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The QR code, or Quick Response Code belongs to the group of two-dimensional symbology. Unlike others, it is autonomous, made up of light and dark modules within a square with pattern finders in three corners. It is a symbol that began to be used over 20 years ago but it was not until 2015 that it gained greater popularity in environments of all kinds, becoming today one of the favorites of the general public because of the ease of reading it with mobile devices.

Advantages of Using The QR Code in Companies:

It Allows Having a Wide Extension And Coverage

it is a system that can be used in different channels and media, thus achieving great visibility and coverage. It can be used for example in newspapers, magazines, newspapers, billboards, billboards, and bus passes. They have a great level of reach given their wide coverage.

Get a Large Database

Thanks to the use of this tool, it allows you to generate useful databases for the strategies of companies, both communication and marketing of the company. With the use of these codes, you provide the company with information and data of users interested in that brand, after which you can send them promotions and news about the product and the brand.

Innovation And Modernity

By using this tool, the company has an image of modernity, an image of adaptation to new technologies, thus making the promotion more attractive to the users who see it. They will place the brand or companies at the forefront.

Low Costs

QR codes are a fairly inexpensive tool. You can find endless ideas through the Internet such as “crowdsourcing” thanks to this application. You can obtain a great variety and quantity of designs for the generation of codes QR at very affordable prices. In truth, the costs of a QR marketing campaign are derived from the execution time and knowledge used in the design, planning and implementation of an effective and fast strategy.

The company does not have to wait to see the results as it happens with other offline campaigns. It can quickly detect possible failures and correct them in a matter of a short time and better know where visitors are coming from. It also allows you to have proof of which actions are the most effective.

If you need a QR reader app for your establishment, you should contact a top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem. The average cost of a QR reader app is between $4000 to $9000.

Use QR codes in Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants

After long weeks of closure, establishments in Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants are starting to reopen their doors while respecting a strict health protocol. The digital menus immediately presented themselves as the most suitable and economical solution. To access the digital menu, some establishments opt for a URL link to a pdf menu, others for the touch pad, some for NFC chips or even for applications. However, a large number of establishments are turning to solutions that include QR code technology.

The possibility of storing and organizing information about your consumers is one of the main advantages of the QR code, since it allows you to know in which places the code was scanned, at what time and about the product that was puchased. In this way, you can better design your digital marketing strategy and create databases with a series of profiles of your specific audience.

Marketing Campaign With QR Code

For a mobile phone to read a QR code, you need to download an application known as a QR reader. There is a great variety of these applications and the internet and most are free. That is why it is said that marketing campaigns, based on the QR code, are inexpensive. Hyperlink InfoSystem as an excellent mobile app development agency can assist you with the development of a QR reader app.

It is important that when generating a QR code there is already a website where customers can be redirected. The website must be responsive, that is, it can adapt to cell phones, tablets or laptops.

If you do not have enough knowledge, consult an expert on its design and programming. Do not forget to measure the results of your campaign and check if they fit your objectives.

Ask Yourself If The QR Code Help You:

•    Increase in sales of your product or service.
•    Generate more traffic to your website.
•    Gain more followers on social media.

When you finish your campaign, be sure to remove all the materials that contain the QR code. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than scanning a code and finding out that the offer has already ended. If you need a QR reader app for your establishment, you should contact a top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem. The average cost of a QR reader app is between $4000 to $9000.

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