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Scala's complex features promote better coding and offer increased performance. Functions, macros and tuples are just some of the advances that Scala offers. Scala incorporates functional programming and object-oriented programming in a powerful language. 

Hire Scala developers and scale your internal team to build proficient data-intensive, distributed applications, and systems.

Comparing Scala with a language like C ++ or Go is difficult. A better comparison is with Java. The reason we compare Scala to Java is because the language runs in the Java Virtual Machine environment.

Developers and those who hire them should leverage the strengths of Scala as a language to fully appreciate the functionality it offers. The language was developed to remove the restriction of Java, offering a cleaner and well-organized language.

Scala is a general-purpose programming language, designed to program using patterns in a concise, elegant way and using types. In the same way, it integrates object-oriented principles and functional programming, allowing programmers to be more productive. Our developers at Hyperlink Infosystem are available to help you develop excellent solutions based on Scala technology.

Some Excellent Scala Features

Syntax And Constructs:

  • XML code can be included in the source, as does the Scriptol language.
  • Numerous collection structures: List, Vector, Set, Map, Seq, Pair, Triple.
  • The type val is equivalent to a constant, but you can initialize it with a variable.
  • No break and continue.
  • We define a class with the constructor in the header, which is more concise.
  • No terminator such as; at the end of the instructions (but it can be added as an option).
  • A function is defined by the def operator and the header is like in Pascal.
  • The declarations are reversed with respect to C: we give the name of a variable then we define its type.
  • Statically typed.
  • Object-oriented: all values are objects.
  • Functional: functions are values.

Other Possibilities:

  • Regular expressions defined by procedural code.
  • Nested functions.
  • Abstractions.
  • Polymorphic methods. The arguments can change type.

We define a case class for pattern matching, in other words to select a class among others in a list according to a condition.

  • Generic classes
  • A function can contain functions
  • Top-notch functions
  • Anonymous functions

Why You Should Contact Scala Developers

New technological trends always include cycles of attention to modern programming languages. One language that seems set to capture more attention is Scala. Although not famous yet, Scala appears to be gaining traction by providing a happy medium between Ruby's accessible syntax and Java's robust enterprise support. Hyperlink InfoSystem has developers who specialize in programming in Scala. Here are a few reasons why Scala might be worth a second look.

Runs In Java Virtual Machine

The reality of programming for a business is that Java is a de facto popular language. Additionally, many larger companies will be risk-averse when it comes to reviewing a full programming stack. Scala can provide a comfortable middle ground here, as it still works in the JVM. This can allow Scala to play nicely with many operational tools and monitoring pieces that may already exist for a business, making migration a much less risky proposition.

Scala also has a much greater potential for interoperability between itself and the existing Java code. While many may pretend this is perfect, the reality is a bit more complicated. Despite these problems, it can be reliably said that Scala will probably play better with Java than many other languages.

The use of the JVM by Scala can also help alleviate any performance anxiety that people may feel while migrating. It usually works on par with an equivalent Java program, so generally, business software shouldn't be stung by a switch to Scala.

Scala allows the use of most JVM libraries, which are often embedded deep in business code. In this way, Scala can be a good cover for today's Java drenched business.

More Concise And Readable Than Java

Scala shares many of the simple and readable syntax features of popular languages ​​like Ruby. This is a missing feature in Java and has an incalculable impact on a development team's workload in code maintenance. The additional work required to understand and maintain the existing Java code is a significant expense.

Additionally, Scala's conciseness has several benefits. Scala can often be written in a fraction of the number of lines required to write an equivalent function in Java. This has a productivity benefit by allowing developers to do more functional work on a given business day. Fewer lines of code make testing, code review, and debugging easier.

Functional Features

Scala uses a lot of functional syntactic sugar that has become popular with developers and leads many developers to characterize Scala as a more functional language. An example is pattern matching, which allows for easy string comparisons. Another example is mixins, which will enable you to include functions as part of a class definition, saving a lot of time when reusing your code. Features like these are often attractive to developers, especially if they have become accustomed to using them in environments other than Java.

