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Social media has been an integral part of the daily routine of marketing and communication professionals for several years. Social media is also an essential element of an effective online strategy for companies. Helo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are continuously introducing new features. Businesses keep growing and online platforms evolving at the same pace to meet business expectations. It is of the utmost importance to stay up to date with the latest developments in order to adjust and optimize the strategy for your social media management.

Helo is India's leading social media platform. Social media network us and bring advantages, but also disadvantages that can primarily damage our health. 

Advantages of Social Media


Thanks to social networks, networking and communicating with other people is easier than ever. So, you can get in touch with people from anywhere and also meet people who are far away via video chat.


Thanks to social networks, you are not only connected to friends, but also to news services and you get to know things faster than before.


By sharing information, ideas, art and more, it's easier to get inspiration and get creative yourself.

Show Yourself

Those who have a talent or want to show their creativity can share it with others through social networks and receive comments and feedback.

Working Together

Thanks to social media, it is possible to work together with programs such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and more, which make it possible to work together from different locations.

Research And Health

Thanks to social networks, it is possible to disseminate information on public health and safety in the event of a crisis. In addition, researchers all over the world can research a topic together and complement each other.

Combat loneliness

Isolated seniors in particular can often be lonely. Thanks to networking and video chats, they can get in touch with family and friends and thus fight against loneliness.

Why Social Media Should Be Used For Corporate Communication

Nowadays the vast majority of target groups can no longer only be found “offline”, but rather online. Especially in social networks like

  • Helo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Xing
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • and Co.

messages, opinions and viral content are exchanged. Companies also make use of the possibilities of social networks and introduce appropriate corporate communication.

Social media networks have established themselves in many everyday lives - whether at work or in private. Many companies already have social media experts or PR managers who at least know about communication in social networks and actively use it. Most companies are also aware of the legal situation and the style required in the respective network.

What many companies lack is the right social media strategy. This is exactly where you have to fall back on an experienced expert who taps the potential of the networks. Experts also have access to the tools they need to carry out systematic analyzes and identify clear criteria for success.

Generally speaking, a professional SWOT analysis should be carried out in relation to social media

  • Strengthen
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities 
  • and Risks

Cost of Developing Mobile App

The costs for app development cannot be determined as a flat rate. You cannot call up a flat rate for an app. No app is the same as the other and even if apps appear similar at first glance, the costs can be extremely different. 

  • Some definitely incurred costs:
  • The workload of the developer per hour
  • Developer account at Apple
  • Developer account with Google
  • Percentage fee to Apple / Google
  • Server / hosting costs vary depending on the need and cannot be determined across the board

Costs That Depend On The Type of App:

  • Simple apps that only run locally on the smart phone (calculator, flashlight, household book etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server (news apps, weather apps, information apps with dynamic content etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server and send information to a server (messenger apps, social media apps without login etc.)
  • Apps that retrieve information from a server and send information to a server including login (social media apps with login etc.)
  • Complex apps that require a login and retrieve a lot of information from servers (online shops, flight bookings etc.)
  • Apps with complex 3D elements (games, 3D editing programs, video editing programs etc.)

The Operating System is Crucial:

In addition to the app category, the operating system is also decisive for the cost of an app. In general, it can be said that the development of a native Android app is on average 20% higher than the cost of developing a native iOS app. The reason for this is that the variation of Android devices is significantly greater than that of Apple devices. If you rely on native apps, each app has to be developed individually, as each app is developed specifically for the operating system. So-called hybrid apps offer an alternative. These are only developed once, can run on iOS and Android and are significantly cheaper to develop and maintain. 

The design of the app also affects the cost of app development. If a complex, unique design is to be implemented, the effort for the implementation of the app increases. If complex animations are also to be integrated, the effort increases even further.

Stay in contact with your friends and family with a social media app similar to Helo. The development cost of a top social media app cost around $15,000 depending on the features to be integrated. If you ever consider the development of a mobile app of this nature, contact us at Hyperlink InfoSystem.

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