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Built for scalability, performance, and high availability, Mongo Data Base is one of the NoSQL-based non-relational databases leading the Gartner quadrant in today's landscape.

Since its creation in 2007, Mongo DB has stood out for being an agile database, which allows schemas to change rapidly as applications evolve, providing the same functionality as traditional databases, such as secondary indexes, a complete search language with a strict and reliable consistency. Mongo Data Base provides native replication and automatic fault tolerance while offering enterprise-grade reliability and operational flexibility. Highly scalable, it can be used from a simple single server deployment to large complex multi-data center architectures. 

Advantages of Mongo DB Over a Relational Database


The need to manage large volumes of data at high speed is becoming more and more frequent given the exponential growth of data in all companies, this affects the functionality of many applications. If you need to store or access a lot of information in a short time, databases such as Mongo DB being documentary are much faster than relational ones. It is able to serve clients who need to perform many operations per second offering high performance both for reading and writing.


Relational databases work more slowly when there are very large amounts of records in a table. This forces administrators to look for solutions, such as dividing the tables into different segments, producing an extra cost in access to data and operations. Mongo DB is capable of managing huge volumes of data without any performance problems due to its powerful in-memory computing.


With Mongo DB, you can create fields in the records on the fly without the problem of storing different fields in each document, since they are flexible in terms of the information schema. This is something unthinkable in relational databases where everything must be carefully defined beforehand. 

Recommended Use of Mongo DB

In the era of digital transformation, the growth capacity of companies depends on how quickly they adapt to the changes that occur in their environment. Mongo DB offers a great capacity to evolve its capacities to adapt to the fast changes in today's market.

Mongo Data Base is a NoSQL database or document database. These databases appeared with the rise of social networks and the Internet of things in order to manage large volumes of data quickly and efficiently and their use is recommended for the following types of companies:

Companies with a very high volume of data, or very frequent data traffic spikes that generate bottlenecks.

Companies that have many users/clients with concurrent access and do not want to suffer from a slowdown in services.

Companies with a business analytics, Big Data or Business Intelligence solution that need access to large amounts of information.

Companies with a non-homogeneous data system, where the insertion of data to be stored may have different fields.

When the scalability of a relational database is not feasible at a technical or cost level.

Our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in converting your parse mobile to MongoDB. The benefits of using MongoDB are many and it is a great idea to integrate a schema-less NoSQL into your business technology to manage your database.

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