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The term Cloud Computing refers to a set of tools and services that provide a series of computing resources over the internet with pay-per-use prices and without upfront investment in infrastructure. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace investment in infrastructure that must be paid for in advance with low variable costs that will grow at the same rate as the volume of business of the company. As we have seen from Amazon's own example, thanks to cloud computing, companies no longer have to anticipate or purchase servers or other computing infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Rather, they can instantly get hundreds or thousands of servers up and running in a matter of minutes and get results faster.

The general trend for cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services  (AWS) is to offer as many tools and services as possible, to make it easier to create a cloud computing environment. In this way, it has a large number of tools for managing different elements of the company and they are prepared for both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations, since there are possibilities to scale these services as organizations grow.

This transformation that we are experiencing today, thanks to cloud computing, provides a very important opportunity for technology professionals. In the past, technology departments had to spend their time focused on resources. They had very limited and rigid strategies that did not accompany the business, with very long cycles of change and with centralized decisions that were therefore out of business, outside of what was really the end business. The proposition of these cloud computing platforms is that this focus gives way to technology departments focused on the business. Thus, they go from being a cost center to being an innovation center with much more evolutionary strategies, much more flexible, with faster decision and implementation cycles.

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With us as a development partner, you get the development of high quality and unique apps for mobile operating systems. We accompany you from the conception to the go-live of your app. We support you in perfecting your idea so that the user is guaranteed the best possible experience. Even after the go-live, we are still there for you as a partner and offer you free support. Our range of services includes native and hybrid app development for iOS and Android.

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Individual and striking designs for your application or website. An app is characterized by ease of use and intuitive design. Modern state of the art designs are created by our creative minds with many years of experience. We do not use templates; we illustrate and animate your design ourselves. In order to achieve the best possible user experience, we apply the A/B testing method to various test scenarios. In this way, we ensure that your design leaves a lasting impression on every user.

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A website to support your app or as a stand-alone project. With us, you realize your web project and we cover the following development methods: classic web development, responsive web design and progressive web apps. Whether it's an individual web app, process optimization system or a classic landing page - you can shape your digital future together with us.

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Development of intelligent CRM systems that lay the foundation for your project. CRM solutions increase profitability by making the administrative processes in your sales, marketing and service departments more efficient so that you can concentrate on building and maintaining important customer relationships. With us as a development partner, we offer you a fully integrated CRM solution with which you can optimize your business processes and make the most of your customer relationships.

Uses of Amazon Web Service

The AWS cloud computing platform offers the flexibility to launch applications regardless of industry and particular use case. Amazon Web Services can be used for:

  • Web Applications: Create scalable, high-performance websites with a wide range of services geared towards modern web applications.
  • Big data and HPC: Processing data quickly and instantly accessing a large number of computing resources designed to manage large volumes of data.
  • Business applications: Businesses can move their business to the cloud with secure, high-performance solutions for common and custom business applications.
  • Backup and storage: Store information securely with storage options that offer built-in encryption and are designed to provide 99.99% durability, with SLA.
  • Disaster recovery: Protection of data and applications in multiple data centers and in the cloud with the possibility of recovering them in a scalable, durable and immediate way after a disaster.
  • Multimedia content: Multimedia services that allow the secure storage, processing and delivery of multimedia resources around the world.
  • Gaming: From Mobile to Web and Console to PC AWS offers a variety of low-cost, instantly available back-end gaming services for developers writing code for any platform or language.
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: AWS is used by organizations involved in healthcare and life sciences for both basic biomedical research and clinical information systems that meet HIPAA standards.

The possibilities offered by Amazon Web Services as a Cloud Computing platform are almost unlimited. To take your business to the next level, you need to develop an app to efficiently manage your web services. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in this regard by developing an excellent app that is similar to Amazon Web Service. The cost of such an app is around $8000.

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