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WhatsApp is considered one of the most used social networks internationally. It also offers new updates every season. This allows users to enjoy new improvements in both the web application and the mobile application.

WhatsApp is one of the best free download instant messaging apps for all smartphones. WhatsApp uses the Internet to send messages, images, video or audio. Despite the fact that WhatsApp uses the Internet to send messages, the cost of this service is extremely low compared to other Internet services. Today, it has become the most popular application among teenagers and university students due to its special features such as voice messages, location, group chat among others.

WhatsApp Features

Create a Message Text On Demand

WhatsApp allows you to make a text in bold, italic or strike out on the fly, this gives a special touch to your message. To create it, you will need to add a couple of special signs before and after what you want to format.

Featured Posts

Interpreting a message creates a useful profile on your phone, track record, or link to special articles that a friend has sent you. To carry out this process, you just have to press and hold the message and then press the star-shaped icon.

To see your featured messages in the iOS option, choose the star tab located at the bottom of your screen. Android recipients need to tap the menu button to be able to select the starred messages.

Best WhatsApp Friends

If you are curious to know who is your best friend on WhatsApp, it is very easy to detect. You just have to go to settings, then click on the data use and storage option. A list of your contacts will immediately appear, with a special order of who is using the most storage on your phone. When you touch each contact you will be able to observe a more specified statistic, such as the number of messages sent, images and GIFs, among others. In this way you will know who is your best WhatsApp friend. 

Messaging Details

Have you ever wondered what time a specific message was delivered or read? To know this peculiarity, you just have to slide your finger to the left in a message that you have already sent to see those statistics on your iPhone. Android recipients manage to continuously press a message and then hit the detailed information icon located at the top of their screen.


When you decide to go in to see a movie or a special meeting, use WhatsApp's mute function to silence a group chat or a chat with a specific friend. Android users manage to press for a few seconds on a sent chat, and then press the crossed-out speaker icon located at the top of their screen. iPhone users just have to open a conversation, then touch the name of the contact or group located at the top of their screen and then the mute icon. WhatsApp offers the option to silence a chat for more than 9 hours to a 1 year, although it seems a bit exaggerated.

Option To Hide Last Time

Surely you do not want your friends or all your contacts randomly to know the last time you entered this application, what you must do is open settings, press account and privacy option last seen, in this way you can deactivate this option that gives away Many. But WhatsApp offers three options for your best comfort which are everyone, my contacts or Nobody.

Option To Disable Double Check For Messages

If you want to go one step beyond all your contacts, you just have to disable WhatsApp read receipts. This will prevent other users from knowing that you have read their sent message. You just have to open settings, then private account and uncheck the read receipts box. Disabling this feature will also prevent you from seeing when a contact has read your message. In addition, Group Chats will continue to use read receipts.

Default Photo or Video Settings

If you want WhatsApp not to save all the videos or forum that you receive in your gallery, taking up unnecessary space and saturating your own photos, you just have to deactivate the autosave. If you have an iPhone, you just have to open settings, enter Chats and deactivate the option to save incoming media. This is a feature that is supposedly lacking in a normal Android, that is, one that is not an iPhone.

WhatsApp Web

Many people want to associate their mobile WhatsApp with a local computer. Although it may seem somewhat complicated, you can actually use WhatsApp from any computer very easily. The condition of the process is to select the WhatsApp Web within your mobile application, then enter the WhatsApp web page on your computer and copy the QR code with your smartphone.

The cost of an app similar to WhatsApp is around $10000. Our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with the development of an excellent instant messaging app that will be beneficial for both you and your company.

Advantages That WhatsApp Offers Brands

  • Have direct contact with your client.
  • Messages arrive faster.
  • You can provide support to your customers.
  • Communication is a bit more informal, which gives the image that your company is innovative and has a fresh attitude without neglecting the professional.
  • You can track the products or services you provide.
  • Workgroups can be created with company employees.
  • You can send your services, products or event reminders, through broadcast messages.
  • You can manage your company account from a PC.

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