How Much Does An App Like Google Fit Cost

A Health-tracking Platform Developed By Google

how much does an app like google fit cost

Google Fit is an app developed by Google that help you take care of your well-being and health. Google Fit coordinates physical activities using the sensors of a smartwatch or smartphone.

Our mobile devices can do unbelievable things. They inform us about the weather forecast and help us not to get stuck in a traffic jam on a busy highway. They make it possible to choose the right restaurant and determine the shortest path from point A to point B. So why not endow them with additional abilities? For example, so that they can help you monitor physical activity, count the number of steps taken and calories burned?

Yes, fitness trackers, sports bracelets, some smartwatches, electronic pedometers can do this. But Google goes further! With Google Fit, you can turn any Android device into a fitness tracker.

What Is Needed For This

First, you need to download the Google Fit app and install it on the device you are using. There are versions for regular Android as well as Wear OS.

Secondly, you need to have a Google account. It will need to fill out a profile: indicate gender, height and weight. Do not flatter yourself, indicate the data with maximum accuracy, because the service uses them in calculations. If you lie, you will also receive incorrect information with your fitness guide.

Google updated the Fit app in August 2018 based on research and guidance from the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association. Therefore, the app has changed its approach to fitness goals. Based on the recommendations, you need to get at least 150 cardio points per week. It's simple, look.

The time of activity and cardio training is taken as a basis, this can be set in the settings when installing the application or changed in the future.

Activity time is credited for all physical exercises, even for walks and yoga. A minute is credited for 30+ steps taken in a minute. Heart points are a reward for intense activity: brisk walking (100+ steps per minute), running, cycling. Moreover, for different types of exercise, you will receive a different number of points: for walking and cycling, you will receive one point, and for running or aerobics - two points.

In general, to be in good shape, you only need to devote 150 minutes a week to moderate exercise and 75 minutes to intense. Walk for 30 minutes at a brisk pace five times a week - and you have achieved your goal. This will improve sleep and overall psychological well-being, as well as reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

How It Works

You just carry the device with you, and Google Fit tracks its movement. It is especially pleasant that no additional settings are needed. Do all of the above, and then Google Fit will get to work.

The progress in achieving the set goal is visualized on the screen of the mobile device. Two rings - blue and green - fill up as you are active. The app also counts steps, kilometers traveled, calories burned.

Google Fit determines the difference between the methods of movement automatically, the system focuses primarily on the speed with which you move, so funny incidents are possible: it can count fast walking as running, and fast running as cycling.

When the goal is achieved, the message "You did it!" Will appear on the screen.

In addition, data can be entered in manual mode, for example, when you trained without a smartphone. The following data are available for entering:

  • Blood pressure;
  • Weight
  • Activity (here you can choose from a large list, there are a lot of sports, including exotic ones such as frisbee, paddle boarding, paragliding, squash, horse riding and even the floss dance).

Even More Statistics

You can get acquainted with more detailed statistics. Google Fit can tell you about each segment of your activity: how many steps were taken, how much distance you covered, how many points you earned.

For more accurate statistics about your activity, you can use Google Fit as an aggregator of data from other applications. You can link accounts with more than 30 programs: this is weight tracking, and sports trackers, and calorie consumption, and data on heart rate and sleep.

It Always Works

The good thing about the service is that it doesn't need to be turned on like many sports apps. You just install the application, fill out the profile - and then Google Fit works. You can forget about it for a while, and then go back to viewing information about your activity, and it turns out that the service has memorized everything it needs.

If you think that this function is no longer needed, it can be easily disabled in the device settings.

It's Not Time To Throw Your Fitness Tracker Away

Google Fit so far offers only basic features, not even all the declared functions work as well as we would like. The highlight of the service is that you can use it to track your physical activity using literally any Android device.

But if you are seriously involved in sports or fitness, then it makes sense to use more advanced devices and gadgets, which have more features, which provide higher accuracy and have the function of a trainer. Hyperlink Infosystem can help you develop a fitness tracker app with the necessary features to suit your lifestyle. Developing an app similar to Google Fit will cost you between $5000 to $15000.

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