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courier delivery app development company

The delivery process includes different participants: a client, a dispatcher, a logistician and a courier. The courier does the most important part of the job - he interacts with the client. A timely and high-quality order is a satisfied customer. A satisfied client is a good reputation of your company.

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What Is The Application For?

The application gives the courier quick interaction with all participants in the delivery process. The courier receives all tasks immediately on the phone, he does not need to print the plan for the day. The dispatcher may not call the Courier to clarify the status of the order.

Courier Application:

  • Helps to update delivery information online.
  • Call and write SMS to the Client and the Dispatcher.
  • Plan your route.
  • Fix payment and cash on delivery, issue a check to the recipient.
  • Receive new urgent orders on the fly.
  • Make photo reports of delivery.

Who Is The App For?

The application is intended for mobile courier employees. It greatly facilitates the work, as it allows you to interact with:


The application transmits the location of the courier, allowing you to track his movement along the specified route. It is possible to assign an additional order near the current location of the courier.


The client's actual contact information and other info such as phone number, address and planned delivery time are recorded on the application. You can warn the client and send him an SMS.


In online mode, you can send all information about the order and delivery status to the database. This will save time for calls.

What Tasks Does The Application Solve?

Courier Tasks:

  • The route is planned. You do not need to build a travel plan yourself.
  • Access to contacts and the ability to contact all participants in the delivery process.
  • Fixing payment for services and cash on delivery.
  • Automatic calculation of cash for a work shift.
  • Prompt closing of shifts and transmission of reports.
  • Saving order processing time - convenient and simple application interface.

Logistician's Tasks:

  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan.
  • Analysis of costs, mileage, and time.
  • Change of delivery plan.
  • Tracking the location of the courier allows you to submit urgent orders on the fly.

Dispatcher Tasks:

  • Getting an up-to-date report on order statuses.
  • Tracking the location of the courier allows you to give more accurate information to the Client about the planned delivery time of the order.
  • Checking the planned delivery time of orders.
  • Checking the quality of the completed order - analysis of the photo report.


  • Reduced time spent on order fulfillment.
  • Simplified document management - everything happens online.
  • Increase in the number of completed orders.
  • Profit growth due to lower order costs.
  • Simplified communication between all departments.

Additional Application Features

  • Graphically display delivery points on a map.
  • Build a route in the navigator from the Courier App.
  • Access basic information about the recipient in the order list.
  • Create custom SMS templates for quick customer alerts.
  • Connection of external equipment (barcode scanner, device for printing labels and price tags, connection of post-terminals).
  • Possibility of photofixing orders and online synchronization with the database.

Why You Should Consider Delivery Services

Increased Sales

In many cases, setting up a delivery service means increasing sales for the respective business. In addition to a full restaurant, orders from outside the home are also “served”. This pays off especially on weekends and in the winter months, as meals tend to be ordered home more often at these times.

This also gives customers the feeling of more spontaneity and freedom - a visit to a restaurant is no longer necessary if you want to enjoy good food in the evening.

New Target Group

If your restaurant offers a delivery service, this can lead to the development of new target groups. In this way, you can reach a young, spontaneous target group who does not want to be tied to appointments in advance by making reservations, or single people who want to enjoy good food but do not have the time or the desire to visit a restaurant. If your dishes are then convincing in terms of taste, you can be sure that you have won new customers.

In addition, a delivery service ensures better customer loyalty. Guests who already like to eat at your place can now have their favorite dishes spontaneously and conveniently delivered to their home at any time. One more reason to remain loyal to your restaurant.

Check Capacities

Before you start setting up a delivery service, you should first check whether your restaurant has enough capacity for it. The addition of a delivery service creates a double burden for your restaurant, because normal restaurant operations and delivery service must be able to run in parallel without any problems and without influencing each other. If this is not the case, you risk the satisfaction of your guests - both the restaurant visitors and the customers. In addition, there are costs for the vehicle and the employees who deliver the orders. Setting up a delivery service is therefore often associated with high costs.

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