40+ Top Mobile App Ideas For 2024

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top mobile app ideas in 2024

Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

Feb 20, 2023

With successful app development like Uber, Tinder, and Spotify, new app ideas are increasing class popularity. You'll need strong app concepts in order to win in mobile app development. If you're looking for original and creative app ideas, we've put together a list of 40+ great app concepts for startups looking to rule the app market.

Check out 40+ Mobile App Ideas For 2024

On-Demand Delivery App Development Ideas

1. App for food delivery

Big players like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, FoodPanda, and others already control the food delivery app market. However, there is still market potential for aspiring entrepreneurs due to the growing demand for online food delivery services. Utilize AI and ML to incorporate individualized features like push notifications. To easily customize apps, you can hire app developers.

2. A grocery delivery app

If you want to create an online firm, we would suggest relying on the grocery delivery market because demand will only increase in the next years. You can provide your customers with a one-stop shopping experience where they can place all of their grocery orders from your website or smartphone by using these apps.

3. App for laundry and dry cleaning

The rise of online shopping has boosted the demand for same-day delivery services, making the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery app idea a wonderful business idea. Using on-demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery services, customers can conveniently get their garments cleaned without making an appointment or picking up their own laundry.

4. Delivery of flowers app

The concept is straightforward: You purchase flowers online, and they show up at your house or place of business in a couple of hours (usually). A rising number of people are using on-demand flower delivery applications because they are practical and simple to use. By using thoughtful details like handwritten notes or pictures of loved ones who wish to express their sympathies, you can be creative with the arrangements.

5. Gift delivery app

Apps for on-demand gift delivery make it simple to purchase a wonderful gift without ever setting foot inside a store. We are all aware of how challenging it can be to select the ideal present for someone, particularly when you are unclear of their own taste. Apps that offer on-demand gift delivery are fantastic because of how well-liked and useful they are.

Service Booking Mobile Apps Development Ideas

6. App for salons and stylists

People who don't want to waste time looking for a professional can be connected with one via a hairdressing and salon app. If you've ever struggled to find a competent hairstylist or salon in your region, this is a fantastic app idea. Additionally, this will assist experts in attracting new customers and charging for their services.

7. The babysitter app

Parents can find babysitters in their neighborhood with the babysitter app, a mobile application. Parents will find it simpler to locate someone in their region who they can trust with their children because they will be able to pay the babysitter through the app. The app will include user reviews in addition to a rating system for each babysitter.

8. Household-helping app

Because it can be utilized by both those looking for domestic assistance and those looking to earn money by offering these services, this is one of the most well-liked mobile app development ideas for 2023. This app also allows users to schedule services like house cleaning, laundry, gardening, etc.

9. Hotel booking app

The user can access numerous hotels at once because of its user-friendly interactive interface. The app assists visitors in making online hotel reservations and offers necessary details about a hotel, such as its amenities, location, accessibility, and pricing. Additionally, the app can be used to track visitor information and manage reservations.

10. App for booking restaurants

Particularly in the evenings, restaurants frequently struggle to fill all of their tables. Additionally, they must accomplish this without having to deal with the burden of running their own reservation system. Therefore, you may earn money by charging restaurants for your service if you develop an app that enables them to manage their reservations online and receive payments online.

11. App for booking cabs

In recent years, these apps have grown in popularity, and numerous businesses now provide this service. A taxi or cab booking app is a further well-liked app concept for 2024. Customers can book a cab via their smartphone and pay for it using the taxi booking app, a mobile application.

12. Booking app for event planners

Any company that offers event planning services must have an event planner booking app.  It can even be used to confirm attendance at meetings or events and to collaborate with other attendees. This app offers a solution for you to organize all of your appointments and bookings in one location to assist you in keeping track of all the moving parts.

Entertainment Mobile App Development Ideas

13. App for streaming music

You might create an app that gives users access to all forms of jazz, Indian classical, or rock music by picking a specific specialization. Although there are many different music streaming applications available like Spotify and SoundCloud, not all of them have the same functionality. You can accomplish this by collaborating with other musicians and record labels who provide their content through your app.

14. App that plays podcasts

Because podcasts are growing more and more popular, this app is a fantastic concept. By adding in-app purchases or charging for the software itself, you can potentially generate income. You can generate income by designing a podcast player and selling advertisements for it.

