How Much Does An App Like Yell Cost

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how much does an app like yell cost

Yell is a tool created to make life easier for people by providing them with a platform with which to find the best businesses in their neighborhood or city. Yell also supports local and proximity commerce.

With the mobile application, you can find the best businesses in your locality in real time thanks to geolocation technology, while you can obtain valuable information about businesses thanks to comments, tips or photos that other users have previously posted.

Yell is for any business that offers a product or service to the end consumer, be it a hairdresser, a restaurant, a clothing store or a car repair shop.

Yell Is Different From Other Geolocation Platforms

The feature that differentiates Yell is its Community, which is also its most precious asset. The Yell Community is made up of people who like to discover cool places in their city, meet other Yell members, and enjoy supporting local business. That is why Yell is not only in a virtual world, but Yell are also people who interrelate and have good times "on the street".

How Yell Can Help Businesses

People recommend businesses through Yell (which is like amplified “word of mouth”). So if a business is doing things right, users will make positive contributions and other users will surely be encouraged to try.

In addition, Yell has a free business account through which you can claim your business pages and get a practical promotional tool (check-in offers), get a close relationship with your customers (reply to reviews), and obtain information and statistics about the movements on your business page.

Yell is committed to local businesses and people. Each city must always have a person who is responsible for their community, who fully lives that city, knows it well and enjoys it to the fullest, and can always guide users in any aspect. In addition, the Community Managers try to always be attentive to everything that happens on the page and to help users in whatever way they can.

Geomarketing: To Get To Know Your Potential Customers Better

Enriching the knowledge of current customers is one of the most recognized benefits of a geomarketing strategy.

In this sense, customer geolocation can be integrated into a segmentation strategy, adding the spatial dimension to the set of variables and enriching the knowledge of customers and their behavior:

Who Are My Clients?

Identify your most profitable customers. We could identify the most profitable customers of our loyalty program who are far from our points of sale and close to competitors with the integration of maps and customer scorecard.

Where Are They?

Analyze your customers’ regions. We could determine the areas of real attraction of buyers.

What Do They Need?

By combining the geolocation of clients with socio-demographic indicators or with other data from public sources we could enrich the data on clients; An example would be to assign a probability that customers in a certain area live in a single-family house with a garden, to offer them outdoor furniture or DIY.

How Much Are They Worth?

Developing multivariate statistical models to predict the presence of the target and its potential demand per microzone; We could estimate the spending on books by census section, to compare it with the spending that customers make on our bookstore brand.

How Do I Get To Them?

All the knowledge acquired by the previous means allows you to select clients and assign contact channels.

Where Do I Find More Like Them?

Once the target is known, it is easy to segment high potential areas and reach them;

The use of apps like Yell in the field of online marketing in companies is worthwhile in many ways. The prerequisite for being able to fully enjoy the advantages described is that you think through your appearance on the platform carefully and continuously implement the right measures. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in the development of a mobile app that will help you manage your social media accounts. We can also design apps similar to Yell that will help you to quickly find information about places around you. The cost of similar apps cost around $6000.

Our Approach At Hyperlink InfoSystem

Client-centric Development

We follow a holistic approach towards delivering exceptional services to our clients who seek an excellent web and mobile app development. We develop solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client.

Agile Development

Our Agile methodology is based on a simple principle: planning the entire project down to the smallest detail. Organizing all aspects of our project ensures that we do not just deliver our projects before deadlines, but also, they are well tested.

Dedicated Development Team

Our dedicated development team will work full-time on your project or participate according to your schedule requirements. Our team consists of experts from the areas of project management, front-end and back-end development as well as UI and UX development.

Excellent Support

Our clients love us because of the support we offer even after the deployment of our solutions. Our development team supports, maintains and improves our solutions.

Data Backups

We generate a copy of the data taken from our apps and store them elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

Data Protection

We manage the users’ data professionally following the guidelines of the different app platforms and the regulations of the government.

Quality Deliverance

The quality of an app is a major determinant of its success. Our developers focus on delivering an excellent solution that exceeds the imagination of our clients. We first understand the needs of our clients and develop solutions that are perfect for them.

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