strategy, you can generate a lot of revenue for your EV Charging station application. Also, you can gain attention by doing promotional activities with famous personalities or social media influencers. Well, this can be much help when it comes to promotion.

2) Advertisement

Advertising is the most frequent way to make money. Well, I am sure that it is not only true for applications but the other small businesses too. Advertising can give you satisfaction in marketing like no other can do.

Your application can be advertised by several other businesses in form of sidebars, videos, pop-ups, and who knows what else. It is observed that some of the Electric Charging stations do not even charge their users for charging their electric vehicles. Rather they make money from the advertisements running through the application.

By advertising other businesses you can make money too.

3) Membership Fees

As I said earlier that many of the stations do not even charge anything for electricity. But it is not true for every station. Some of the stations include the option of membership fees and with these fees paid the user can use the Electric Charging station whenever he wants.

It can be a great idea for earning if you make membership plans for your users. And also there is an idea where you can charge both the electric charging station and the user too.

Cost Estimation of Building an Electric Charging Station Finding Application

Well, we can just estimate the cost by the functions of a particular application. This kind of cost is dependent on the mobile app development firm and its location. For instance, let's take North America, their hourly wage is $150/hour on the other hand in South America it wages $130/hour. But if you use an Indian firm your hourly cost will be as low as $35/hour. 

You should include the functionalities like the large platform support and the complexity of the program. An electric vehicle charging station software-making process will range between $10,000 to $400,000. There was a fast growth in electric vehicles in 2020-2021. The growth is of 46% increase.

Well, as you can see despite the pandemic situation electric vehicles are maintaining their dominance over the automobile market.


In the end, there are several factors like cost estimation, features and functionality selection, and business model which play the role in building an all-over electric vehicle charging station. If you are willing to build such an application then Hire app developers and follow the whole guide and choose a platform accordingly.

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