15. mobile games app

Although mobile gaming app developers have been producing games for years, there are still many untapped markets. Look for unexplored mobile game genres if you're looking for inspiration for your next app.

Mobile apps for productivity

16. App for calendar reminders

A calendar reminder app works on the straightforward principle of keeping track of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and reminding you when things are due. The only boundaries are set by your creativity and the features you choose.

17. A journal app

With the aid of these apps, you can more easily arrange your thoughts and communicate with others about your most private feelings. Users have the option of sharing their entries with others as well as storing them in a private location. A smartphone application called a journal allows users to write down their feelings and thoughts.

Ideas for Social Mobile Apps

18. Dating app

One of the most profitable app ideas for app development companies is a dating app because it has a large user base and little competition. When two users swipe right for one another, they can begin messaging one another on the app. Users of the dating app can just swipe left or right depending on whether they are interested in someone else.

19. Video-sharing app

The most popular category of apps on the App Store is video-sharing apps, and for good reason: It's one of the simplest ways to launch a successful app development company. It might be difficult for new entrants to distinguish in a market where YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are the dominant players.

20. Messaging application

Apps for mobile texting are a fantastic concept for business owners. Even if the market is currently saturated, there are still ways to profit from messaging apps. The most downloaded app category on both Android and iPhone is messaging.

21. Song identification app

With the use of this program, users will be able to more easily identify the music they are now listening to and facilitate the discovery of new music. Users can identify music on their phones using an app called the song identifier.

Mobile Apps for Finance

22. Budgeting tool

The app enables users to keep track of their earnings and outlays, maintain a balanced budget, and make financial savings. A fantastic financial mobile app concept is a budgeting app. The app should include capabilities like setting monthly budget caps for each category, making budgets by category, monitoring costs and income, manually entering transactions, importing transactions from bank accounts, etc.

23. App for investing

For those who are new to investing and need fundamental knowledge about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles, you can create an investing app. Everyone wants to invest, but many are unsure of where to begin, making it a wonderful mobile app development idea.

24. Spending log app

You can organize your expenses and keep tabs on your spending with the aid of these applications. You may use these apps to monitor anything from your bills and income to your savings objectives and investments if you're seeking more than simply an expense tracker.

25. App for stock tracking

It makes it reasonable that there are so many options available for this type of app given that people use them to keep track of their finances and prepare for retirement. If you're planning to build a stock tracking app, you should think about whether or not you want to include other features like goal-setting or budgeting tools.

26. App for a bill-paying service

You can use this service to pay your bills online and save time. An additional one of the most well-liked mobile app concepts is the bill-paying solution. For those who don't have the time to visit the bank or post office to pay their bills, this app is useful.

27. App for financial advice

People who want to manage their finances should use this app. They could manage their savings, retirement plans, etc. with the aid of the app. This app's concept is to function as a personal financial counselor in your pocket. Additionally, it would provide them with advice on how to increase their wealth and conserve money.

Mobile apps for fitness and health

28. A workout app

Workout apps are specialized apps that assist users in developing exercise schedules, monitoring their progress, and maintaining their habits. The greatest fitness apps will offer a wide range of exercises so that users may design personalized workouts based on their requirements. Both those who have never exercised before and those who have been doing so for a long time can use them.

29. A diet-tracking app

One of the most well-liked categories of health applications is those that track your diet. People can use this to determine what meals to eat more of or less of in order to lose weight rapidly and conveniently. They enable you to monitor your calorie consumption and physical activity with the aim of shedding pounds or keeping a healthy weight.

30. Virtual training app

There is no shortage of people looking for ways to get in shape, and the fitness sector is flourishing. Virtual trainer apps are designed to help people get in shape without having to deal with the burden of going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer.

31. App to count calories

These apps' main purpose is to monitor your daily calorie consumption and food intake. Make sure users may manually input their own foods or import them from other sources, such MyFitnessPal or any other food diary websites if you plan to create an app with a paid version.

32. App for online doctor appointments

Users of online medical appointment applications can schedule appointments with doctors without making a phone call or going to the clinic in person. The system will automatically match the user with local clinics that have appointments that day based on the user's address and date of birth.

33. App for health insurance

Health insurance applications are becoming more and more popular, and this trend is not about to halt any time soon. New applications have flooded the market for health insurance, many of which are intended to track your health and wellness but also those that tell you of your best available medical options.

