React Native is one of the best platforms to develop a versatile, budget-friendly web and app solution. That is one of the reasons why after flutter, React Native is the second most used cross-platform framework by software app developers worldwide. The web solutions developed using React Native are easy to update, maintain. If you can not decide which one you should choose between Flutter and React Native here is a detailed comparison about that. Moving on with our topic, here is a list of a few things we would like to tell you if you are keen on hiring a proficient React Native developer UK.

Must Have Hard Skills In React Native Developers UK

A proficient React Native developer can belong to any three categories as - junior, middle, and senior. You can choose any that can justify your web development project requirements. They can vary depending on their skills, experience and many other things. We can start with a junior React Native developer.

Junior React Native Developers

The React Native developers London with little or no work experience falls under this category. Most of them are recent graduates or web developers who shifted to React-Native recently and are still learning or adopting the framework environment.

Skills to check before hiring junior React Native developer:

  • Aware of Javascript Code: As we all know React Native is a Javascript framework. You can hire a junior React Native web developer, who is fully aware of the features and functionality of JavaScript ES6 or later.
  • Understanding of React Native: A Junior developer should have a basic understanding of the main components, APIs, and libraries of React Native along with React assumptions.
  • Navigation Implementation: Even a junior React Native developer should be able to implement navigation such as Push, modal and so on within the app.
  • Understanding of Redux: Redux is a state management tool. As mentioned, it helps developers to easily manage states shared across components to develop predictable apps that can perform well even in diverse environments. Other than Redux, there are so many other state management tools available. React Native developers in the UK, should have a complete understanding of at least one of them.
  • Debugging and Testing Skills: Even a junior developer should be familiar with basic principles of debugging and testing along with tools and functionality used for debugging and testing.

You can expect less or no experience from junior React Native developers. But you can expect some pet projects they have worked on that can justify their web and app development skills. You should not leave the whole project to the junior web developer. Some experienced developers should manage, mentor or coach them well.

Middle React Native Developers

The React Native developer with around two years of experience falls under the Middle level React Native developer category. They can present past React Native app development projects to represent their skills. They can work on projects independently as they have problem-solving skills. Apart from that, they have some skills such as:

  • Performance Optimization: They can present the most common methods to optimizing app performance along with the optimization strategies.
  • Mobile-specific Functionalities: Middle level React Native developers can develop and be able to develop functionalities that work well with mobile hardware such as cameras, microphones, GPS sensors, and gyroscopes. They should be able to develop a solution to overcome the hurdles that can occur while developing mobile-specific functionality.
  • Offline Data Cache and Data Management: A middle-level developer can work with all types of databases and libraries needed in the development process. They should have a complete understanding of offline data caching. They should have understanding and decision-making ability about when to use ready-made code or develop the logic from scratch.
  • Third-party Integration: Middle level React Native developers should be able to integrate third-party services into the mobile application as and when needed. They should have a complete understanding of their functionality and APIs.
  • Understanding of Deployment Process: A middle level React Native developer should have a complete understanding starting from the signing up process of the mobile application to the deployment process.

Middle level React native developers are more independent compared to junior developers. They will not require much management from the senior developers. They can not manage app development solutions independently that will not require critical functions and features.

Senior React Native Developers

A React Native developer with more than three years of experience and an extensive working portfolio falls under the senior level developers category. Senior developers can manage junior level developers and can help our senior-level developers with their queries. You can assign them as team leaders as well.

Skills to check before hiring Senior React Native developer:

  • Experience in Native App Development: The senior-level React Native developer should have a complete understanding of Objective-C, Java, Swift, and Kotlin that can be used to port an existing Android or iOS app to React Native.
  • Integration of Native Libraries to React Native: A senior-level React Native developer should be able to develop full-fledged, rich products integrating Native libraries and frameworks into React Native apps.
  • Set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery: CI/CD promotes better code quality, allows you to detect and fix issues early on, and improves the transparency and visibility of the development process.
  • CI/CD Set-up: A senior React Native developer should be able to improve code ability using continuous integration and continuous delivery to detect and fix issues rapidly. It can improve the transparency and visibility of the development process.
  • Manage and Develop Efficient Development Team Workflow: A senior developer can distinguish different development approaches and should be able to justify the use of an approach for a specific project. They should be able to manage and support efficient workflow in the team.


According to your requirements, you can Hire React Native developers. But, it could be a lengthy process as it will require knowledge of the app development process from your end. Rather than going through all the headaches on your own, you can Hire React Native Developers from Hyperlink Infosystem UK who can develop a web solution that can justify your requirements.

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