How Much Does An App Like TripAdvisor Cost

How TripAdvisor Works

how much does an app like tripadvisor cost

TripAdvisor is the world's leading tourism platform. Its birth dates back to 1999 when its founder, Stephen Kaufer and his wife, realized when they went to a travel agency that the information offered about each place was very aseptic and scarce. In this way, what is today a world reference in the hotel and tourism sector was launched.

Kaufer, together with his team of seven people, created a company that offered visitors criticism of the businesses themselves. Real opinions that the users themselves left as a review of their experience in a certain hotel, restaurant, etc.

This is how TripAdvisor was born, a company that with its reviews has managed to change even the pricing policy of many companies that, until now, had the upper hand.

What began as a place to consult the opinions of travelers, became a comparator of the hospitality industry, coming to compete with such powerful platforms as Trivago and Kayak. A top mobile app development agency like Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with an app like TripAdviser. The cost of such app is around $6000 to $10000.

Create Excellent Profile

Once the profile is created, you can now access the "Management Center" where you can enjoy very interesting tools for your business:

  • Manage your profile: It allows you to add photos, update data and perform some other administrative tasks.
  • Opinion management: Through the "Opinions" section, you will find all the necessary tools to manage, control and respond to the opinions that users write about your business. In addition, you can use Express Review to send emails to your customers to encourage them to make a comment on your Tripadvisor profile.
  • Management responses: Another possibility that you have on this free platform is to respond to user opinions. You should always respond with great care and respect. It is one of the most important aspects for the hospitality business, as it manages to give a positive image to your business.
  • Record your achievements: If you receive good reviews and get a certificate from Tripadvisor, the platform allows you to leave your achievements on your profile. With the widgets, you can show your awards and opinions on your website.
  • Integrate your page with Facebook: Your followers can see the essentials of your Tripadvisor page and write opinions without having to leave Facebook.
  • Online marketing for hotels: Through Tripadvisor Insights, you can access different information in various formats such as seminars, videos, guides and much more. It is presented as a content portal that helps to learn more about the tourism sector.

What Is Instant Booking On TripAdvisor

In order to improve the user experience within mobile devices, TripAdvisor created the option for consumers to make their reservations within the platform itself. TripAdvisor ensures that customers never leave their website throughout the purchase process, allowing them to book their chosen location on-site.

Once again, the objectives of this giant of the tourism sector has managed to change the strategies of the companies that advertise in it. Whereas hotels and restaurants once dominated the market, now these companies have to fight much harder to get a good position on TripAdvisor.

How TripAdvisor Works

The ranking made on Tripadvisor depends on a series of algorithms that determine the position of each accommodation/restaurant. Thanks to this set of variables, a list of reliable recommendations is displayed, based on:

The amount: in this way, we move on to the importance of the number of valuations that we mentioned in the previous point. The improvement of the algorithm statistically addresses this double relationship between the increase in the number of evaluations and the establishment's score. The more opinions, the more certainty about the experience that the establishment can provide to travelers.

Age of reviews: a recent opinion is not worth the same as an outdated review. TripAdvisor understands that a tourism company could provide a good service in a period located in the past, but that it does not have to be the same in the present. Thus, the modification of the algorithm takes into account, in addition to the quality and quantity of scores, whether or not they are recent, giving priority to those that are more current than the old ones.

Tips To Conquer TripAdvisor

In this world-famous platform, the most important thing is the management of opinions. The protocols for action in these cases are extremely important. If we receive positive reviews, we should always thank the client for the trouble taken to write this publication and invite them to visit us again whenever they want.

If the criticism is negative, the protocol of the messages with apology is activated in which the company must pay attention to compensate for the mistake made. In this case, some promotions or discounts can come into action so as not to lose customers and give them the opportunity to see how the problems mentioned in your review have been solved.

This assessment of customers and their comments must be done within 24 hours, with the aim of avoiding contamination from other potential customers. If you respond respectfully to complaints and address solutions, you will be able to regain your client's trust gradually and definitively.

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