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A mobile health application is a downloadable program that can be fully executed on a tablet or smartphone. We also talk about a mobile medical application. Most mobile health applications are aimed at the general public, i.e. at the patients directly and can have several objectives:

  • help a patient with a chronic disease to better manage their disease on a daily basis
  • improve compliance to treatment 
  • facilitate the healthcare professional - patient relationship 

Note that health applications can take several forms: some act as a source of information for the patient, others are capable of collecting medical data, analyzing them, giving advice and sending details to healthcare professionals. Others still work only in "pair" with a connected health object

Medical Applications: A Booming Phenomenon

From teleconsultation to connected medical devices, the different facets of e-health are booming. Health applications are no exception to the rule, especially at a time when most Internet users prefer their smartphone or tablet.

Health applications are so popular that we talk more and more mobile health. Many patients have already adopted them since we know that 20% of chronically ill patients use an application to better monitor their treatment. However, many healthcare professionals are still reluctant to use them. In particular, they express doubts about the reliability of the advice given and the security of their patients' data.

Are New Technologies Curative?

Mobile health (M-health) is a term designating the use of new mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, telephone) in the field of medicine and public health. M-health is part of this trend of connected objects between the web and oneself.

Applications available on our mobile devices allow us to monitor our state of health at any time without having to consult a doctor. Although this m-health phenomenon is not new, it seems that it is not done yet. M-health presents itself as a potential alternative to the problems linked to global demography.

Benefits of Healthcare Mobile App

Although it is true that the patient is the main beneficiary of the proliferation of apps in the field of health (since with an app, it is possible to promote self-care, improve adherence to treatments or instill new habits), healthcare professionals can also benefit greatly from the use of mobile applications in their day-to-day lives.

Benefits of Using Apps For Doctors

Speed ​ Diagnosis

Many of the apps aimed at healthcare professionals perform patient monitoring functions, controlling or analyzing certain indicators depending on the patient's pathology. This allows the professional to know the user's health status through the numerous information collected and quickly issue a diagnosis.

Improvement In The Effectiveness Of The Treatment

There are applications that, in addition to monitoring the patient's health status, allow us to observe the evolution of the same from the prescription of a certain treatment. In this way, the professional who has access to the app will be able to examine whether the patient is adequately complying with the treatment, or whether the treatment is really proving effective.

Improved Patient Supervision And Control

Through different applications, healthcare professionals can access relevant information about the patient such as their vital signs, test results or access notes made by other professionals regarding their clinical evolution.

Improved Decision Making

As a consequence of the above benefit, by having access to relevant patient information, health practitioners are able to make decisions in a faster and more informed way.

Improves the productivity and efficiency of healthcare professionals

As the use of apps allows healthcare professionals to quickly and easily access numerous information, as well as to know the patient's health status, it helps with optimization of times to offer an adequate diagnosis and treatment.

Benefits From The Patient's Point Of View


Making an appointment on the phone usually takes a lot of time. If it is the only way to make an appointment, all patients must pick up the phone. Above all, this has one consequence: waiting loops!

Patients usually have to wait minutes to find out that the next appointment will only be available in a few weeks. This is not an uncommon case, especially with specialists. And who knows if and when he will have time in 6 weeks?

Another problem on the phone: Patients do not see all available appointments. Your employees can hardly suggest every date. It is not uncommon that another date would have been more suitable.


Patients are already sacrificing their time on the phone anyway. You also have to adhere to the opening times of your practice. You just can't call when it suits you best.
Most patients prefer making an appointment with a doctor if they really have the time. This is usually the case in the evening or on the weekend. So, when the practice is closed. The majority of these patients then look specifically online for appointments that are still available with doctors who offer online appointment arrangements.

Appointment Reminder Via Email or SMS

When booking an appointment online, patients must of course always leave a contact option. Usually this is an email address or a telephone number. This offers the patient the advantage that he can be reminded of the appointment. This can happen on the day before the appointment. You can also remind the patient if they have anything to bring with them, such as a vaccination card or a towel.

It is not only an additional service, but also facilitates communication and gives the patient an initial "feeling at welcome" in the hospital. After all, the patient knows that the doctor's office is awaiting his visit. This easy-to-implement service can also help build trust. A top mobile app development agency like Hyperlink Infosystem can assist you with a healthcare app. The average cost of such app is around $7000.

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