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Music streaming is on the rise. The advantages of music from the cloud are obvious: location-independent access, huge selection on different devices and no space requirements. 

The Concept Behind Music Streaming

Streaming music can be thought of as accessing an inexhaustible digital library. Music streaming services keep music, but also audio books and podcasts available on servers for their users. Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and other platforms offer such a large and varied selection that every musical taste is served. The streaming providers pay license fees to record companies for passing on the audio content.

On the other hand, the services make money through advertising and subscription fees. The low price for users (some offers are even free) is a major reason for the success of music streaming. The fee for the respective paid version is usually 10 euros, which is of course unbeatable compared to around 15 euros for a single album as a CD in a jewel case or 25 euros for vinyl. Unlike the songs on physical media or downloads, streamed music is only loaned. You only have access within the apps and only as long as you have an account with the provider.

Free vs. Paid Streaming Services

Market leader Spotify and competitor Deezer offer free music streaming in the basic model. Those who choose to do this have to put up with audio advertisements. On average, the advertising is seen after every third song.

The commercials fall silent if you opt for a premium account with the music streaming services. This also offers additional functions, such as the possibility of listening to selected music offline which is almost indispensable for frequent listeners, as audio streaming burdens the mobile data volume. Another premium feature is the adjustable streaming quality.

Advantages & Functions

  • Music streaming service for companies
  • Up to 35 different music streaming channels
  • Individual music streaming packages and offers tailored to your needs
  • Perfectly coordinated background music as a music stream
  • Competent advice and free training
  • Easily expandable with additional music streaming channels
  • Simply switch streaming channels at the push of a button
  • Regular music updates
  • No annoying advertising
  • Functional, inexpensive and maintenance-free music stream end devices or existing hardware can be used.
  • Quick and easy implementation for quick music enjoyment
  • With the practical calendar function, you can plan your desired music experience in advance: Simple operation, automatic start / stop function, days of the week can be individually configured
  • Backup in the event of an Internet failure: Warning notices in the event of an Internet failure, backup music file continues to play without the Internet
  • Fast support and music stream updates via remote maintenance
  • Attractive monthly music streaming packages without purchase costs

The Advantages Of a Music Streaming Service

From the point of view of the music lovers, they have access to millions of songs with a click from your mobile device, enjoy a new release made on the other side of the world without waiting for it to arrive at your store. And all this at a very low price. So low that nowadays, no platform that only offers music streaming services manages to be profitable having millions of subscribers.

Advantages For The Music Sector:

It is undeniable that streaming platforms have solved a great problem that had been causing the music industry to be on its own for years with illegal downloads or the sale of copies made from a home computer. It is perhaps the greatest advantage that we can highlight among all.

But we can also highlight the visibility of emerging artists, the data information we obtain for subsequent analysis and study of marketing strategies, the speed of launching a single or album globally, the reduction in prices in the distribution chain. The possibility of creating synergies and discovering new local or international musicians with whom to work. The possibility of placing a single in playlists with millions of monthly listeners, which was something unthinkable in radio stations previously where only a few signed by major labels accessed.

There are really many advantages if you know how to handle this technology well and take advantage of all the data and exposure that these platforms can give you globally. All this with a good release planning and subsequent analysis of what is happening in your artist profile and the interaction of listeners with your music on the different platforms. Hyperlink InfoSytem can help you with an excellent music streaming app such as Pandora, Spotify and SoundCloud. The cost of such app ranges from $5000 to $10000. 

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