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There are certain applications that revolutionize a way of doing things; although, if we enter the field of social networks, there is very little left to revolutionize. Broadcast live video from your mobile as if it were a newscast? Apps like this have been around for a long time. Like Qik, which was used for years (even before Skype bought it).

So, what does Periscope have?
This streaming app is available on Android and iOS. It was bought by Twitter while it was in development and maintains a fairly intimate link with the social network: by default, Periscope will publish the broadcast on the Timeline in order to capture the maximum number of viewers. And users can register in Periscope with the same Twitter account; in addition to using the phone number. Periscope for Android and iOS has become a very popular video application. 

Users Can Broadcast What They Want Live With Periscope

The main attraction of the video application and, ultimately, of the social network is to offer a live broadcast or streaming of whatever we want. It differs from Snapchat in the fact that it is betting on streaming and that the videos are public without us having to follow who is broadcasting. Nor is it a Hangout or Skype: anyone can enter while we broadcast and watch the recorded broadcast up to 24 hours after it is broadcast. It is quite similar to Facebook Live.

Just as on Instagram, we publish photos of what we do and we take the opportunity to write it on Twitter. With Periscope, we can become reporters with the power to broadcast from anywhere and at any time as long as we have internet access.

There has been broadcast from sporting events to direct in conflict zones in Periscope. It is quite popular among celebrities. It can be used to broadcast a family event to those who were unable to attend; and, in short, it serves to tell a little about our life with the ease of taking the mobile and hitting the live. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with an app that is similar to Periscope. Depending on its features, such app will cost around $4000 to $10000.

Periscope Not Only Broadcasts in Public: It Can Open Private Broadcasts

Although the greatest charm of the application is public streaming, it is possible to create private broadcasts in case we are interested in preserving our privacy. A birthday where someone is away on business would be a good example. You must have followers who already have the application to organize a private stream.
As soon as you click on the red broadcast button, Periscope will ask for some information. The first thing is to decide if the stream will be public or private; we must leave a name that represents our broadcast; below we will have three icons that will perform a specific action:

⦁    The Twitter icon indicates if we want the broadcast to be published on our Timeline. In addition to notifying our Periscope followers via notification, a tweet will be posted with the link to the stream.
⦁    We may let the use of messages be public or that they are restricted to our followers. This way we will avoid comments that we may not be interested in appearing.
⦁    We can also geolocate the stream so that it refers to the place from which we broadcast. If it is a conflict zone (this is the idea that triggered the development of the application), the viewers will know the exact location. In addition, the broadcast will be geolocated on the Periscope map (the second tab of the app).
While we are transmitting the video and audio through Periscope, we will only have what is being viewed on the screen, the messages marching down the left margin and the hearts that will appear every time a viewer marks the streaming as attractive. Whoever sees the Periscope can click on the moments they like on the screen; and we will see a display of hearts as if a bunch of balloons were flying out (the greater the number of touches, the more hearts).

The hearts have a purpose: the more we accumulate in the streams (along with the viewers and the number of followers), the more Periscope will reward us within its lists of highlights. 

Periscope is The Benchmark in Live Video, But Facebook Live is On Its Heels

We have not forgotten Meerkat: this app has been (and surely continues to be), Periscope's biggest competitor. In fact, it appeared first on the iOS App Store, plunging into a war for the supremacy of live video. The competitor is losing users lately due to the one that will be the biggest competitor in personal streaming: Facebook Live.

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