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If we want to use WeChat as a productivity and internal organization tool, the first thing we will have to do is create a business account. This type of account requires both the follower and the account to approve each other. Among its functions, we highlight the following:

Task manager to organize work within the company.
Business calendar.

Communication by groups or departments. Content sent by a business account on WeChat cannot be shared with unauthorized users, so they are perfect for internal company newsletters.

WeChat For Marketing

If what we want is to communicate with the public, we will have to use another type of business WeChat account: subscription accounts or service accounts.

The subscription accounts are intended primarily for communication and allow you to send up to 1 day push message to the followers. These messages are grouped in a special folder, which appears next to the messages of friends in the chat.

Service accounts are more visible as they appear directly as friends in the chat section. Additionally, they offer additional features such as WeChat access, WeChat payment, and geolocation. Their big drawback is that they only allow you to send 4 messages a month.

In addition to creating an official account, companies can also make use of the mini programs to offer extra functionalities to users.


Companies located in Chinese territory can create a profile in WeChat Stores to upload and promote their items and services. It is a kind of Amazon integrated within WeChat itself.

The WeChat Marketplace allows secure and professional transactions, as we would in any online store. Companies can manage their products and orders or even answer customer complaints.

In addition to using WeChat's own Marketplace, we also have the option of using this platform to redirect users to our own online store. 

Essential WeChat Features

WeChat not only has a lot of users, but they also spend a lot of time on it. The average is 66 minutes a day, and 34% spend more than 4 hours a day, according to a TechNode report. But what are the reasons for this success?

Integration of Multiple Features

WeChat offers the functions of a lot of different applications, so it has many ways to integrate itself into daily routines. In addition, China is a country with a high penetration of smartphones, which manufactures more phones than any other country worldwide and in which about half of the sales are already made through mobile phones.

The Functionalities For Businesses

According to a report by TechNode (Official TechCrunch Partner in Asia), 80% of WeChat users use it for work issues. 90% of small business owners use WeChat for their operations, and 70% of freelancers use it for transactions. Its success reaches such an extent that it is even replacing work emails.

Payment Via Mobile

WeChat Pay is a very well-designed feature that is well received by its users. It allows making transactions through QR codes and in different currencies. In addition, it not only offers the possibility to pay in stores, but also to send the "red envelopes" that are offered as gifts in China on special occasions.

The Mini Programs

The mini-program functionality allows WeChat to become an excellent application which users can customize by adding the functionalities that interest them most.

Verified Accounts For Brands

In China, many startups start their digital presence with WeChat and only later launch their own website or app. The advantage is that WeChat offers a very low cost of entry, makes it possible to grow through word of mouth and also allows you to integrate ecommerce stores.

And better is that WeChat not only triumphs among users, but also among advertisers. Thanks to its high utilization rate and multiple functionalities, it has managed to accumulate a lot of data about its users: what they do, see, read, buy, where they go, who they are with and being able to run ad campaigns that hit the spot.

Reasons To Consider WeChat

WeChat is a very popular instant messaging service today. It has over a billion active users and its direct competition is Line, which already over 400 million people using the service. The company that owns WeChat is Tencent. The main market for WeChat is China whereas Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia are for Line. It is one of the best services for the number of positive features it has. It is at the height of competing with WhatsApp, Hangouts, Telegram or BBM. It can even be said that it is a matter of taste to think if it is the best or not. Now, we are going to start talking about the advantages of this instant messaging service, WeChat. It has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 points In the Play Store. Lately it is having an excellent impact due to the good functionality that the application is having.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits offered by a well-structured multipurpose app. Our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with the development of an app similar to WeChat. The development cost of such app is around $15,000.

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