How Much Does An App Like Pinterest Cost

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how much does an app like pinterest cost

Pinterest is considered one of the most popular social networks on the planet, with more than 320 million fully active users and willing fans who determine their favorite outfits, formulas, feminine beauty items and much more. But most people are probably squandering hidden performances and standout tricks that optimize the Pinterest experience or just make your life easier. That's why you should know some of the most popular Pinterest features.

Features Of Pinterest

Use the app's visual research feature to research and even purchase specific items

By clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the edge of a pin, you are able to find specific components of the image. Pinterest will open up equivalent pieces and items that you can certainly buy. If you see something that you like, you can send it to your virtual cart from a third-party retailer without having to empty the app.

Shake the pins between batch tables

If you need to move multiple pins to a new sheet, Pinterest provides a feasible tool to make it happen. When you click on one of your boards in the desktop adaptation, you will notice a choice tool at the top of the application. That will approve of you picking multiple pins and shaking, deleting, or copying them entirely.

Use the Pinterest browser extension to store links to your boards

Pinterest provides navigation amplification to help you store the links you find on the social web to the Pinterest app. Once authorized, you will notice a red button that says save when you hover over images on the web. Amplification is available for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Use visual search on the web

The browser amplification also allows you to run visual searches on any website. When you click on the photo or image, Pinterest will open similar components, some of which you can click to buy.

Press and hold the iOS app to subscribe or enter the shortcuts

Using 3D touch on your iPhone gives you quick access to Pinterest options like search, glasses, scan, and stored pins.

Use filters to set recipe search results

The system filters offered by Pinterest make it much easier to locate a recipe to cook. You can narrow down your search for a certain diet.

Reset your tables

The current version of the Pinterest web makes it much easier to reset your boards to the layout that is most beneficial to you. You simply have to click and drag the table to move it to the front. You can find the option at the top of the Pinterest screen.

Use the lens to balance recipes, select an outfit, or locate a real-world object online

Using the Pinterest lens allows you to use your smartphone's camera to balance the clothes, food, and decorations you see in the real world. When you point your camera at a pair of sandals for example, you will be able to see the similar style on Pinterest for ideas on how to use them.

Set up a secret meeting to screen surprise events

When you set a new board, Pinterest gives you the choice to keep it secret. This means that it is hidden from all users unless you publish it yourself. Secret boards manage to plan a surprise party, your wedding, or simply keep your posts hidden from the general public.

Use Pinterest's instant ideas option to see components similar to something you like

When you are browsing the Pinterest feed option, you will notice a small circle in the lower right of each image. If you see a post of something that you like, just click on that circle and Pinterest will reveal several more photos of the selected topic.

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Essential Tips On How To Use Pinterest

If you want to get followers and gain popularity on Pinterest, you will learn how to use Pinterest to have good follower growth and great acceptance in the community with these advanced tips:

  • Make your profile descriptive. Create boards grouping them with the themes that you are going to share the most and in which you are going to upload pins. Do not create confusion and that the naked eye can see what your interests are.
  • Upload and share infographics. The most important thing is the infographics on Pinterest. Although, it is more work but it is better to make an infographic that is successful than to upload many images that do not.
  • Add hashtags and descriptions. Pinterest users do a lot of content searches. It is a great source of information search. If you extend the description of your contents, you will be found more easily. 
  • Use Pinterest on a daily basis and if you can, several times a day. Don't just log in and see if there are any new followers on your account.
  • Follow people of your theme or who may be interested in you. You must surround yourself with people who are interested in your images and there is no better way than to follow people related to you or your tastes.
  • Comment on the most popular pins and the ones you like the most. Be bold and generous.
  • Participate in boards of other users. In case you don't know, there are boards that are like a kind of group. You should participate in them and share your infographics on these boards.
  • Take external actions to bring new followers to this social network. You can put a widget, a button or the link on your website or your other social networks to follow you on Pinterest. You can also invite your contacts from Pinterest. 
  • Send messages from the internal chat with the people you are connected to. Pinterest likes to create greater connectivity between users and enhances its internal chat.

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