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Why You Should Consider Cross-platform Mobile App Development

The development of an application to be used simultaneously on different platforms has become an efficient task thanks to the development of the latest hybrid technologies. Many companies are betting on cross-platform applications to achieve truly powerful and flexible results. 

Hire cross-platform app developers to make your mobile application browsable on every existing mobile operating system.

Suppose applications for mobile devices have been characterized, in general terms, by a remarkable quality in terms of design, performance, capacity, and functionalities. In that case, cross-platforms have a great added advantage because they can be used on any smartphone or tablet, regardless of the operating system.

The implementation of cross-platform applications will bring a series of advantages to your business's development that should not be overlooked. Among other things, you can save time and volume of work dedicated to your projects because the design and development of a cross-platform app can be carried out simultaneously for different devices, turning their development into a more flexible and efficient process.

Using Cross-platform development, it is possible to solve malfunctions or update the functionalities and content parallel to all platforms, thus saving a good part of your time.

Likewise, with a cross-platform application, you can target the entire app market worldwide, being able to develop this type of tool for emerging platforms simply and effectively. By being present on a large number of devices, the marketing campaigns that you plan to undertake will reach a broader audience.

Focusing all efforts on targeting your projects to a single operating system might not have the same effect as a multi-device or cross-platform release. For this reason, you can reach a significant percentage of users due to a large number of currently existing devices and platforms (iOS and Android).

Hire Top Cross-platform Developers

Creating a mobile app that works on all devices irrespective of their operating system is an exciting option for business owners. This offers a whole lot of benefits. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading mobile app development agency, and we create highly efficient mobile applications using various technologies. We follow every platform's guidelines and are always ready to assist you with cross-platform mobile app development.

Our Cross-Platform Development Tools At Hyperlink InfoSystem

Due to the variety of platforms and devices that determine the mobile market, cross-platform app development has proven to be the most economically viable solution. In contrast to native app development, code that was generated with a cross-platform development tool can be used for various platforms and devices. In this way, app programming with a cross-platform tool not only curbs programming costs, but also saves you the hassle of updating and managing your apps. Some of the tools we use are:


In Xamarin, the C# code base can be universally applied to multiple platforms. Nevertheless, in contrast to other frameworks, the tool allows developers to work with native IDEs, languages ​​and APIs. In addition, the Git integration is an integral part of Xamarin Studio.


Developed by the team behind Apache Cordova, this open source tool is equipped with a compiler, debugger and testing tools that are tightly interwoven with popular web technologies such as HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. The rumors that PhoneGap is only suitable for simple apps and that PhoneGap apps hardly exploit the capabilities of the device have recently been proved wrong by the integration of a large selection of plugins such as the Image Capture Plugin, the Media Recorder Plugin, the Push Plugin and various others, cleared.

React Native

This open source platform uses a native user interface for Android and iOS based on Angular, TypeScript or JavaScript. Developers get access to native APIs via JavaScript and can recycle NPM, CocoaPods and Gradle packages. In this way they can develop feature-rich apps or improve existing features of apps.


MonoCross supports the cross-platform development of apps with the help of C#, Microsoft .NET and the Mono Framework. Developers can secure the application, controller and model code across platforms while playing with the platform container and the view that represents the user interface to deliver a native experience across all key platforms. The tool also makes app porting easier than ever. In this way, companies can better cope with the rapid changes in platforms.

Kony App Platform

The low-code app development framework Kony App Platform is the right choice for companies that want to cope with the increasing demand for mobile applications in their home. Developers with JavaScript skills can use the platform to create both native and cross-platform apps. The biggest advantage of Kony App Platform is that developers can easily drag and drop the features they need from Kony Marketplace or the associated API library. Developers can rate the app and validate its API connectivity. In this way, the framework speeds up the development process. 

Why Should You Hire Cross-platform Developers From Hyperlink InfoSystem?

You will have tons of moments where you will have a sense of ease because you choose to Hire Cross-platform Developers from us. But to get you started; here is a preview of what you will get if you choose to hire dedicated Cross-platform Developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem. 


Unclear Scope of Work

If you are still unsure about the working of the solution and have confidence that it might change while still in the development process, Hire dedicated developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem and get things done; the way you want.


Frequent Updates

Hiring dedicated resources from Hyperlink InfoSystem can be the best choice if you think your app development requirements will have tons of updates. Our developers will work for you the way you want!!! No questions asked.


Easy On-boarding

At Hyperlink InfoSystem, you can hire dedicated resources without getting yourself involved in a complicated hiring process. All you have to do is discuss your requirements and we will help you to shortlist the developers considering every aspect of your development requirements.


Quality Development

Being a top development company, our dedicated developers deliver nothing but quality-rich solutions leveraging their technical development skills, development knowledge, and user-friendly designs along with offering manual and auto quality checks of every developed solution.


Timely Delivery

Wrong timing is always considered as a missed opportunity. To help you grab as many possible opportunities, dedicated resources at Hyperlink InfoSystem always deliver the solution and updates about the development process at an agreed-upon time.


Post Deployment Assistance

Hire dedicated resources and deliver the best possible user experience to your target audience. Our dedicated developers make sure your solution stays updated with all the relevant development advancements.

Resource Available to Hire From Hyperlink InfoSystem

Being a top development company Hyperlink InfoSystem allows businesses to hire competent resources to fulfill their development requirements.

Project Managers

Project managers at Hyperlink InfoSystem bridge the gap between clients and developers. They are well aware of every what and how of development requirements. They offer insightful knowledge to developers and great suggestions to the client to make the best out of the development requirements.

Junior Developers

Junior developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem hold at least 1 to 3 years of experience. They can understand the client's requirements in a better way and develop the solution considering their enhanced development knowledge. They keep themselves updated with all the development updates.

Senior Developers

Senior developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem hold more than 3 years of experience in their respective profiles. They are well-versed in almost every technological advancement of the IT industry and hold proficiency in delivering amazing solutions to any complex development requirements.

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers at Hyperlink InfoSystem hold the knowledge, expertise, and experience to deliver visually appealing and feature-rich solutions. Our UI/UX designers are capable enough to design the solution to understand the preference of your target audience and blend your business objectives well.

QA Testers

Quality Assurance experts at Hyperlink InfoSystem make sure to find and fix the bugs and errors developers might have missed during the development process. The QA analyst at Hyperlink InfoSystem employs manual and even automated testing tools before the deployment to make sure you get the most secure and error-free solution.

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