How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like ES File Explorer

Develop A Top File Manager And Explorer Mobile App

how much does it cost to develop an app like es file explorer

File explorers are usually the most useful and used applications on smartphones in the same way that they are also on conventional computers despite having some orientation folders in all of them where you can save music, images, downloads, documentation, etc. It is always easier to organize the files and archives ourselves according to our way of working, organization and order.

It is no coincidence then that file explorers are one of the applications with the greatest number of alternatives in the Play Store with dozens of file explorers among which we can try, use and take advantage of, most of them being free and complete.

Files explorers depend a lot on the taste of each user as they are different from each other both for aesthetics and for organization, editing and management of files.
As it is difficult and not very relevant to analyze each and every one of the applications related to File Explorer, ES File Explorer stands out due to its simplicity, management, editing, control and deletion of files from both those that are on our phone and those that we have stored remotely, both on the local network and in the cloud.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer offers great experience in the field and has great reception in the Android community, with more than 180 million downloads and translated into more than 30 languages. It has become a reference file explorer and it is also free.

Its main advantage is having everything related to file browsing from a single place, such as encompassing the management of your content in the cloud (Google Drive, Skydrive, Dropbox, Sugarsync,, Sugarsync, Yandex or Amazon S3) in a single application, manage your files stored on FTP servers, manage files via Bluetooth, manage files that we have shared on a computer connected to the internet, manage the applications that we have installed on our Android or analyze, edit, review, delete or manage the files that we have on our SD card.

Another great advantage is the review of the thumbnail images that makes us understand what type of format it is and with what application it will be opened (if it is audio, video, PDF, Doc, etc.) and it has simple tabs.

Of course, and if that were not enough, it has a ROOT mode so if you have rooted your mobile, you will not need to install a file explorer for root to be able to take full advantage of it.

Our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with the development of a top app like ES File Explorer. The development cost is between $7,000 and $10,000.

The Concept Of Mobile App Development

From idea to the app development, unclear requirements and questions often arise that you as the product owner (client) did not consider before starting development. The idea and what the finished product would look like is not always clear. This means that you and your project team cannot plan the app project holistically, which is often the cause of error and additional costs.

Why It Is Important To Develop An App Concept

An app concept helps you to put your idea into concrete terms. They exclude ambiguities and definition gaps that can occur during development. This reduces the risk of making mistakes and you can keep production costs and time down. With the help of a concrete concept, UX designers and app developers can better estimate the effort of the project and set a realistic price range. Through the conception, you determine exactly the target group you are developing the mobile application for and what added value it offers.

How To I Create An App Concept

It is important that the app agency and customer are in regular contact with each other during the project development. A clear communication facilitates the work in a team and with the customer. By creating a concept together, you ensure that both sides have the same expectations and that no misunderstandings arise.

Rough Definition Of The App

The first step is directly related to the app idea. If you or your company want to develop a mobile application, it is important to note the basic purpose of the app. You should think about the goal you are pursuing. The application must offer your users added value, otherwise it cannot survive on the market. As the client, you should define who the users are in the next step of the app concept. For now, it is sufficient to determine whether the target group is internal or external to the company.

Market Analysis - Target Group And Competition

In order to develop an app that is relevant to its users, you should define the target group more precisely. For example, you can create personas and record the wishes and needs of the target group. If the target group is external to the company, it makes sense to also carry out a competition analysis. If there are similar products on the market, you as the provider of a new app must define the USP of the application and optimize the functions accordingly. This is how you can stand out from the competition.

Specification Of The Functions

After the basic goal has been set and the target group defined, the next step is the question of what exactly the app should be able to do. Together with the customer, the app agency records every single function in the concept. The results of the target group and competitor analysis now offer decisive guidance when it comes to finding the right functions. For a better overview, they should divide all functionalities into user stories and epics. User stories describe a specifically desired action from the user's point of view. Epics summarize several user stories that describe similar features and form a kind of category.

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