Easy To Learn And "Exciting."

Scala's similarity to current popular languages ​​like Ruby can be seen as an advantage, as its accessible syntax makes it relatively easy to learn, particularly when compared to more complicated languages ​​like Java and C+. The language's novelty and accessibility have made it a popular choice among a small and dynamic group of developers.

This excitement should not be underestimated. In fact, it may be the most significant advantage of moving to Scala. Java's reliability and age make it a popular choice for the enterprise, but it also appeals to developers with a specific, somewhat risk-averse mindset. Languages ​​like Scala can often attract highly energized developers who are "language enthusiasts."

These developers are often flexible, willing to try new things, innovative, and highly skilled. For many organizations, this might be just what is needed in a technical team. Our developers at Hyperlink Infosystem are available to help you develop excellent solutions based on Scala technology.

Some Of Our Scala Frameworks

  • Scalatra
  • Slick
  • BlueEyes
  • Lift
  • Chaos
  • Akka HTTP
  • Finch
  • Play Framework 

Why Should You Hire Scala Developers From Hyperlink InfoSystem?

You will have tons of moments where you will have a sense of ease because you choose to hire Scala Developers from us. But to get you started; here is a preview of what you will get if you choose to hire dedicated Scala Developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem. 


Unclear Scope of Work

If you are still unsure about the working of the solution and have confidence that it might change while still in the development process, Hire dedicated developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem and get things done; the way you want.


Frequent Updates

Hiring dedicated resources from Hyperlink InfoSystem can be the best choice if you think your app development requirements will have tons of updates. Our developers will work for you the way you want!!! No questions asked.


Easy On-boarding

At Hyperlink InfoSystem, you can hire dedicated resources without getting yourself involved in a complicated hiring process. All you have to do is discuss your requirements and we will help you to shortlist the developers considering every aspect of your development requirements.


Quality Development

Being a top development company, our dedicated developers deliver nothing but quality-rich solutions leveraging their technical development skills, development knowledge, and user-friendly designs along with offering manual and auto quality checks of every developed solution.


Timely Delivery

Wrong timing is always considered as a missed opportunity. To help you grab as many possible opportunities, dedicated resources at Hyperlink InfoSystem always deliver the solution and updates about the development process at an agreed-upon time.


Post Deployment Assistance

Hire dedicated resources and deliver the best possible user experience to your target audience. Our dedicated developers make sure your solution stays updated with all the relevant development advancements.

Resource Available to Hire From Hyperlink InfoSystem

Being a top development company Hyperlink InfoSystem allows businesses to hire competent resources to fulfill their development requirements.

Project Managers

Project managers at Hyperlink InfoSystem bridge the gap between clients and developers. They are well aware of every what and how of development requirements. They offer insightful knowledge to developers and great suggestions to the client to make the best out of the development requirements.

Junior Developers

Junior developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem hold at least 1 to 3 years of experience. They can understand the client's requirements in a better way and develop the solution considering their enhanced development knowledge. They keep themselves updated with all the development updates.

Senior Developers

Senior developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem hold more than 3 years of experience in their respective profiles. They are well-versed in almost every technological advancement of the IT industry and hold proficiency in delivering amazing solutions to any complex development requirements.

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX designers at Hyperlink InfoSystem hold the knowledge, expertise, and experience to deliver visually appealing and feature-rich solutions. Our UI/UX designers are capable enough to design the solution to understand the preference of your target audience and blend your business objectives well.

QA Testers

Quality Assurance experts at Hyperlink InfoSystem make sure to find and fix the bugs and errors developers might have missed during the development process. The QA analyst at Hyperlink InfoSystem employs manual and even automated testing tools before the deployment to make sure you get the most secure and error-free solution.

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