Nowadays, it has become crucial to maintaining an online presence. No business would survive without a fantastic website. Your website will leave a massive impression on your users. Developing a suitable website for your business is a challenging task. Various factors are in play when you build your website. Develop it keeping your goal in mind. Firstly, you have to determine which framework is the best for your website, PHP or WordPress.

Everything would have been effortless if there was a definite answer to the best method for developing your website. Several options are available to create a website. Everybody uses different tools depending on their requirements, expertise, knowledge, and budget.

Many people would recommend WordPress development to get your website up & running, but the truth is that a PHP framework is as vital as WordPress. PHP provides you more flexibility; you can use more options & tailor your website as per your choice at the cost of time. This article would break down two options to determine which options are ideal for your website.

WordPress: A Short Intro

wordpress- a short intro

It can be tough to describe WordPress in a few words. It is a CMS, i.e., a content management system. The function of CMS is to create, manage, and design your content on a website. Most CMS come pre-equipped with a visually appealing theme for your website.

WordPress enables you to boost the functionality of its basic feature with tools, plugins, & themes available to install for free. You can even invest a bit of money and purchase premium themes & plugins. Premium themes provide you better support & functionality, which in return helps your site to look unique.

WordPress became famous for helping you create a website out of nothing. Despite being an amateur, you can create your website with a tad bit of effort. User-friendly operations are the biggest reason many people recommend using WordPress CMS for developing your website.

WordPress isn’t a small platform; millions of users worldwide use it on an everyday basis. WordPress as an Industry-level CMS has helped many people kick start their business.

Why Need a PHP Framework?

why need a php framework

To understand PHP, you must know coding itself. PHP is a programming language used to build apps, websites, and some other tools. PHP is a language that gives WordPress the potential to function smoothly. It is a framework that makes it more flexible & suitable for developing websites. Better tools & functions are built into PHP already. You can use this framework for creating dynamic websites. To date, PHP is used in more than 240 million websites globally. PHP gets plenty of mixed reviews from experts and users.

PHP provides better functionality; it can give your site the precise shape you want to. WordPress can be slightly rigid at some points. That’s where PHP comes into the picture.

PHP VS. WordPress: What’s Your Pick?

Both the frameworks are great for developing a website, but which one wins over the other one? Well, let’s find that out!


How much can you invest into developing your website is the most fundamental question? People think that WordPress is a more affordable option as it is a CMS. This statement is both true and false. The integral development is free-of-cost, but you might end up paying for premium plugins and themes. Making a website on WordPress can be economical and expensive as well. PHP is a better option if you are cost-conscious while developing your site.


WordPress promises its efficiency to the users. Whereas PHP offers less productivity and ensures it runs everything swiftly. Since PHP uses its own memory, the server load and the loading time is reduced, leading to faster processing.


WordPress scores more in this domain. If you target a site or a blog that requires regular changes of content, pictures, layout, and look, WordPress is the suitable choice for you. Since it’s easier done on WordPress than PHP websites, PHP websites are not flexible so if you want to develop a dynamic website, opt for WordPress.

Website Type

Are you developing a personal blog site or a vast eCommerce site? Perhaps you want a single-page site or a multi-layered one. Building an overly complicated website is best suited for PHP. If you have a website full of blogs or informative content, and ever-changing, WordPress is a much better option.

Programming Knowledge

If you can boast about your coding skills, then you should always opt for PHP as a medium of developing your site. But, if you are an amateur in coding, then WordPress would be a better one. If you are a PHP pro, then you’ll have more options & flexibility at your disposal.


Your know-how about SEO makes all the difference. You can make your site SEO-friendly if you want to remember to put proper titles, descriptions, meta tags, and headings in the right place. WordPress makes it simpler for a user to create a site SEO-friendly, as there are several plugins to show what you need.


Both websites can be easily hacked if you don’t take proper precautions. If you miss out on some crucial points on a PHP site, it is easier to hack your site. WordPress Security is better as it gives more plugins to protect your website.

User Experience

UX is something everyone has in mind while developing a website. WordPress provides a better user experience than PHP. As WordPress has themes made with the main focus of boosting user experience. PHP gives your flexibility and simplicity, but the assurance of user experience depends on a programmer.


Ultimately, it all comes down to the website’s nature and the type that you will develop. If you are a coding professional, then you must pick PHP developers as it provides you the power to change every little thing you wish to. WordPress developers are more suitable if you are a novice and seeking to create your website, which focuses on user experience.

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