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Madcalc is a medical calculator available both on the web and on smartphones that has kept improving, causing it to be considered as a basic element of use in clinics, and it continues to be further refined, updated and improved with new features and innovative metrics.

Little by little, in a timid way, telemedicine is making its way into healthcare. One of the services that is best received, especially among patients, is online consultations.

The medical consultation online has many advantages but also some disadvantages.

Advantages of the medical consultation online

  • They avoid travel: It is undoubtedly the most relevant advantage for patients, who do not have to travel to the medical center for a consultation unless it is strictly necessary. Online medical consultation is also a good way to bring medical care to inaccessible areas such as rural areas.
  • Prevents self-diagnosis: There are many people who turn to Google for self-medication, and they do it because it is the most convenient option. But that information on many occasions is not as rigorous as it should be. The only feasible alternative is for patients to find expert advice on the internet.
  • Economic savings: Internet medical consultation services offer significant savings to the Health coffers; for patients the savings are of another type. In particular, it represents an important time saving for chronic patients who have to go through the consultation often.
  • 24/7 Health Support: Most online health service providers offer round-the-clock access to medical consultation and the convenience of receiving care at home.
  • Quick response: The active use of the internet in the world of healthcare streamlines the entire patient care process, from requesting a query to receiving a response to the query.
  • Early attention: Many patients delay seeing the doctor out of sheer laziness. If the doctor is on the other side of your computer, laziness is no longer an excuse and an early diagnosis can be achieved. This would avoid many cases in which you do not go to the doctor until the symptoms become serious.
  • Privacy insurance: Some people seek contact with healthcare professionals they don't know online because they value confidentiality for sensitive medical issues or conditions.

Benefits From The Patient's Point of View

Time saving

Making an appointment on the phone usually takes a lot of time. If it is the only way to make an appointment, all patients must pick up the phone. Above all, this has one consequence: waiting loops!

Patients usually have to wait minutes to find out that the next appointment will only be available in a few weeks. This is not an uncommon case, especially with specialists. 

Another problem on the phone: Patients do not see all available appointments. Your employees can hardly suggest every date. It is not uncommon that another date would have been more suitable.


Patients are already sacrificing their time on the phone anyway. You also have to adhere to the opening times of your practice. You just can't call when it suits you best.
Most patients prefer making an appointment with a doctor if they really have the time. This is usually the case in the evening or on the weekend. So, when the practice is closed. The majority of these patients then look specifically online for appointments that are still available with doctors who offer online appointment arrangements.

Incidentally, this is exactly how patients proceed when it comes to short-term doctor visits. Just have a quick look on the Internet to see if there is still an appointment available tomorrow or in the coming week and find a suitable appointment within a few minutes. It's not that spontaneous and quick on the phone.

Consider The Needs of All Patients

Most medical practices on the Internet give people with disability little chance of making an appointment on their own. Often a family member or friend has to stand in for them.

It becomes just as problematic for people who suffer from a pronounced social phobia and a phone call seems impossible for them. A health mobile app can help solve such problem. 

Appointment Reminder Via Email or SMS

When booking an appointment online, patients must of course always leave a contact option. Usually this is an email address or a telephone number. This offers the patient the advantage that he can be reminded of the appointment. This can happen on the day before the appointment. You can also remind the patient if they have anything to bring with them, such as a vaccination card or a towel.

It is not only an additional service, but also facilitates communication and gives the patient an initial "feeling at welcome" in the hospital. After all, the patient knows that the doctor's office is awaiting his visit. This easy-to-implement service can also help build trust. A top mobile app development agency like Hyperlink Infosystem can assist you with an app like MadCalc. The average cost of such app is around $7000.

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