How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like CamScanner

An Application To Scan Using Your Smartphones

how much does it cost to develop an app like camscanner

The use of mobile phones has reached nuances that we did not imagine 10 years ago. From tasks as simple as sending an email or a text message, to becoming a daily or professional complete multimedia platform for different uses.

Also, mobile phones have a lot to say in the area of ​​productivity and office automation. CamScanner is a complete and functional application to scan everything you can think of, which deserves to give it a try.

Use CamScanner To Scan Printed Documents Or Photos

Scan PowerPoint Slides

Whether it's in a class, a meeting, or a presentation, taking notes doesn't always allow us to give the attention we want. Sometimes we pay attention with the illusion that the exhibitor will send us the presentation in some way, even though this does not always happen.

A very practical application of CamScanner is to point our camera with the application open and the program will be able to detect the slide and convert it into a PDF presentation in a matter of seconds. This use is really practical, since due to the lighting conditions of the projection, the application will easily recognize the limits and make the white balance automatically. Then it only remains to export the presentation and voilà, we will have our presentation backed up and ready for when we need it.

Scan Without The Application Installed

This trick is also very interesting. What if I don't have the application installed or after missing a class, I ask a colleague to scan the slides and he doesn't have CamScanner on his phone? Just take normal photos with the mobile camera application, and then you can import these photos to CamScanner, converting unbalanced photos into the backup presentation we wanted.

Some Benefits Of Mobile App Development

  • Another interesting advantage is the secure storage of our personal data. Strict security policies that consider geolocation, digital keys, messages with security codes and even fingerprints are considered before a transaction can be finalized.
  • Many applications do not request access data, or the registration is done only once when downloading. This allows you to quickly and easily access the app. This is very important because we seek access to information quickly and at all times. It is characteristic of millennials to abandon, stop using or uninstalling any app that does not work according to their expectations and with the expected speed.
  • Another advantage is that they allow us to make all kinds of purchases from anywhere. From buying food, air flights, clothes and everything we can imagine. For the benefit of users, we do not have to download all the applications on the market. There are already applications that group many brands and companies, and it is here where we can buy with the same variety as if we were almost in a shopping center, supermarket or mall.

The Cost Of Developing An App Like CamScanner

One of the most common questions that mobile app development agencies like Hyperlink InfoSystem get from their customers is about the cost of the development of mobile app. The simple answer is that the development cost of a mobile app varies depending on several factors.

It's like the car market: not all are the same price and it depends on the quality, size, functionality, accessories, etc. But only a few know what is behind an app development project and many people underestimate the effort involved.

Costs According To The Main Characteristics Of Mobile Apps

Apps differ in terms of their functions and therefore also in terms of their price. Developing apps is a complicated process, and the cost of creating an app is largely determined by the amount of functionality, and therefore its price. Common functions are:

  • User Login
  • Push Notifications
  • Navigation
  • Portrait/Landscape View
  • Media Content
  • Geolocation
  • Integration Of Google Maps
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Advertising In The App
  • In-app Purchases
  • Integration Of Payments
  • Streaming
  • Multi-language Support
  • Offline Mode
  • Database
  • Use Of Cell Phone Sensors
  • Adaptation
  • Search
  • Cost Of Maintaining The App

Types Of Apps

The cost of developing an application also depends on what type or category the application falls into. Here is a list of the types of mobile app development:

Web App

Web applications are nothing more than websites that are optimized for mobile users. Many surveys show that 80% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps to websites.

Native App

It is a type of app that is developed for a specific operating system, be it Android or iOS. These apps are complex in nature and offer the best user experience.

Hybrid App

This app is simpler because it works in a single programming language. However, unlike native applications, it can work on both platforms. They are easier to manage and develop. However, their user experience is not as good as that of native applications.

In regards to the development of an image scanning app, Hyperlink InfoSystem is the agency that is best suited to provide you with the needed solution. Depending on its features, the cost of an app like CamScanner costs between $6000 and $12000.

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