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Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

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Having a dog is having great company. If you have one, the same thing happens to you as to most dog owners. When watching TV, dogs ​​snuggle up to the owner’s side and they enjoy a good time together. But, just as there are moments of relaxation, there are also moments to tensions.

All dogs need to go for a walk. This brings many benefits to them and to their owners. It is a highly recommended activity for people (and dogs) of all ages. 

Benefits For Walking Your Dog:

You will educate it. The dog will learn the proper places to defecate and you will not have problems at home. Remember to always clean its excretion, so that the streets and parks are kept clean.

It will stay in shape. Dogs also suffer from obesity and different diseases related to it. By being more active, it will burn calories and exercise its joints, which will help it a lot in its adult life.

It will be in better spirits. What dog does not like to walk? You just have to see how happy the dogs are when they know that it is time to leave the house.

It will be more sociable. Dogs need to relate to their environment, otherwise they can have phobias or behavior problems such as aggressiveness. On walks, dogs must meet other dogs and people. Also, they will feel different sounds and smells. Thus, they will be able to adapt to the world around them. It is important that they socialize from puppies.

It will receive mental stimulation. It has been shown that many of the behavior problems of dogs are associated with a lack of mental stimulation. Going for walks and playing games is a great way to stimulate its mind., Give it different toys and use different routes each day.

Improves it concentration. The walk allows it to achieve a state of calm throughout the day. This will allow you to teach it things more easily and train it more quickly.
Helps it to free itself from stress and control its anxiety and hyperactivity. A dog can also suffer from stress for different reasons. All physical activities, including walks, will help it channel that contained energy and release it appropriately.

The bond between you will be strengthened.  One way to improve the emotional relationship between you and your dog is to have fun together. Thus, it will see you as its favorite person, with whom it feels happy and in whom it can trust.

Benefits For You:

You will stay healthy. Walking, breathing fresh air and being in contact with nature will help you maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.

You will strengthen your health. Walking with your dog will help you strengthen your bones, tone your muscles, and give you oxygen, which is beneficial for your heart and lungs. In addition, it helps to lower blood sugar levels and keep blood pressure under control, lower cholesterol and reduce weight.

Helps you free yourself from stress. Going out for a walk with your best friend will help you release tension, reduce anxiety, and disconnect from worries. If you have a decision to make, taking time to relax with your dog will also help. If the walk is done in broad daylight the benefit is double, since the sun activates vitamin D.

Fight depression. Breathing fresh air and being distracted by your furry friend will make you forget your sadness and worries. It will lift your spirits!

You will make new friends. Have you seen how many people hang out in the park with their dogs? If you arrive in a new neighborhood or if you are a little shy, go where the dogs gather with their owners. You will find people with common themes that you will often meet in the same places and little by little you will become friends.

At first, To Educate Your Dog, It Is Recommended To:

Increase the time of walks gradually. It is important that you are the one who sets the pace and not your dog. So that it doesn't pull on the leash and it walks you around.
Let him sniff, satisfy its curiosity and interact with other dogs. This will make the rides more challenging and entertaining for it.

Always take it out at the same time. This way you will create a habit and your dog will learn to wait quietly for the moment to walk.

Hold its toys.  Don't forget the ball and the frisbee. You will both have so much fun!

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