How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like SHAREit

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how much does it cost to develop an app like shareit

Sharing files has become much easier than a multitude of mobile apps. For those of you who like to share files, you will likely be familiar with the name SHAREit. It is an application for file transfer, both from mobile phone to another mobile phone, from mobile phone to laptop, or between PCs or laptops. Usually, people send audio or use SHAREit, especially videos that have a large enough capacity. Although this application can also be used to send various types of files and even to be able to share applications that have been installed on your smartphone with the smartphone of your friends or family.

The process of sending data using SHAREit is quite fast. The speed is even well above Bluetooth, which sometimes takes a long time to send files with large capacity. Also, SHAREit does not need Internet data. Your Internet quota will not run out even if you send files many times with a large capacity.

You also need to know that SHAREit users are not just coming from android. Those who use iOS and even Windows operating systems can also use this app for data transfer needs.

The Functions Of SHAREit

Generally speaking, this application is used to send various types of files between different or the same device. The time to send the file is also quite fast, although the size of the file being sent is quite large. Next, we will explain more fully the functions that SHAREit has.

  • SHAREit is an application that is used to send photos, videos, audio, documents and even applications between smartphones to smartphones or smartphones to laptops or computers and vice versa.
  • SHAREit is an application to send videos with a very large capacity. The speed was considered to be 40% of the Bluetooth proprietary speed.
  • SHAREit can also be used to share files as a group. This app already provides group functions that can accommodate a maximum of 5 devices without having to connect a wired wireless alias. So, when you send them a file, your four friends can also receive it directly without waiting too long or waiting in line.
  • SHAREit tries to send files from smartphones that have different operating systems. You using Android can send files to iOS and vice versa. You can even send it to computers that use the Windows operating system.

Why You Should Consider Using SHAREit

  • You can send various types of files: You can use SHAREit to send multiple files. The file you send is not limited to just photos, audio or video. You can even send apps that are already installed on your cell phone to someone else's cell phone. So, you don't have to download it from Play Store which will certainly use your internet data because you can share the app.
  • No internet connection required: Who would have thought that SHAREit's proprietary data transfer speed was apparently not compatible with an internet connection. Therefore, even though you did not have internet data at the time, you can still send your files with this application and its functions will not be affected.
  • Can be used for all OS: Another advantage of SHAREit is the application, which is compatible with almost all commonly used operating systems. You can use SHAREit for Android, iOS, and even computers that have a Windows or MacOS operating system. In addition, you can also send files through the operating system so that even if your smartphone with your friend has a different operating system, you can share files.
  • You can send directly as a group: For those of you who don't want to queue and in fact, by the way, you have to send files to everyone in no time as long as you don't have internet data, then use SHAREit. This app already provides a group feature that you can use to share files as a group. However, it should be noted that a maximum of 5 devices can be placed in a group.

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