How Much Does An App Like Call Recorder Cost

Record Your Calls For Future Purposes

how much does an app like call recorder cost

Currently, there are many users who doubt whether call recording is legal. We must bear in mind that the legality will be different depending on the country in which we are located.

Advantages Of Recording Calls

In a global world such as the current one in which an infinity of daily calls is made, there are several occasions in which recording the content of a telephone conversation can be of vital importance. There are times when storing information can be difficult because the call was made at an inopportune time, whether it was made while driving, or for any other reason. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with an app that offers the possibility to record a telephone conversation allowing access to relevant information that would otherwise be lost.

The Advantages Of Call Recording For Companies

  • It allows you to keep information that may be helpful for legal matters in the future.
  • It facilitates the fact of being able to listen to the call again and retrieve technical information such as the call date.
  • During the course of a call, a verbal agreement can be carried out that can end in a binding contract between the parties. 
  • A call log will be made in which relevant information for companies will be stored, such as the time the call was made, its duration, the date, the number of daily calls, etc. These data will speed up the processes of access to information in the future.
  • There are occasions when information such as telephone numbers, addresses, dates, etc. cannot be recorded. In this way, the information will always be at hand.
  • The answering machine provides the recording of calls when it is not available and can be sent as a message to be heard at the most opportune moment.
  • Situations in which there is some kind of confusion can be identified and clarified in the future.

In the case of companies, they can count on a professional service such as the apps developed by a top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink Infosystem. This service allows you to record phone calls in MP3 format with the option for the calls to be encrypted. Customers have the ability to access the recordings and download them the call is made.

App Technology

Have Native Apps Developed

Native apps are programs that are installed on the mobile device - apps in the classic sense. They are programmed individually for each operating system (Android and iOS) and are therefore more expensive than hybrid apps and web applications. A mobile native app costs an average of $7,000 to develop. However, this applies to each operating system (iOS and Android), which means that native app development will cost around $14,000 in total. However, native apps offer some advantages. A mobile native app has a high performance and recognition value, makes it easier to use and increases the user experience. A native app development also guarantees the highest level of data security during use. There are additional costs for publication in the respective app stores. The cost of publishing on Apple iOS in the Apple Store is $99 per year for individuals and $299 for businesses. Registration in Google's Android Play Store costs $25 one-time.

Have Web Apps Developed

Web apps are customized web applications for mobile devices. Having web apps developed costs around $6000. The developer creates an app that can be accessed and used via any web browser. Well-known examples of web apps are Netflix and Google Docs. Web apps are an inexpensive alternative to classic apps because they work on mobile and desktop operating systems by using HTML5. Progressive web apps are an extension of web apps and can also contain many functions of native apps. Furthermore, they can also be used offline, which solves a major problem with web apps. However, interfaces and database systems cannot be implemented in this type of app.

Have Hybrid Apps Developed

As the name suggests, a hybrid app is a hybrid of a native app and a web app, which combines the advantages of both types of development. Hybrid apps are often also called cross-platform apps. A hybrid development of your app costs around $7500 which makes it a little more expensive than web development. Nevertheless, they are cheaper than native apps due to a uniform code, as less time is required for programming the app. Hybrid apps can be programmed in HTML5, CSS or JavaScript, similar to the other development types. With older frameworks such as Apache Cordova or Ionic, the app then runs in a kind of webview container. More modern frameworks such as React Native or Flutter, on the other hand, use native UI components, which makes the app much more powerful. Like a native app, both technologies allow access to most functions and programming interfaces from Android or iOS. In addition, it is now also possible to offer hybrid apps in the app stores, which makes marketing easier. It combines the platform independence of the web apps and the better performance of the native apps.

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