How Much Does An App Like Ubereats Cost

Develop A Food Delivery App Similar To Ubereats

how much does an app like ubereats cost

Our team at Hyperlink InfoSystem have developed different multiple online food ordering and delivery platforms. The Uber service to order a taxi is a project with millions of investments. Ubereats is an additional line of business of the company.

It is important to understand that business success depends only 20% on the quality of the site and mobile applications. The rest is working with partners and clients.

The Ubereats delivery service is:

  • Website
  • Mobile client applications for Android and iOS
  • Mobile applications for deliveries

Integral Parts Of The System Are:

Food Establishments:  An elite restaurant, a fast-food cafe and a snack bar can become partners. The main criterion for cooperation is the quality of the product.

Delivery Couriers: They work without a difficult schedule, at a convenient time, and in a convenient mode. At the same time, they are not employees of the company, they receive remuneration for delivery.

Project Site

The design of the site is functional and discreet. It meets the objectives of the project:

  • High download speed.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Comfortable viewing on screens of different sizes (adaptive design).
  • Nothing distracts visitors from the purpose of the service: the choice of food.

You can access the site from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. And it will be displayed correctly everywhere. Items will be user-friendly in size and can display important information at a glance. When browsing the site from a mobile phone, an additional "Download application" button appears.

In the web version of the project, you can specify your location without registering, after which the visitor comes to the page with a selection of restaurants.

Mobile Application For Clients

  • The Ubereats food delivery app exists in two versions: for iPhone and Android. After installation, users log in or register.
  • The Ubereats app asks for credit card information during the registration process. Some users are afraid to provide such data, they prefer to pay for a delivery service. This feature is important to consider when creating your own service.
  • Just like on the site, the user can see a list of restaurants, menus, place an order, and track it online after authorization. On mobile devices, GPS is used to determine the delivery location. If desired, the address can be specified manually or changed to anyone located in the Uber mails service area.

Features Of Placing An Order

To select dishes, the user performs several actions:

  • Select a delivery address, after which the list of available places to order is automatically displayed.
  • Select a restaurant or cafe that interests you.
  • Navigate the menu.
  • The dish you like is added to the cart.

Prices And Shipping

  • The order value and the delivery price are visible at the end of the purchase. At the same time, the shipping cost is usually fixed for the selected region. And it does not depend on the order amount. There is no minimum order value.
  • If the order is placed from a particularly popular institution or in an area of ​​the city where the delivery charge is especially high, an additional "popularity" fee may be charged during the "peak hours" of food delivery. Institutions for which you have to pay more than usual for an order receive a special note.
  • The prices in the service and when visiting the restaurant for the same dishes may vary. The delivery menu and the cost of the dishes are confirmed by the partner restaurants. And here everything depends on the pricing policy of the chosen institution.

Depending on the tools the restaurant uses for automation, upgrade options are possible:

  • Data exchange with the restaurant's website or accounting program through the API.
  • Add and update restaurant employee information manually through the in-service restaurant administration panel.

Work With Clients By Email

Ubereats users receive email notifications about the connection of new establishments, promotions in progress and new discounts. This after-sales work remembers the service and promotes the return of users to the application.

Make sure to collect the database of email addresses when registering users and consider the tools you will need for the newsletters. You may find it helpful to:

  • Sending order notifications by email (useful when ordering from the site).
  • Newsletter service.

Work With Restaurants

Ubereats is positioned as a service that allows you to receive deliveries from many restaurants, including those that do not have their own delivery service. In each region, the company has its own staff of administrators and operators who provide service and are responsible for resolving contentious issues. Restaurants and deliveries, considered service partners, participate in the preparation and delivery of food.

Ubereats offers restaurants:

  • Increase in sales for orders with delivery.
  • Comfortable partner office on site, where you can track all stages of work: receiving an order, payment, delivery process.
  • Increase the popularity of the organization through advertising in the service (logo, address, menu of dishes with photos, etc.).

The partner restaurant pays the service a certain percentage of the order quantity. Uber, for its part, guarantees the delivery of food. After the conclusion of the contract, the restaurant has access to the "partner's office" on the service website.

What is offered to the partner restaurant?

  • Change of information about the restaurant (logo, name, address, telephone, etc.).
  • Add, delete, change information in the restaurant menu.
  • Obtaining information about orders (in the administration panel and use of notifications, by email, SMS or automatic notifications).
  • Information on completed orders: list, reports, amount of profit, etc.

If you have been considering developing an online food delivery mobile app, Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you achieve your dream with the development of an excellent app similar to Ubereats. Such apps cost between $10000 to $18000.

"Above page is written for promotional purpose. We do not damage any copyright. We create apps from the scratch only."

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