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Most of us use our smartphones to take pictures every year. Today, some mobile devices even allow recording of images in RAW format. This is particularly the case for Android cameras such as the LG G4 or the OnePlus One. Unfortunately, very few applications still allow you to use these large files directly on mobile.

Snapseed, an application developed by the company Nik Software acquired in 2012 by Google, now offers the processing of RAW files directly from an Android smartphone or tablet. More precisely, the application supports the DNG format, an open RAW format promoted by Adobe.

If you are wondering what is the point of RAW on a mobile, it is the same as for a traditional digital camera: RAW allows you to record more information on the photo so that you can then retouch it without losing quality. 

To use the RAW development features in Snapseed, you must therefore be on Android and be equipped with a smartphone photographing in RAW (and in DNG format).

Snapseed is developed by one of the most famous plugin companies in the photographic field, Nik Software and it is undoubtedly one of the photography applications that has been best criticized. This application is one of the most complete. In Snapseed, you will be able to find everything from filters, vignettes, frames to the option to apply aspects such as saturation and many more.

Snapseed: The Top Of Smartphone Photo Editing

Many people see their smartphone as the main, if not the only, camera. The Snapseed app makes the most of your photos. Snapseed can be used to edit your photos in order to improve them, e.g. to upload them to Instagram. Little known, this free app from Google is nevertheless a quality photo editor for smartphones and tablets. You can always tap the top three vertical balls in the app to view instructions for use.

Open The Photo

You can open a photo you just took or choose a photo from your gallery. At the bottom of your photo, you see three options: Looks, Tools, and Export. When retouching, you don't have to worry about making mistakes, because you can always go back. You can delete the last change you made with the undo button at the top, or get a preview via Show Changes button.

Apply a "look"

The quickest method is to edit a photo by applying a “look” (similar to an Instagram filter). The Looks option offers six color filters and four black and white filters. You cannot change anything in the filters. You can create your own “look” if you save this series of edits as a set after editing a photo to your liking via the Tools option. To do this, then go to the Looks option, scroll to the right and click on the "+" sign. Give this sequence of changes a name and save it as a clean look for later use. 

Continue Editing

You can use the Tools if you don’t like any of the filter. There you will find a wide choice of retouching options. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience, warmth, etc. with the Adjust button. Swipe up or down to choose a setting, and swipe left or right to apply that setting. Snapseed allows you to automatically perform an adaptation with the magic wand at the bottom.

Besides, you can Crop, Rotate your photos, change Perspective, and apply appearances like Vintage, Grunge etc. It is also possible to add text, a frame, to emphasize the faces in the photo, etc.

Take a Closer Look At The Photo

Zoom in and out with your fingers. A preview window will then appear, allowing you to quickly navigate to another part of the photo. Double-clicking on your photo zooms out back to the original size. To see a difference between a retouched photo and the original image, tap the photo for at least one second. You will then see the photo as it was at the beginning, as long as you press on the photo.

Save And Share

When you are finished, you can save your photo in the Export option in a Snapseed folder under your Pictures folder so that you can reopen this photo later in Snapseed and continue editing. You can also Export your photo; your changes being then saved permanently. You can also share your photo, by placing it directly on Facebook or Instagram, or by sending it as an email.

Hyperlink InfoSystem will assist you with the development of an excellent mobile app similar to Snapseed where you can edit your photos seamlessly. We have experts with several years of experience who can assist you with a photo editing app. The cost of an app similar to Snapseed cost around $6000 depending on the features to be integrated.

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