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Digitization has introduced new uses and has revolutionized consumption patterns in all professional sectors. In a particularly competitive environment, the hotel industry must also adapt to an increasingly connected clientele and to new consumption standards.

The Advantages Of Digitization In The Hotel Industry

Customer Experience; From Reservation To Room

One of the main advantages of digitalization is the improvement of the customer experience in order to develop loyalty. Today, customers expect a superior level of service including quality multimedia equipment, rooms equipped with internet network, speed of service and a unique and personalized experience.

Thus, digitalization allows your customers to book a room with one click on the internet or directly via a mobile application. Some hotels also offer online check-in. These digital services make life easier for your customers, but also for your staff, by simplifying management.

Hotel rooms are not left out with the integration of connected objects, light atmospheres and interactive concierge interfaces from which travelers have access to information about their stay and to hotel services (room service, maintenance, spa, etc.).

New Channels For New Consumption Patterns

The travelers of today prepare themselves mainly with the help of internet. Businesses must adapt to the behavior of modern customers which are increasingly linked to new technologies if they want to stay in business.

Today's Traveler:

  • Prepare his/her trip and book online,
  • Compare different offers before making a decision,
  • Is a fan of "last minute" reservations,
  • Is increasingly using mobile reservations (M-tourism) via applications such as or,
  • Is influenced by the opinions of other travelers.

Also, digital technology allows hotel establishments to be visible on the internet (website, virtual tour, etc.) and on social networks. It helps to build the loyalty of an increasingly opportunistic clientele by developing a web communication and e-reputation strategy. Internally, many digital applications have been developed to meet the new needs of hoteliers.

Concierge app combines human and artificial intelligence to provide a professional concierge service. It allows combining the know-how of professionals with the speed of the devices.

Advantages Of A Good Concierge App

Timely Response No Matter Where The User Is

The main advantage of using an app to organize a trip is that when you download it to a mobile device, you can have it at any time and in any place. Although through a mobile device, you can visit travel websites. We know it is a bit cumbersome to see different web pages on a Smartphone and compare the benefits offered by one or the other.

These websites are beneficial if used on a desktop computer and if you have enough time to take a look at the options offered by the different pages, but if what you are looking for is immediacy and variety in the same tool, the best option is a travel app such as those developed by Hyperlink InfoSystem.

Valuable Results In Each Search

We refer to this specific point when we talk about quality. The quality in the world of travel apps is determined by the usefulness of the information or results and the loading speed.

The information requested by the user must be as comprehensive as possible, and it must offer a true solution to be truly successful. A good app always seeks to have a differential touch to the rest of its competitors in this saturated market and when it comes to tourism travel mobile applications.

Loading Speed

Two fundamental aspects determine the quality of a travel app, one is undoubtedly the value of the search results, and the other is the loading speed.

If the application has a complete and attractive content, but its functionality is not optimal, or if the speed is not right, this app is doomed to failure because today's users are not there to wait too long.

If the loading speed is optimal, there is no reason for users to be tired of the app, and it would be impossible not to consider it an advantage when planning a trip.

Enjoy The Trip To The Fullest

This is the main idea of ​​a trip, but it is also the goal of a good tourism trip planning app. It is about saving time and money with its use and obtaining valuable information regarding the best places to visit in a particular city in the world.

The truth is that planning a tourism or business trip has never been easier than it is today. Today, we have at our fingertips the most detailed information about the site that we intend to visit, all by just downloading an app.

Technologies Used In Traveling And Hospitality

  • 5G
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mobile Technology.

Features Of A Good Travel App

  • Uber-Like App Service Integration
  • Location-Based Emergency Services
  • World Clock Time Converter
  • Currency Converter
  • In-App Language Translator
  • Weather or Climate Forecasting
  • Geo-Tracking Services
  • Travel Itinerary Generator

Our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with a top Concierge App. The cost of the development of such app is between $6000 and $12000.

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