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Years ago, people stopped making the famous collage by hand, cutting photos and coupling them, forming a wall of images. Nowadays, technology already allows us to create those same collages on our mobiles and computers very quickly and, incidentally, take advantage of the pull of social networks to share them with friends.

Among this wide variety of digital tools, some stand out that can be quite complete even if they are free. The problem is that some of them require prior installation, which takes away that point of speed when creating one. Here are some of the most popular photo collage apps available on the App Store and Play Store:


This is one of the veteran applications in the world of creating collages. It allows you to make collages of both photos and videos, with more than 300 templates and 100 animated filters to awaken your creativity.

The application also has several grids that can be edited to get closer to your needs, and includes 90 varieties of backgrounds, more than 60 filters and a collection of 500 stickers with which to give your designs a personal touch. All with cropping and editing options, and even animated filters.

Grid Post Maker

Grid Post Maker is another good application to create collages in social networks, and that like many of the list has a free mode and a payment method of around 2 dollars a month. Some people complain that the free version is a bit cluttered, although it can still be used to get out of trouble with its 50 types of designs and the possibility of adding videos and frames.

Costs Incurred When Creating The App

The costs involved in developing an app can vary widely. Because the time required for a mobile app is decisive for the price. This is made up of three main areas:

  • Planning phase 
  • App design
  • programming

Depending on the scope of these project areas, prices can range from a few hundred euros to several tens of thousands of euros. There is no upper limit to the costs. In order to get a corresponding consideration for your money, it is important that you find the right development agency for your project. The right IT partner is the key to the success of your project. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in your mobile app development project.

Planning Phase - What Are The Costs of Developing a Concept?

A consultation will take place in the first phase of your app project. The first non-binding consultations about the programming costs with an app agency usually do not incur any costs. If you decide on an agency to create your mobile app, a workshop for developing a concept should then be held. In this workshop, the current development status of your app project is recorded and the target functions of your app are defined in the form of a project plan. This has the advantage that you can convey your exact ideas and wishes to the app agency. The more mature your app idea is, the lower the price. In order to save money here, you should have already given as much thought to your app and its implementation as possible. You should already be aware of who will be using the app, what functions it will have and when the project should be completed. It is also important to inform the agency which interfaces to other systems such as a database have to be developed. In the initial phase, it is necessary to determine all important aspects

Develop An Excellent User Interface For Your Mobile App

The costs for an excellent mobile app project can be very different. The average cost of a photo collage app is between $5000 to $12000. First, you need to be aware of the role that your app's plays. The development of an internal organization app can be very inexpensive, for example, as it does not require an individual design and a design template can be used. In general, more money has to be invested in the design of an external app than in that of an internal app. You save the most costs with ready-made app designs. But the idea of saving shouldn't be in the foreground in the design. Creating an appealing design plays a big role in the success of your app. The more appealing the user interface (UI) of a mobile app is for the user, the longer and more intensively they use the app. Even if you have basic knowledge of app development, the development should possibly be left to professional app developers such as Hyperlink InfoSystem.

It becomes clear that there are many factors that determine the price of an app and that the exact costs of app programming cannot be given across the board. In order for the cost of your app to be accurately estimated, there are many basic things such as design, operating system and functional requirements. A big cost factor is the time it takes to program the app. That is why it is all the more important to have a competent and experienced app agency which has already developed similar applications. Hyperlink InfoSystem does not not only delivers top quality, but can also program in lesser time thanks to a lot of know-how. This saves a lot of developer hours and therefore a lot of money.

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