How Much Does An App Like SoundHound Cost

The Music Search Engine With Great Potential

how much does an app like soundhound cost

The best-ranked music recognition tool is Shazam. However, as the years go by, there are competing companies that have created new apps with better benefits.

That is the case with SoundHound, which has been on the market for several years, but its latest added functions make it an interesting option.

SoundHound, like Shazam, is an application that identifies the name of the song that is playing at the moment you activate its microphone.

At the time, Shazam dominated the market with its attractive feature, but over the years, SoundHound has added attractive options that can make potential users curious to download it.

Main Advantage Of Soundhound Over Shazam

SoundHound has a stronger search engine than its competition. Even if you hum a song, the app can identify it. Therefore, it is not necessary to come across a song to be able to identify it.

Also, you can do the following from the app:

  • Discover the lyrics of your songs moving in real time with the music.
  • See which are the featured songs, videos, artists and albums of the week.
  • Review the music map with discoveries near you and around the world.
  • Recognize the date of birth of the artists.
  • Access artist biographies and photos, album release dates, and band information.

What Soundhound Offers

SoundHound takes care of storing all the data of your discoveries in its history. It is also capable of displaying other hits of the identified artist, buying songs directly from iTunes with just one touch, listening to songs, discovering similar artists, or sharing what you have found via email, Facebook and Twitter.

The application also offers the possibility of carrying out an exploration of the music that stands out the most at all times, showing artist biographies, videos embedded in YouTube, discography, and other sections. It supports spoken search and it looks for the artist or song directly. It supports multiple languages such as German, French, Spanish and many more.

The Music Search Engine With Great Potential

SoundHound which offer users the ability to search and identify pieces of music, sounds from different external sources, are gaining more popularity in recent times. And it is for this reason, that many app developers are developing alternatives for this app. A top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink Infosystem can assist you with the development of an app to search for the title and information about music. The cost of an app similar to Soundhound is on the average of $5000 to $12000 depending on the features to be included.

Soundhound developers integrated features that enabled users to obtain the title of any music. It is capable of anything for a fraction of a second and provides the user with information about the music. It also gives information about the artists and even the song lyrics.

Often times, people arose the need to find the name of the soundtrack which plays on the radio, from the automotive speakers and other external sources. It is in such situations, that a tap on the orange button on Soundhound will assist you to instantly get as much information as possible about the song: artist, name of the, album, genre. After that, it remains just to find this music on the internet and enjoy listening anytime and anywhere, provided you active internet connection.

Soundhound offers a simple interface that is very easy to use. It basically consists of a central button that, when pressed, will activate the recognition of a song. You can search for the title of a song when listening to it from another mobile device or even if we hum it. If you don't feel inspired to sing, but you remember the title of the piece even though you don't know the name of the artist, you can tell your phone the title of the cherished melody, telling your phone what you want to find.

The sound can come directly from a speaker, as it usually happens in most applications of this type such as the famous Shazam, or the pioneer Midomi. Soundhound will show us the information of the song that is playing after listening for a few seconds. Also, it recognizes melodies when you hum them into the microphone.

Features Of The Soundhound

  • Integration with Google Play for a beloved acquisition of albums and songs.
  • Complete information about singers and bands - Photo, album titles, career start date and more.
  • The synchronous superposition of the subtitles on a song in real time.
  • Daily program to inform the user about the artist, born on this day.
  • User database room with the history of all their searches (registration is required).
  • The definition of music in contact with the favorable to the viewing of a text or a clip.
  • The service is completely free and does not interfere with frequent shows, commercials and.
  • The ability to share music with other people.

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