Want To Develop A Taxi App Like Careem

How To Develop An App Like Careem For Android/iOS

want to develop a taxi app like careem

Finally, you've made the decision to launch your taxi booking app on the ridesharing market. Knowing the model and technology of app development is not enough to build an app like Careem. Therefore, before hiring a mobile app developer or getting into the development process, you need to prepare a detailed analytical report on the ridesharing market.

In big cities, where the lanes are full of traffic, ridesharing apps like Careem is a huge relief for passengers. The rapidly increasing demand for personal car trips has made business owners think about how an app like Careem can be developed and rolled out in the local market or even globally.

Overview Of Careem App

Since its launch, the Careem has become the most sophisticated car booking app today. It is currently active in multiple countries with 24 * 7 booking services. With the brilliant app structure, it connects thousands of drivers with millions of passengers via the Android and iOS app. With the app's built-in GPS function, the driver and front passenger can locate their location in real-time and reduce the risk of communication gaps.

With the seamless app interface, hassle-free connection, easy navigation, mindful marketing campaigns, and infrequent bug reports, Careem has excelled in the industry and captured most of the market.

Careem isn't just a single app. Instead, the company runs this app with two front-ends and one back-end to ensure that the app works smoothly.

The Backend

The backend is the backbone of the app. The server collects all requests from the Careem apps (driver and passenger app), processes them and sends a corresponding response accordingly. Careem has a robust backend to ensure faster data processing and better functionality of the app.

How Careem App Works

Developing an app like Careem isn't just about hiring the best software development company. If there is anything that makes Careem a winner, it's just its seamless functionality. The Careem business model consists of five simple steps and ensures smooth and straightforward processing. If you need to build your Careem app, the first thing you need to do is understand the following simple steps:

  • Customer Ride Request: As soon as the app has been installed on a smartphone with Android / iOS, the customer can access the app to request a car, depending on availability. The customer request is visible to the drivers in the vicinity and the contact details are automatically passed on to the nearest driver who receives the customer request.
  • Find the correct match: the driver has the option to either accept or decline the request. As soon as the driver rejects the customer request, it is forwarded to another driver.
  • Board Ride: Once your contact details have been communicated to the driver, the driver can quickly find the real-time location of the cab and determine the estimated time of arrival.
  • Make Payment: Before you board, the Careem app will give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your trip. The cashless payment method makes this process smoother and less stressful for both parties.
  • Assessment and Ratings: Finally, once the journey is complete, the drivers are rated by the customer on various bases.

Features To Consider When Developing An App Similar To Careem

The moment you decide to develop an app like Careem, the first question that probably comes to mind is how much does it cost you? How long does the preparation take? Do you need to hire Android app developers? The most common answer is: Both of these depend heavily on the complexity you add to the functionality and what features are in your app.

But here we are helping you dig deep and give you real insights into features, as well as the estimated time and cost involved so you can make an informed decision.

The necessary features of an app similar to Careem:

Geolocation, Routing And Direction

Many entrepreneurs in the transport sector are faced with the dilemma that taxi booking apps are based exclusively on GPS systems. Yes, it is! However, it hides the complicated architecture and process of knowing the exact distance and route. Instead, they would rely solely on GPS systems and would need a routing server for seamless routing and ride-matching mechanisms.

Talking about the technical side of this feature, routes and directions are provided in Android versions of Google Maps, while the CoreLocation framework supports iOS app versions.

Cashless Payment

When considering building your Careem app, the second essential feature to look for is its secure and seamless payments feature. In order to provide an accurate cost estimate directly in the app, Careem uses a tariff calculator that can evaluate various factors and at the same time provide travel costs for the users. Fares mainly depend on the type of vehicle you have booked, the base rate, the cost per minute, the safe ride fees, the cost per mile, etc.

Whether you're building an Careem app in Android or iOS, you can add multiple payment features including PayPal, numerous credit cards, card scanning by screen, etc. Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you develop an excellent ridesharing app. The cost of an app like Careem ranges between $8000 and $16000.

Registration And Profile

Customer registration and profiles are the two most important functions that allow you to track the user base in the development of on-demand taxi apps. To make this process quick and easy, you can allow customers to register via a social media platform or directly via email. You can also ask for the contact number.

For driver profiles, you can request the minimum formalities for providing a photo, name and car license number. To make your app feature rich, you can also check the rating and review system to make your app look customer-centric.

App Notification

To keep your customers updated on your latest offers, discounts, or budget travel packages, Careem uses different push notification tools.

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