Smartwatches are one of the best contributions to human mankind. It makes every work; so easy and simple; whether it is small or large- everything is possible. Additionally, smartwatches and mobile apps are the two best combinations you will ever find.

It is not a new concept; there are plenty of ways to utilize a smartwatch via Android wear apps. Android Wear is an operating system that works on multiple smartwatches. You can synchronize it with your smartphone to function with time. With Android Wear, you can connect with your smartphone and use your smartwatches just like you use smartphones. Whether you want it for professional use or personal entertainment use, Android wear comes to the rescue.

Do you know what's even better? It is the Android Wear Apps. It helps you to perform the activity, check real-time, have a conversion, and many more. The advanced features are that it can easily manage with Android Wear Apps. You can operate it with or without an internet network; the mobile app is efficient enough to use. Furthermore, you can modify it with the smartwatches connected to your Android Wear Apps.

Several top app development companies are developing Android Wear Apps due to the emerging demand. They are trying to provide as many as factors they can give to a smartwatch. However, if you are one of them and want to know the best existing mobile apps, you are at the right spot. Smartwatches can be used for multiple reasons, and the list below will define that.

The Best Android Wear Apps To Look Forward:


One of the primary reasons people use smartwatches is to get fit. For example, while working out, everyone wants to know how much they work out, whether they burn calories, their pulse and heart rate, and many more reasons.

And for that, Endomondo is the best Android Wear Apps. Their excellent features are what every fitness lover is looking for to remain in shape. Not only that, it helps you to get rid of stress and let you have a good time.

Most of your workouts can be covered by the mobile app. By exercising, you can get many fitness abilities, and with Endomondo. The smartwatch allows you to calculate your exercise and measure your fitness. No matter what exercise it is- walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, cardio workout, or anything- everything is measured with Endomondo. It has a GPS track, which shows you the statistics in real-time. You can track several sports activities through GPS monitoring.

With the advanced wearable technology, the Android Wear Apps notify you about the distance you have covered and walk with audio alerts. Moreover, a workout analysis is there- which reviews your entire performance. The record will help you to set goals and enhance your performance movements. You can also share and get your rewards with your family and friends.


We all need to do meditation to calm ourselves and to stay calm. But for that, you have to meditate, perform the activity, and many more. For your rescue, Calm- the best Android Wear Apps. Not just meditation; even let you have a sound sleep. You should try it if you are having a sleeping problem. The calm app helps you to make everyone feel refreshed.

The smartwatch app offers users a meditation lesson and a daily meditation routine. It will help you to cope up with breathing problems. It keeps you calm with pictures and sounds. The calm app- justifies the name and makes you calm in every circumstance. You can track the record of progress and enhance the pattern.

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It is almost impossible that you have never heard of Spotify. The mobile app is so famous that every 2 out 3 people use Spotify or have heard about it. Hence, it is the largest and popular streaming music service in the world. Think how cool it would be when you can operate and listen to Spotify with your Android Wear. The smartwatches allow you to listen, change the song, create your playlist, and many more other features. It is free to use, and for premium users, you need to get a subscription. All can happen with a just tap in Spotify with Android Wear Apps.


We all have our day-to-day list and to-do list, but the essential list we all need is to bring a list. Imagine cooking something, and halfway through the process, you realize that you forgot the main ingredient only, then the whole idea of cooking will fail. The smartwatch will help you to prepare your grocery list. The mobile app is best for people who have a hard time remembering the list. The mobile app is connected with the smartwatch, making it even easier for people to go through the list. It would be fair to say that it makes everything sorted.

You can prepare a list of items directly from your smartwatch on the go. In addition, it has arranged a list of items in the library that will help you organize a list of items that you intend to buy on your next visit to the grocery store. Therefore, it is a big relief for everyone.

Find My Phone

Do you know someone who forgets their phones? or misplaces their phones while carrying them? We all do know someone like that, and for that people, we have the perfect solution. It is the Find My Phone mobile app that helps you to track your phone. It is possible only with your smartwatches. You can easily track your device from anywhere- all you need is that Android Wear App. Of course, you demand to own the smartwatches for it, and the application is available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

So, how does it function? First, you need to download it to your device and smartwatch. It has GPS in it- which keeps track of it. Then, with a tap, you can detect your smartphone. It is more useful when someone stole or lost your phone. That moment Find My Phone is the savior for you. The risk of losing a phone decreases with this Android Wearable App.

Final Words

Those were the list of the top Android Wear Apps. Like we mentioned before, there is high demand, and it is pretty useful, so without having any second thought- own it.

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