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enterprise mobility solution

The digital transformation is changing the world of life and work. Working is becoming increasingly mobile, independent of location, time and media. But mobility does not arise in everyday business at the push of a button - it arises from the right strategy, suitable processes, powerful infrastructures and mobile apps.

Employees demand more mobility, because they usually have more flexibility and access to modern IT solutions privately than in the business environment. Business managements are increasingly recognizing the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions. In addition to increased employee satisfaction, the sensible use of mobile technologies can accelerate existing processes and enable new, more efficient processes. More and more end devices, integration requirements, applications and access routes are making IT managers happy.

As a concept and a tool, mobility is powerful and exciting. The term covers everything from phones, laptops, and other mobile devices that a workforce carries with them, to the ease with which those devices share data. The role of mobility as a technological equalizer is unmatched. Most of the business benefits of mobility come from its innate ability to scale, simplify and unify.

It Grows On a Large Scale

Mobility allows companies to grow and evolve in a simple way. This is an especially valuable trait for IT administrators, for whom scalability can mean the end of complexity.

Consolidate Tools

The same idea applies anywhere companies need very specific, limited-purpose hardware to perform a handful of tasks. Mobility solutions consolidate tools, often simplifying or enriching the tasks they perform in the process.

Compared to the simple paper menus used in restaurants, the modern solutions that replace them allow mobile payments, print receipts, report sales. In addition to all this, they also show customers what food the restaurant offers. The process from business processes and staff tasks to the overall customer experience is easier, faster and more convenient.

Boost Agility

One of the most common business benefits of mobility is enabling organizations to respond to normal events and potential crises with greater speed and effectiveness than ever before.

Hotels, with their multiple interlocking employee roles, are a good example. An integrated mobile solution can streamline routine tasks such as room cleaning and maintenance. Customers can use the same systems to report problems, request room service, and even check in and out, giving them a streamlined experience without eliminating the human care element. In addition, it allows hotels to operate quickly and agilely when offering room availability and customer service.

Improve Your Productivity

Other benefits of the mobility business focus entirely on process and productivity. In fact, supporting and driving the efficiency of the existing mobile workforce is paramount right now, with business movements moving from core processes to a mobile model to better support employee mobility across all types of locations and devices. Many employees have the best chance of being productive when they are not tethered to a single device. Instead of waiting to get back to the office to place an order, issue an invoice, or make a report, they can work the same way anywhere with the right mobility solution.

We live in a hyper-connected world where having a mobility solution is a must. Many of the employees work outside of their workplace. The way of working is mobile and mobility has become a key factor for any company that wants to improve productivity and the quality of services to its customers. 

Today, having a mobility solution allows you to create and maintain a direct relationship with the customer, employee or supplier. It is the best loyalty tool that positions the brand and offers an image of innovation. 

Developing mobility solutions increases performance and scalability, minimizes downtime, and simplifies running a business.

Hyperlink InfoSystem Mobility Solutions Offer:

Multi-platform accessibility
Document scanning
Online and offline use
Biometric signature
Push messaging
Immediate deployment of modifications

Why Your Company Should Get a Mobility Solution

We help you use mobile technology more efficiently to get all its benefits from mobility:  

  • Connect employees, customers and collaborators through the application from any mobile device 
  • Manage all your company and the information you need, at any time and from anywhere 
  • Continuous flow of productivity even without coverage and offering all the necessary information where and when needed 
  • Access to information in real time 
  • Multi-device, allowing you to take your business on your mobile or tablet 
  • Maximum productivity in your business 

Our Mobility Solutions Development Services Are Adapted To The Needs of Each Client

Based on the needs of your company, we at Hyperlink InfoSystem provide initial advice and consulting to shape ideas regardless of the sector or size in which you carry out your activity. We opt for a native development or a custom development of a mobile application that works simultaneously on different platforms based on the needs of each client.

We carry out different projects, from innovative developments to mobilizing business processes.   With our customized mobility solutions, we optimize business and industrial processes, covering and solving the daily needs of all types of clients, and adapting technologies to each need.

At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we pay special attention in our developments to features such as offline operation, synchronization with backend systems, optimal performance and usability that allows users to carry out their tasks in the shortest time possible and more efficiently.  Our solutions allow our clients to reach more consumers and offer them a better experience, in addition to significantly increasing the productivity of their employees and company processes.

Challenges of Business Mobility

Business mobility presents a series of challenges that must be tackled comprehensively. First, by establishing the applications that will add value to the company, customers and workers.

Second, a proper balance must be struck between productivity and safety. Third, the variety of mobile devices and operating systems to be used must be defined. It should also be established how the corporate and personal devices of each worker will be used.

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