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Easy taxi is car service that connect drivers and passengers through a downloadable app for your smartphone. Developing an app like Easy taxi isn't just about hiring the best software development company. If there is anything that makes Easy taxi a winner, it's just its seamless functionality. The Easy taxi business model consists of five simple steps and ensures smooth and straightforward processing. If you need to build your Easy taxi app, the first thing you need to do is understand the following simple steps:

Customer Ride Request: As soon as the app has been installed on a smartphone with Android / iOS, the customer can access the app to request a car, depending on availability. The customer request is visible to the drivers in the vicinity and the contact details are automatically passed on to the nearest driver who receives the customer request.

Find the correct match: the driver has the option to either accept or decline the request. As soon as the driver rejects the customer request, it is forwarded to another driver.

Board Ride: Once your contact details have been communicated to the driver, the driver can quickly find the real-time location and determine the estimated time of arrival.

Make Payment: Before you board, the Easy taxi app will give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your trip. The cashless payment method makes this process smoother and less stressful for both parties.

Assessment and Ratings: Finally, once the journey is complete, the drivers are rated by the customer on various bases.

Features To Consider When Developing An App Similar To Easy Taxi

The moment you decide to develop an app like Easy taxi, the first question that probably comes to mind is how much does it cost you? How long does the preparation take? Do you need to hire Android app developers? The most common answer is: Both of these depend heavily on the complexity you add to the functionality and what features are in your app.

But here we are helping you dig deep and give you real insights into features, as well as the estimated time and cost involved so you can make an informed decision.
Depending on the type of mobile application, the project requires the integration of different features. Depending on the popularity and inventiveness of the features, the time spent by the developer will be proportional to the price of the mobile application.

•    Registration, login, forgotten password

This functionality is one of the basics of the mobile application since the user must be registered to access the online service.

•    Profile management

This is the logical continuation of registration, all the more so in a post-GDPR era (general data protection regulation).

•    Geolocation

The smartphone being by definition an augmented mobile device, many services require the user's location.

•    Messaging

The discussion between users is a feature present in a lot of projects.

•    Payment

Payment is at the heart of the economic model of the mobile application. Depending on the type of activity, several payment methods are possible and compliant, ranging from the native payment system managed by Google and Apple to alternative payment solutions.

Benefits of a Taxi App

Estimated Travel Costs

In contrast to the well-known taxi office, taxi apps offer a variety of additional interesting and useful functions, above all: the cost estimate. If you have installed the taxi app and logged in, you first have to enter your own location and the destination address. Now, the route is analyzed and the taxi costs are calculated. However, you should keep in mind that the price shown is only an approximate estimate. This can change depending on the traffic situation and the route. Any surcharges are also not included.

Early Booking

Another advantage that some taxi apps offer is early booking. You don't have to order the taxi at the earliest possible time, but you can, plan the trip for a coming day and a certain time. The available booking period depends on the provider and differs significantly in different taxi apps.


If you order a taxi at most once a year, you will probably not be able to do much with additional processing options. For those who can be driven around more often, taxi apps offer a variety of options. For example, users can decide whether to only order taxis that have received a good rating from previous passengers. If you are satisfied with one or more drivers, you can often choose them as regular drivers. After that, the user will only be driven by these if possible.

Another advantage that is not available with a classic taxi is direct contact with the taxi driver. With the help of this option, you can answer questions quickly and communicate directly with your personal service provider.

Determine The Vehicle Yourself

Some taxi apps providers offer presets with which you can select the vehicle in addition to the driver. The user is given the opportunity to determine the brand of the car and its environmental impact. The number of seating options can also be adjusted up to a certain limit and there is often a separate tab in the input mask for pet owners.

Track The Vehicle Live In The Taxi App

Track taxi - this option does exactly what you expect. Thanks to this function, users can check the map in real time whether the taxi is nearby and thus guess how long the vehicle will be waiting. Alternatively, with the help of push notification, the passenger can be informed when the taxi has arrived on site. With some providers, the other cars that have not been ordered are also displayed on the map. So, you can see how many available taxis are nearby.

Another plus point of the taxi apps is that the applications can also use their own location data and the user can thus directly select the current location as a starting point without having to find out the street name.

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