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The web and the world of communication at our hands have evolved significantly. A while ago, making a website was making a lot of static pages. But today, it is setting up an editing system and easy updating. Before it was to present a catalog, today it is to have a real tool. This makes it not a website for today, but a website forever. It is not that CMS are something new, what happens is that they were associated with large companies, with very expensive systems, linked to their expensive backends.

Content management systems have evolved from ancient, highly specialized systems to a very user-friendly environment that basically works on the web. Hyperlink InfoSystem CMS solutions are robust and easy to use so that the part that the client will handle for editing are of the same use as any other office automation tool. After the installation of one of our CMS systems, web users can begin to enter their private sections to create new content and classifications with almost no training.

What a Good CMS Should Have

The essential qualities of a CMS depend on what it needs to perform. This means that there are several categories of CMS systems depending on what we want to do: user communities, project managers, news blogs, online stores, CMR systems, forums, image or video galleries. But in any case, the content management system remains the center that brings together all the other services, acting as a link and providing the basic tasks that all the others will take advantage of. The CMS systems provided by Hyperlink InfoSystem solve the most complex areas such as:

  • management of page addresses and their urls
  • mail management and other internal messaging systems
  • usage statistics for any section or user
  • facilitate search engine indexing
  • manage any SQL database in your code
  • comply with the XHTML Strict standard
  • powerful content search engine
  • powerful semantic classification system
  • unlimited and flexible user access rules that serve any user and any task
  • user management with password access
  • manage the web and all its contents in several languages

All Graphic And Layout Issues Are Also Very Important:

  • fully configurable menu system
  • fully configurable side information blocks
  • Intuitive text editor integrated into the pages
  • generate clean code, compatible with any browser
  • fully configurable page structure
  • use different visual templates for different sections of the web

From these basic functions, it is possible to build websites rich in content that are easily updated, that are modular and grow with the company. This environment is the perfect base to integrate any other activity on the web, but also to manage the company's knowledge base that can later be exported to other formats, since the data will always be centralized.

The technologies that Hyperlink InfoSystem uses in its CMS systems respond to open source solutions, which is a guarantee that our web systems are always evolving and enriching with the contributions of many other integrators. Hyperlink InfoSystem brings its extensive experience in the development of projects that take advantage of the best and most powerful Open Source tools, whose complexity and current richness make it very difficult to tackle. Being a CMS provided by so many integrators around the world, Hyperlink InfoSystem not only supports these developments by contributing its own participation to the code, but also benefits its clients with a wide range of solutions that it knows how to perfectly adapt in each case.

Features of Our CMS:

Site Management

Content management systems help you to create and manage pages, your menu and the linking of the (sub) pages.

Content Management

Inserting, moving, copying and editing content is very easy with a content management system, as the software does almost all of the programming for you.

You can insert picture and video files simply by "drag and drop" and copy or move them just as easily. Since there is no rigid programming, the page is dynamically built up and displayed each time it is called.

User Management

A content management system enables you to register different users who can then log into their account with a personal password. The assignment of authorizations is particularly important.

Design Templates

WordPress, Drupal and co. offer you a wealth of different templates and themes to choose from. Modern designs are compatible with the largest possible number of browsers and end devices so that the page is displayed correctly to a correspondingly large number of visitors.

Internal Message Dispatch

Individual users can send messages to each other within the system and send e-mails from the software. This serves the process optimization of the content production and the coordination in the team.

Imports and Exports

The simple import and export of content facilitates the exchange of data with third-party systems: The content can be transferred to a different work environment without great effort and in-depth programming knowledge.

Page Preview

You can look at the result of your work in advance before it later appears on the Internet. The so-called "Inline Editing", with which you work almost directly on the finished page, is particularly popular.

SEO Features

The software spices up your content so that it is right at the forefront of online search engines. Tags, meta titles and keywords are taken into account.

Automatic Publications

Time-controlled publications are a particularly useful feature for editors. In this way, you can conveniently create content in advance and have it published automatically via your software at a set time.

Social Media Compatibility 

Marketing and especially content marketing can no longer do without the social networks. You can quickly and conveniently access your accounts centrally and initiate publications from the CMS by integrating your account into them.

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