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TaskRabbit and it currently operates in more than 70 cities in six different countries, connecting users who don't want to assemble furniture or do other DIY tasks with qualified professionals (called "Taskers" in the app) who do it for them.

It is an application that independent contractors who have passed identity checks use as a means of providing their services

What is TaskRabbit?

Founded in 2008 in the United States, the company was acquired in 2017 by IKEA. Already present in Great Britain and Canada, the platform was established in France in June 2019. It has since continued its expansion on the European market with Germany in November 2019 and Spain since January 2020.

A pioneer in the economy of "odd jobs", TaskRabbit is a platform for connecting individuals and professionals who provide home services. The latter are paid by the hour, with the exception of missions carried out thanks to the partnership concluded with IKEA which work on a flat-rate basis.

Originally, the services offered on the site concerned only the tasks of daily life such as small DIY, cleaning, moving assistance, etc. The start-up has grown today and now puts forward a little more original service. You can offer your services as a personal assistant, secretary or installer of decorations for Christmas or Halloween.

Who Is This Platform For?

  • TaskRabbit is open to freelancers who want to find new assignments easily, quickly and close to home.
  • As you have understood, to become a Tasker, you must necessarily be installed on your account. These are not salaried missions. Self-entrepreneurs are therefore quite legitimate to register on TaskRabbit.
  • Are you a student, retired or even an employee? This type of platform is a good way to benefit from additional income. Is auto-enterprise your main activity? The site will allow you to expand your customer base.
  • The services relate only to home services and certain profiles are highly sought after: housekeeper, computer repairman, home secretary or even gardener. If you work as a pet-sitter or teacher at home, you can also find assignments.

The Benefits of TaskRabbit For Microentrepreneurs

In addition to being easy to use, TaskRabbit allows you to:

  • Increase your turnover: if you are starting out as a self-employed person, this site can allow you to find new clients more easily because the connection is instantaneous.
  • Set your own rates: unlike other sites that impose prices on their providers, TaskRabbit allows you to freely enter your rates. 
  • Save time: you don't need to worry about prospecting. It is indeed the customers who contact you directly on your profile.
  • Organize your schedule: you are free to define your availability in advance. You can change your days and hours worked in the app when you don't want to be contacted for a job. 
  • Secure your assignments and their payment: contact and payments are made directly on the platform. You therefore minimize the risk of disputes with the customer. If necessary, the TaskRabbit teams accompany you to resolve the conflict.

How To Register On TaskRabbit When You Are a Self-employed Person?

1. Registration On The Website

All you need to do is complete an online form, accessible on the TaskRabbit website or their application.
You will need to fill in:
your contact details
your availability
your geographic area 
the SIREN number of your micro-enterprise (this appears on the document sent to you by URSSAF)
an extract from your criminal record

At the same time, an online verification of your identity will be carried out. All you need to do is take a photo of your identity card or passport as well as a selfie that will confirm the correct correspondence between this official document and you. You will finally be asked to specify your prices.

2. Examination of The Application

Once your file has been sent, the TaskRabbit team will take care of validating your profile or not. If you meet all the conditions, you will receive a confirmation email within a few days

3. Download The Application

For more convenience in your use of the platform, we recommend that you download the TaskRabbit application directly to your smartphone. You will need to download it to your phone in order to accept assignments and converse with your clients. It will also allow you to add or modify your information (profile, prices and availability) more quickly.

4. And After?

Has your file been accepted? Congratulations! All you have to do is complete your profile describing your skills and experiences. Then you will have to wait for a customer to contact you.

Once the conversation has started, validate the content of the mission, perform the service and then send your invoice.  In return, the customer has the opportunity to rate you (rating and comment). The higher your rating, the more people will trust your work.

Benefits of TaskRabbit

The application is accessible to everyone, even to the most novices in new technologies. It offers a wide range of services (DIY, moving, electrical work, plumbing but also event staff and much more) and is active in developing new categories of service.

The partnership between TaskRabbit and IKEA also represents a real opportunity for taskers. Indeed, the Swedish giant now offers home assembly of furniture purchased in stores or online, through TaskRabbit. The mission potential is therefore greater and each task created through IKEA represents on average a remuneration of $100.

TaskRabbit gives you an exciting opportunity to grow your business quickly, without worrying about communication and prospecting. You are free to set your prices and organize your schedule as you wish. TaskRabbit allows you to stay in control of your business. Clearly, you can choose to work only evenings or weekends to build up additional income. 

Finally, you will save time because the platform takes care of customer service, payments and can even support you in the management of possible disputes thanks to its dedicated teams. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with an app similar to TaskRabbit. The development cost of such app is between $10,000 to $15,000.

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