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how much does an app like cost

Find new songs and performers who exactly match your musical taste and who you have never heard of before with Most of the time, it's not always about streaming freely. It's also about discovering new music that suits you as quickly as possible. For example, there is the possibility to follow friends, musicians or celebrities in order to be informed about what music these people are listening to. You also have the option of looking at other users' private playlists. So, one tries to make data of all music fans as visible as possible in order to enable the users of the respective services to find inspiration in others.

Spotify, Soundcloud and others are increasingly offering their users services to achieve precisely this goal. is a music recommendation platform that works on a Web 2.0 basis. Based on their listening habits, users receive recommendations for new music, information about concerts in their area and a typical social networking function, such as contact suggestions for users with similar musical tastes. “Neighbors” are people who have similar tastes in music. Intersections between the performers of the songs and within the group of people registered are calculated from the database.

The name is made up of the words “last” and “FM” - frequency modulation. FM enables high quality, low-interference wireless transmission of radio programs. The name is intended to convey that is the only and the last radio station that you really need.

However, has long since left its original function behind:'s radio service was finally shut down on April 28, 2014, and radio stations can no longer be played on external players. The “internal” player on the site only plays the relevant YouTube videos. has completely stopped streaming before many songs were only linked to Spotify. Only "scrobbling" with external players is still possible." finally merged with Audio scrobbler on August 9, 2005. Both providers used to share a music database, also took over its functions.

Record labels and musicians are encouraged to issue licenses to play their music. The directory now includes 80 million individual tracks. describes itself as: "the world's largest music catalog"

How Work

It is necessary to register to use Registration is free and takes place via an email address. In order to configure the personal data, log in to with a username and password of your choice.

So that the user's musical taste can be recorded in detail, the users use Spotify, for example, to notify of all the tracks they have played, which can then be viewed in publicly accessible profiles.

As a registered user, there is the possibility to create a profile with personal information and to use the typical social network functions such as making friends or joining groups. All of these functions are strongly influenced by one's own taste in music. Users with similar musical tastes are recommended as a “neighbor” with whom one can then start a friendship. has a specially provided a plug-in available that latches into different music players like iTunes or Windows Media Player, and each song played on can then be played on the apps. But music that has been heard via Windows Media Player can also be recorded with a desktop app. You can also listen to music via YouTube or various other services such as Google Play, Deezer, SoundCloud, iTunes and many other streaming services and playback services. However, in order to get the best possible end result, one has to state one's own listening habits in as much detail as possible. Corresponding YouTube videos are included with the titles on the page and can be streamed if they are freely available.

When To Use

Personal Use:

  • Recommendations tailored to the user, based on the listener's music usage behavior.
  • Contact with other users with a similar taste in music.
  • All scrobbled songs are summarized and displayed in a list.
  • Reflection on one's own usage behavior (when which music was heard).
  • Unknown songs, artists or albums can be discovered by tagging or recommending others.
  • Integration of numerous music streaming services possible. offers several features that are important to music lovers. It takes their music experience to a greater level. If you consider creating a mobile app similar to, you should contact a top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem. The development of an app similar to will cost $6000 on the average.

Use In Companies:

  • Information about hip and current music can be obtained and serve as a further basis for new acquisitions.
  • The website will attract users' attention and at the same time strengthen the company's presence and web presence.
  • The music scrobbled by the library can give users the idea of ​​looking up the albums they want in the library.
  • Musical events that are taking place nearby are displayed. This means that appropriate media, workshops or events can be used to respond to the events.
  • If other libraries are also registered, a subject-specific exchange around music and acquisitions can take place.

Features Of

The platform is designed to be relatively uncomplicated, contains all common artists and styles of music and also offers the possibility to network with users with similar musical tastes. In addition, there are also suitable event and concert recommendations. Most music streaming services are integrated and it is therefore possible to bring together all the songs heard on a single platform and keep track of them.

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