34. App for mental health

The mental health resources app is a fantastic tool for assisting users in locating the best mental health care. The app might provide information on local resources so that users can find the assistance they require wherever they live. It contains information on various mental illnesses and how to receive assistance if necessary.

35. App for managing chronic conditions

Users of the chronic disease management app can monitor and control their chronic conditions. The app gives clinicians a forum to talk with people about their medical conditions. It allows users to keep track of their symptoms, medication usage, and medical visits. And makes it simple for patients and clinicians to exchange data.

Apps for Mobile VR

36. A cooking app

The food business is a massive one and one of several that technology is reshaping. Both amateur and professional chefs are able to utilize this app. The goal is to create an app that teaches cooking using virtual reality.

37. Cinematic theatre app

By interacting with the items and individuals in the scenario, users not only get a complete picture of the scene but also a sense of being a part of the narrative. A virtual reality app that offers 360-degree views of movie sequences enables users to watch movies in an immersive manner.

38. Travel guide app

To assist people in navigating unfamiliar places and sites, you can develop a tour guide app. The best feature of this kind of app is that both tourists and residents looking to expand their local knowledge can use it.

39. The museum app

Users of VR museum tours can experience galleries at different museums all over the world, giving them a remarkable way to explore art from all over the world. It would be worthwhile to consider even providing options for those who prefer to visit the local museums or art galleries on their own terms. The app might offer tours of famous works of art like Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" or Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night."

40. Dancing training app

This app can be used by anyone who wishes to improve their dancing skills or learn how to dance. The VR dancing class provides a realistic, engaging, and immersive setting for learning or perfecting dance moves. It allows you to learn from the comfort of your home and is a great way to practice your moves outside of the studio.

41. Exploration of space

Users can use their smartphone or tablet to explore the cosmos through this interactive experience. Students who want to learn more about space science or astronomers who want to share their expertise with others in an entertaining way can both utilize this type of app.

Ideas for Blockchain-Based Mobile Apps

42. Exchanging cryptocurrencies

The newest fashion on the market is the cryptocurrency exchange app. It offers thorough details on each coin's pricing history.  Users of the app can purchase and trade bitcoins while on the road. The crypto app is a convenient way to swap virtual money whenever and wherever.

43. Crypto wallets app

The most common mobile app ideas for developers looking to capitalize on this lucrative market are crypto wallet apps. By using blockchain technology, these wallets enable users to transfer and receive money using their mobile devices.

45. Managing digital identities

The most precious currency on the internet is digital identity. Our current technique has the drawback that it is impossible to know who you are speaking to online. This makes it simple for thieves to pass themselves off as someone else, which can have terrible repercussions.

46. App for crowdsourcing

Here, we're referring to Blockchain technology that underpins digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crowdfunding's goal is to collect money from a large number of people who want to support a project or cause.

47. Sensible contracts

One of the most common mobile application concepts today is the concept of smart contracts. The smart contract is a blockchain-based application. When the predefined circumstances are satisfied, the smart contract will immediately go into effect.

48. App for insurance

People might buy insurance for expensive or improbable situations like natural catastrophes or medical emergencies using a blockchain-based insurance app. Additionally, it would enable them to share risk with other users, which might result in lower prices and simpler access to insurance.


1) What kinds of apps will be most popular in 2024?

The market for mobile apps is expanding and offers huge commercial prospects for suppliers, whether they are B2C or B2B. The most popular app categories in 2024 will be IoT, AI & ML, M-Commerce, Gamification, AR Apps, and modularity, integration, and fluidity.

2) How do you identify the top mobile app development companies?

Consider your target market, consumers' expectations, development costs, security considerations, and how effectively the mobile app development platform integrates with other platforms before selecting one.

3) What types of apps generate the most revenue in the US?

With $588 million in revenue, Roblox is the highest-grossing app in the US. Comparatively to the global top 10, more apps are included in the top ten mixes, including Disney+, YouTube, HBO Max, Google One, and Tinder.

4) Can the average person build an app?

What would it take to create an app when the resources required are free and readily available, and you have a fantastic concept for a truly cool tool? As long as they have access to the necessary technical knowledge, anyone can create an app.

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Harnil Oza

Founder and CEO

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