How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Bigo Live

What Does The App Consist Of?

how much does it cost to develop an app like bigo live

Bigo Live is a social network that focuses on live broadcasts. In the course of the last few years, it has been observed that this kind of content has obtained a great presence on the internet. Many creators look for comfortable platforms for it and Bigo Live responds to this need. Bigo Live has both a website and an app for phones and other smart devices.

How Bigo Live Works

As has happened with many platforms of this style, a large number of the users of this platform have focused on uploading challenges content that can range from the most popular, to classics and some little known that can be interesting to see. Bigo Live separates this part of the community to make it easier to find this kind of content and even divides it according to the challenges that are being broadcast.

In the same way, Bigo Live can be used to keep in touch with a family member, friend or other close person and even a group of people through video chats. This tool can also be useful if you are trying to organize an event or meeting and your message conversations have become confusing.

These group video chats have been effective in connecting users around the world since they allow people to discuss their points of view on any topic that appears in the conversation.

In the event that you are interested in a content creator and you want him to continue with his work, you can send him donations that are called “seeds” on this platform. These seeds can then be exchanged for money. Hence, many are professionally dedicated to creating content.

Other Features Of Bigo Live

Something that can be highlighted about Bigo Live is that its user community has grown a lot in a short time, resulting in more than two million five hundred thousand downloads on the Play Store today. It has also been given a good rating with four and a half stars on the five-star scale.

Having observed these characteristics of the application, the doubt regarding how Bigo Live works should completely disappear. This tool can be interesting whether you are a content creator or a consumer looking for new ways to entertain themselves.

The Incredible Benefits Of Streaming For Your Company Or Event

There are many benefits to using live video streaming services to broadcast your event. Streaming can be effective and impactful in a wide variety of contexts, including product and service presentations, live announcements, online classes, or press conferences. Businesses can also use live broadcasts to enhance and maximize direct communication with customers and community partners or even for internal company communication. Whether used by companies or individuals, streaming an event gives you the opportunity to reach and interact with more people around the world.

Large-scale Visual Technology Presentations

For those sectors in which rapid changes occur, online information exchange is extremely useful for professionals. For example, in the medical sector, there may be surgical devices and methods that are impossible to transfer and whose function can only be demonstrated visually. This also allows students and other professionals to see it first hand and interact with their doubts and questions. The same happens in many other sectors.

Largest Potential Audience

Physical events are generally limited to the space available in a given location. However, with live streaming, you can invite as many people as they want to attend your event. People are sometimes interested in attending a particular event, but cannot attend in person due to work commitments or increased expenses. Live streaming your event can make your content accessible to these people that you wouldn't otherwise reach. You can communicate with anyone in the world remotely via streaming, as you are no longer limited by size or geographic restrictions. Your only limitation with live streaming is tied to the server capacity of the streaming service you choose.

Use Of Richer Content

Live streaming is not just limited to live video and audio streaming services. You have the flexibility to use a variety of media and content types, including images, text, live chat, simultaneous translations, and more. You can even access different presentation methodologies.

Listen And See When You Want

No matter how attentive you are to a streaming event, there are always points or details that you can miss. Perhaps important data that were of great interest. In the case of a virtual congress, it can be seen live, but it also offers the possibility of sharing a link with the attendees so that they can have it on demand, that is, whenever they want, at their own pace, in a quiet and relaxed space, where being able to see the event as many times as they want and stopping or going back to review the most important parts of the presentation.

Ease And Convenience

A common myth about streaming is that it is too difficult and technical to understand how it works and take advantage of it. This is true if you don't have the right knowledge, but by working with an experienced development company such as Hyperlink InfoSystem, we can offer you an intuitive solution.

Analytical Monitoring

It is important to be able to see and evaluate the ROI (return on investment) that your live broadcast has made. Hyperlink InfoSystem offers you a complete monitoring and analytical panels to evaluate the result of your streaming. You will be able to see relevant metrics such as numbers of viewers, participation and their behavior. This data will help you identify who your real customers are. At that point, you can assess what aspects of your broadcast may need to change for future events. This, in turn, will help you optimize and improve your content and business strategy.

Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with an excellent live streaming mobile app similar to Bigo Live.  The development cost of an app like Bigo Live is between $10000 and $15000.

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